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Статы примархов: Fulgrim & Mortarion

Fulgrim the Illuminator - 380 points
WS 8
BS 6
S 6
T 6
W 6
I 8
A 5
Ld 10
Sv 2+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Unit Character: 1 (Unique)
The Gilded Panoply
2+ Armour, 5+ Invun (this increases to 3+ in combat)
Should Fulgrim pass an Armour or Invun save on a 6, the unit that inflicted the wound must pass an initiative test or be Blinded

The Blade of the Laer
Str - As User
AP 2
Melee, Rending, Specialist Weapon, Two Handed

Fire Brand
Master Crafted Volkite Charger which also has Shred

Krak and Plasma Grenades

Special Rules:

Sire of the Emperor's Children
Fulgrim has Crusader, and must always issue and accept challenges if there is someone in combat with WS 5 or higher
Whilst Fulgrim is on the board, all units with Legiones Astartes (Emperor's Children) gain +2 to combat res, and reserve rolls may be re-rolled

Sublime Swordsman
His invun is increased to 3+
He gains more attacks equal to how much his Initiative is better than his opponents

Strategic Planning
A single Warlord Trait from any table may be CHOSEN for Fulgrim


Mortarion the Reaper - 425 points
WS 7
BS 5
S 6
T 7
W 7
I 5
A 5
Ld 10
Sv 2+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Unit Character: 1 (Unique)
The Barberan Plate
2+ Armour Save, 4+ Invun

Str +1
AP 2
Melee, Instant Death, Sunder (may re-roll armour pen rolls), Unwieldy, Two Handed, Sweep Attack (may exchange all attacks to attack every model in base contact)

The Lantern
Str 8
AP 2
Assault 1, Sunder

Frag Grenades

Phospex Bombs (unlimited) - his have a range of 12"

Special Rules

Sire of the Death Guard
All Death Guard have Stubborn
All of their Frag Grenades, Frag Missiles, and Havoc Launchers have Poisoned (4+)

Shadow of the Reaper
Leadership against Fear tests caused by Mortarion suffer a -1
If he isn't in combat or a vehicle in the player's shooting phase, Mortarion may redeploy him (not deep strike) by passing a Ld test
Must be within 10" of starting position, may not finish within 3" of an enemy
May not be placed in a vehicle, building, or impassable terrain
If he was part of a unit he leaves it (obviously)
He may declare charges after performing this move, but it counts as disordered

Preternatural Resilience
Mortarion re-rolls failed Toughness tests and "It Will Not Die!" rolls
Automatically passes any dangerous terrain
Any weapon that wounds on a flat dice roll (for example poison) will only hurt Mortarion on a 6

Witch Spite
Deny the Witch on a 4+

Very Bulky

Legion Tactical Squad

via a Hobbyist now with the book (who wishes to not have his name published)
Legion Tactical Squad – 150 points
Space marine stats (Ld 8/9)

Unit Composition:
9 Marines/1 Sergeant

Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Frag and Krak Grenades

Special Rules:
Legiones Astartes
Fury of the Legion

Dedicated Transport:
May choose a rhino
- Note that if an army contains a character that has one of the Rites of War special rules, other Dedicated Transport options may be available for the squad

Add up to 10 additional Legion Space marines (10 pts each)
The entire tactical squad can do ONE one the following:
- Exchange their bolter for a combat blade or chainsword (Free)
- Take an additional combat blade or chainsword (2 pts per model)
One marine can take a Nuncio-vox (10 pts)
One marine may carry a Legion Vexilla (10 pts)
The Legion’s sergeant may exchange their bolter for one of the following (this seems like an oversight because if the squad switches to being an assault marine it means that you can’t upgrade the sergeant)
- combi weapon (10 pts)
- plasma pistol (15 pts)
- heavy chainsword (5 pts)
- power weapon (10 pts)
- power fist or single lightning claw (15 pts)
The sergeant may take melta bombs (5 pts)
The sergeant can upgrade to artificer armor (10 pts)

Fury of the Legion:
While at least five models remain in the unit armed with bolters, or bolt pistols, the squad can elect to make a Fury of the Legion attack in the Shooting phase so long as they did not move, arrive via deepstrike or disembark rom a vehicle earlier in the player turn.  Models making a fury of the legion attack may fire twice with their bolters or bolt pistols against a single target (note that in the case of a combi-weapon, only the bolter part may fire twice).

