вторник, 8 марта 2011 г.

Grey Knights First Wave Confimed!

The First wave has been confirmed!
Grey Knight Codex Softback – £17.50 RRP
Grey Knights Boxed 5 man Set  -£20.50 RRp
Can be built as;
  • A Grey Knight Squad
  • Interceptor Squad (Can teleport 30″ once per game)
  • Purgation Squad (Heavy Support can have psy-cannons, psilencer or incenerators. Have psyk-out grenades and can fire at targets the can not see due to Astral Aim.
  • Purifier Squad (Elite Squad with 2 attacks and the cleansing flame psychic attack)
The Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight – £33 RRP
Grey Knight Terminators / Paladins – £27.70
(Paladins are two wounded ws5  terminators with apothecaries)
Lord  Kaldor Draigo – £13.80 RRP
(HQ choice that makes Paladins troops and grants D3 universal special rules)
Castellan Crowe – £10.25
(Makes Purifier Squads Troops)
Jokaero Weaponsmith – £7.70 RRP
An awesome space monkey!
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