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Imperial Armour 12 and more

.) can a sarge of a tactical or assault squad be equipped with a power fist?


.) are there any diferences between cataphractii and tartars terminators?

Yes, different invulnerable saves
.) what is the function of a vox caster and banner in a tactical squad?

Vox - influences scatter of reserves

Banner - influences morale tests
.) what is the function of a command squad?

Similar to normal 40k ones

.) what is an land raider phobos (I think this pattern was mentioned in any summery)?

Pretty sure that's your bog standard land raider pattern.

Forgeworld - Warhammer 40K

Imperial Armour, Volume 1, Second Edition: Imperial Guard.
Aiming for Christmas. Imperial Navy is removed from the book and moved to the Imperial Aeronautica entirely. The new book will cover the entire Forgeworld Imperial Guard vehicles range and include updated rules for all of them for 6th edition. Much of the artwork and pictures will be existing ones, but it will provide a single location for everything!

Imperial Armour 12: "Fall of Orpheus".
Necrons, Minotaurs, Death Korps of Kreig.

Models shown:

Necron Sentry Pylon - still work in progress, but a much smaller pylon than the current one
Necron Tesseract Ark - mock up shown. "Some sort of tank thing"
Necron Night Shroud Bomber - mock up shown, will be based on the existing flier plastic kit

There will be a new Lightning Fighter sculpted by Darren, replacing the old one. If you like the old one, buy it now. It will be resin, not plastic as speculated entirely randomly and without any support whatsover by a poster on a forum somewhere.

Horus Heresy Book 1: "Betrayal"

They decided to start with Istvaan III rather than going any earlier.

Models shown:

Legion Heavy Support Squads - two squads shown, one with Heavy Bolters and one with Autocannons. Five men with heavy weapons in each squad.
Death Guard Relic Contemptor Dreadnought
World Eaters Relic Contemptor Dreadnought

Also shown were some Legion specialist models - including one with a hand flamer and another with lightning claws. They also intend to do some legion specific models.

Legion Champion
Legion Master of Signal

Some early work was also shown for some Mechanicum Thallax, which are about Ogryn sized, and Alan Bligh described as "Mechanical Killer Ogryns with Giant Ray Guns". How can that go wrong? This was very early work - the sculpting for a main body and maybe head and that was about it.

Then came the good stuff. They showed the picture for the Sons of Horus Justaerin Terminators. They were absolutely gorgeous and there were actually involuntary noises from the room, even after all the awesome stuff shown before.

The bodies will come separately, and will be compatible with the Cataphract arms, but will come with a few of their own special arms, such as a power axe and a Multi-melta arm.

They are working on a duel model for Ezekyle Abaddon vs Garviel Loken. Loken is not done yet and there was a stand in figure in place for him, hence the focus on Abaddon, who was mostly done.

Horus Heresy Book 2: "Massacre"

This will cover the first part of the Istvaan V campaign - but they noted that this was so big that they are going to have to cover it in two books!

It will have 4 legions in it, and Mechanicum forces. There will be new vehicles and more characters (which is, admittedly, like saying it will have pages, but Tony said it so I wrote it).

Legions covered will be the Iron Hands Legion, the Night Lords Legion, the Word Bearers Legion and the Salamanders Legion. The other 3 Legions involved won't be in Book 2, but a future one.

Question and Answer section

We then moved on to the question and answer session. Rather than cover the questions verbatim, I noted down broad strokes of what was asked, as we're mostly interested in the answers!

They do exist in the Mechanicum and some Marine Legions. They probably won't be made available to all Legions, but some legions, such as (I believe he said Thousand Sons) are known to have them.

Custodes & Sisters of Silence?
They will do them eventually. They know they will need them for Prospero.

They will do all the Primarchs at least once. Apart from possibly Leman Russ just to wind up the Space Wolves players. He then corrected to say all KNOWN Primarchs. Alan Bligh chipped in to say that where Primarchs significantly change over the course of the Heresy, they would look to do multiple models.

Was doing the Primarchs scary?
They were very fussy when doing Angron to make sure he was done right. They were super careful. They had long discussions about every flourish of armour and detail - it took months to do!

Will you do Mechanicum and the Battle for Mars?
They can't avoid it! A huge number of things happen over a very short time frame in canon, so it will take a while to cover it all.
They will not completely mirror the Black Library, but rather focus on the battles, which is where the focus of the models is likely to be.

Will the Heresy books mean less of other things?
They are dedicating some people to the Horus Heresy specifically, and are expanding the Design Team. They are still on the look out for more staff to make sure they don't neglect a particular area. They know they would probably have Imperial Armour 12 and / or Black Fire Pass done now if not for the Horus Heresy.

Obligatory paranoid question about Finecast
Diplomatic answer saying that they will use the best resins and processes for the job in question, with different resins and techniques for different jobs / types of model. In short, no, they aren't going to move over to Finecast, they're going to continue to do whatever Tony wants as long as they make money.

What are Forgeworld doing for Xenos?
Alan stepped in and said that they are focussing on Necrons for Imperial Armour 12. The Necrons turn off a sun in it. Its about an entire sector being under atttack. They want to make sure that each of the Xenos have their own Forgeworld book, but it takes a lot of resource for each and they want to do them properly.
(Editor's Note: Last year, Tony mentioned that the organic and curved shapes of the Dark Eldar were very hard work to do and took a disproportionate amount of time compared to, say, an Imperial tank).

They went on to say that they have been working on Horus Heresy for over a year. (Which does mean they outright lied last year when they said there were no plans whatsoever, but that's fine, he does announce he's going to lie at the start of these things. I think a year of them planning with no visible models would have driven the entire internet completely and utterly insane!)

What about doing more obscure stuff?
They want Forge World to add depth to what's already there. They don't want to do totally new stuff. There may be things already mentioned in the background that they feel now should have their time in the limelight, but they won't be creating something new whole cloth. (This was a bit of a question side step given the original question covered some pretty specific bits of fluff. Unsure if this was avoiding the question, or covering for a lack of encyclopedic knowledge of that particular bit of obscure background.)

What about the rest of the Mournival?
Loken and Abaddon are in the first Horus Heresy book, but it will be possible that they'll look to do the rest at some point.

Alan pointed out that they will also be adding some other new characters as well as the ones from the novels. They need to do so to address some lopsided areas. They want to take their time over this in order to do it justice.

Have they discontinued Epic?
They aren't planning on doing any more in the imminent future. They're at or slightly beyond their capacity already, and they won't add anything new to that range at present.

Dark Elves for Warhammer Forge?
Don't hold your breath, but they do intend to do them at some point in the future.

Bran Redmaw?
No plans at present. They didn't like the draft model. He's on the schedule but keeps slipping down it due to Other Things. The Space Wolves might get Leman Russ first! Tony then mentioned Mark Wells, the CEO, is a Space Wolves player, so perhaps he'll not do Leman Russ to wind up Mark. If Tony gets fired, this is probably why!

Imperial Army for Horus Heresy?
More than possible. They will probably focus on a specific slice of it rather than the wider setting - so they will probably look at specific regiments or warzones.

After discussions with the Black Library writers, there seems to be agreement that "Stormbird" is more a class of assault lander rather than a specific transport.

There was then a small diversion where they talked about how they try and work with Black Library to make their works complementary rather than in isolation. There were only a few plagiarism jokes from Alan.

New Titan variants?
Tony said that the original idea for Titans was that there were a huge number of variants - not the 3 or 4 which have ended up remaining - the Warhound, Reaver, Warlord and, peripherally, the Emporer class. He would definitely like to do it, but as Epic never managed to expand that far, and Forge World still haven't done the Warlord yet, there's probably still a good way to go.

Horus Heresy models for Malcador, Grammaticus & Malagast?
They've discussed this and may do them as event only models, as they don't have much battlefield presence. They think this would probably suit the level of demand and mean that no-one was too badly disadvantaged by not having one if they couldn't make an event.

Any chance of Mechanicus Knights for Horus Heresy?
They have their place, but that probably isn't the next book.

Warhammer - Kislev?
Possibly, but there's a ton of more major stuff they would want to do first. They hope to do it one day but won't be for a while.

Daemon Primarchs?
They will come later. There's a lot in the early phases, so they won't come out for a long while yet.

Blake is now making terrain full time. He's just done the 4 cityscape boards, and will be working on a Necron board next. He will be using the new hollow cast process they've been using on new terrain pieces.

Will Horus Heresy use the Gothic Range for space battles?
Like Epic, unlikely for a good while yet - they need a good excuse.

The Emperor and Thunder Warriors?
The Thunder Warriors are not an army and are not key to the time period. They can't keep going back in history, or they'll get to the point where they hit World War II! The Emperor is not unfeasible, as eventually he needs to have a bit of a fight with this Horus chap.

Can you do a Lascannon and Twin-linked plasma gun Razorback turret?
"Go talk to Will Hayes. We know its missing."

And with that, the seminar was over. Hope this is helpful!

Mortarion (425)
Primarch of the Death Guard

WS7-BS5-S6-T7-W7-I5-A5-Ld10-Sv 2+

Unit Type - Infantry (Character)
Unit Character: 1 (Unique)

• Barbarian Plate (2+ Armour Save, 4+ Invulnerable Save)
• Silence (S +1, AP2; Melee, Instant Death, Sunder -may re-roll armour penetration rolls, Unwieldy, Two Handed, Sweep Attack -may exchange attacks to attack every model in base contact)
• The Lantern (Range: 18", S8, AP2; Assault 1, Sunder)
• Frag Grenades
• Phospex Bombs (unlimited) - Range: 12"

Special Rules

Sire of the Death Guard:
- All Death Guard are Stubborn
- Their frag grenades, frag missiles, and Havoc Launchers have Poisoned (4+)

Shadow of the Reaper:
- Leadership against Fear tests caused by Mortarion suffer a -1 penalty
- If he isn't locked in combat or embarked in a transport in the owning player's shooting phase then Mortarion may be redeployed (not deep strike) by passing a Ld test - must be within 10" of his starting position and may not finish within 3" of an enemy unit - may not be placed in a transport, building, or impassable terrain - if Mortation was attached to a unit then he leaves it - Mortation may declare charges after performing this move but it counts as disordered

Preternatural Resilience
- Mortarion re-rolls failed Toughness tests and "It Will Not Die!" rolls
- Automatically passes any dangerous terrain
- Any weapon that wounds on a flat dice roll (e.g., Poison) will only hurt Mortarion on a roll to wound of 6

- Witch Spite
- Deny the Witch on 4+
- Very Bulky

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Подробности о книге

From a Hobbyist with the book (did not want name mentioned)
Legiones Astartes
- units with this rule may ALWAYS attempt to regroup
- (legion specific rules go here too basically)

- can attempts repairs on vehicles on 5+ with usual restrictions (can be enhanced with servo-arms)

Master of the Legion
- only one per 1000 point
- can take a command squad as part of the same selection on the FOC
- if a unit is the warlord, they gain master of the legion
- can roll twice on one warlord trait chart (rerolling doubles) and select which one to use
- have the option of using one of the Rites of War (recommended for experienced players though)

Rites of War
- alter some options and limiting others
- only affect Primary Detachment
- Allies can have rites of war too but do so independently of primary detachment (same/different/none)
- eg, orbital assault: units that can take rhinos can instead take drop pods as dedicated transports, Dreadnoughts can take dedicated drop pods, Contemptors can take dreadclaw drop pods, terminator armoured units may deepstrike, may not take ANY units that can't gain access to drop pods or deep strike rule, no fortifications

There is a Legion Specific Warlord Trait table but you can of course use the main rulebook ones.
1. Warlord and all Legiones Astartes cause Fear
2. After both forces are deployed but before turn order is decided, may redeploy one unit. Included option to put a unit into reserve or take one out
3. D3 units in primary force may have shred rules added to any blast or template weapons they use
4. Warlord is fearless, plus warlord and any unit of Legiones Astartes within 6" add +1 to wound score when calculating if they win combat in an assault
5. Warlord gains Adamantium Will and one nominated infantry unit gains Deep Strike
6. Warlord and any Legiones Astartes they join may reroll failed rolls of 1 to wound, close combat only

One of the HQ options, called a Legion Centurion, can be upgraded to a specific role for additional points such as chaplain for 35 points to gain Crozius Arcanum wargear and zealot special rule. There are plenty of options here though, like Primus Medicae. Lots of wargear upgrade options. Some roles will limit which wargear can be taken while others give more options, like Forge Lord may also take any techmarine options for the same cost.
Above a Centurion is a Praetor. Again, lots of wargear options. Role changing unique to Centurion though.

Еще немного статов из кодекса ХСМ

(Dark Apostle) Beseech the Dark Gods: Characters in the Dark Apostle's unit (included the Dark Apostle) may re-roll Chaos Boon rolls.
(Then, also the Dark Apostole has the rule Champion of Chaos).

(Dark Apostle) Demagogue: Friendly units from this codex within 6" must use the Dark Apostles' Leadership instead of their own.

(Warpsmith) Master of Mechanisms: Unless gone to ground or falling back, instead of firind in your Shooting phase, choose to
a) repair a friendly damaged vehicle or
b) curse a single enemy vehicle.

Repair: must be in base contact or embarked upon target. Roll a D6 (+1 with Mechadendrits). On a 5+, either restore a Hull Point, repair Weapon Destroyed or Immobilised
Curse: must be within 18" of target. Roll to Hit. If it Hits, the target's weapons Gets Hot until the end of its next turn
(Heldrake) Meteoric Descent: Vector Strike whilst Zooming at Strength 7.

(Warpsmith) Shatter Defences: After deployment, before Scout redeployments and Infiltrate moves, one piece of terrain in your opponent's deployment zone has its cover save decreased by one.

(Maulerfiend) Siege Crawler: move as Beast; +1 to armour penetrations rolls against buildings in close combat.

Блог рвется к успеху: теперь и BoLS

В общем, можете поздравлять) Уже 3 крупных международных  комьюнити ссылаются на мой блог)) Это надо отпраздновать)  

Codex CSM

Фотки кликабельны!

UK Games Day 2012 - Part Three

I was at gamesday yesterday, but unfortunately i was also at work last night so this is the first chance i have had to post.

1. The horus heresy book is amazing. Leather bound with metal corner clasps. By far the largest and heaviest single book GW or FW have ever done.

2. Despite the crazy rush and massive queue they never sold out (at least not by noon) so they either had thousands in stock or the massive queues i saw were not all for that book.

3. I spoke to alan bligh, and he said they already have ideas about the second and third books but would give any more info.

4. He also told me he had no plans for an emperor model or rules as he believes some things are best left untouched.

5. The books will be written in the order they want to do them in, not to follow the novels or the time frame of the heresy.

6. Work in progress models for abandon and more than 1 legion praetor was on display.

7. Work in progress models for chaos dwarf destroyer was on display, it was still pretty early though. Walks on 4 legs, armoured.

8. Something like a massive wraith called a morngul was shown, the model was ripping apart a horse and had long arms and no legs.

9. Forgeworld were also showing a video with artwork for the new blackfire pass book. Lots of artwork for units not currently in any book, including shaman like human wizards, and some sort of huge orc bezerker thing.

10. New knightly order on foot.

11. New Land raider variant on show, ive not confirmed it yet but im pretty sure its one of the ones in the HH book.

Overall, GW was very disappointing with the lack of concept art and WIP's on show, but FW really made the show this year. There were also some very interesting participation games on the go. my favorite by far being the huge space ship that could spin on its axis with all the models being magnetized to its hull.

From a Hobbyist with the book (did not want name mentioned)

Eagle-eyed readers of the new white dwarf may have noticed on page 149 Paul Rudge has a loyalist heresy era death guard army. One of the last comments refers to a Contemptor Talon, a squadron of Contemptors. I can confirm the rules allow a unit of Contemptors 1-3 as well as regular dreadnoughts (1-3 separate unit). Apothecaries (each must be attached permanently to a separate viable unit) and Techmarines can also be taken as one unit of 1-3. All of those are elite choices. Iron Warriors fans rejoice because each techmarine acts independently and can EACH take a squad of servitors basically (no independent character status)

Force organisation chart is recommended to 1500-3000 point games and allows 4 elite choices to squeeze the goodies in. No slots have been shortened but HQ allows 3.

There are some Mechanicum rules in the book and the rough guide of Primarch restrictions is 2000 point minimum game but may not be more than one (unless apocalypse) and a Primarch may not be more than a quarter of the points of your army. That quarter (or fourth, sorry English here :P) is also for new super heavies and titans as they take up a special slot called gods of war. Most expensive Primarch so far is Horus, 500 points, but others aren't far off.

New heavy option, can mix types... Land raider squadron

The Book has it's own allies table called 'Allies in the Age of Darkness'

Listed armies are:

- Dark Angels

- Emperor's Children

- Iron Warriors

- White Scars

- Space Wolves

- Imperial Fists

- Night Lords

- Blood Angels

- Iron Hands

- World Eaters

- Ultramarines

- Death Guard

- Thousand Sons

- Sons of Horus

- Word Bearers

- Salamanders

- Raven Guard

- Alpha Legion

- Mechanicum

- Imperial Army

(not saying xenos can't happen, but suggests not)

There are FOUR levels of alliance: Sworn Brothers (can positively affect allies but can't share transports)

Fellow Warriors (No positive or negative effects to each other)

Distrusted Allies (same as fellow warriors but allies may never be scoring)

By the Emperor's (or Warmaster's) Command (same as distrusted but unengaged allies within 6" roll d6 in movement phase, on 1 they are distracted so no action this turn)

An extra paragraph labelled Agents follows. It basically states that in future books in addition to forces shown, some units (exact word) will be described as agents of the emperor/warmaster and are treated as sworn brothers to their respective alliance.

Garro is NOT in the book unfortunately. Loken and Saul Tarvitz are though. Purely speculating, but the note about agents suggests to me that he may appear later in conjunction with his mission from Malcador (for the loyalists obviously) which would be cool for an elite squad of heroes although they'd have to be a Lords Of War option (I may have mistakenly called them gods of war in a previous email, getting confused with a similarly named Horus rule)

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Кодекс ХСМ


everything in the codex either had models or will have by the time the codex hits (from the current advance orders).

Veteran of the Long War is a chaos USR that gives Hatred: Space Marines this is defined as ALL space marine books e.g. SW, BA, GK, etc.

Single models carry the icon. So, yes, they can be sniped.

Icons require the specific Marks of Chaos

Lots of units can take gift of mutation for 10pts which allows a Boon table roll at the start of the game.

As far as I saw the only FOC manipulation is moving some of the elites to troops using marks for their relative gods

Sadly no legion material that I saw. You can theme things around particular gods if you like but otherwise it's only paint that'll set legions apart. Heresy books from FW do more than enough in that department though.

UK Games Day 2012 - Part Two

Spoke to Phil at fw,
-Said that the black libary books are a large influence to what they will be doing for the pre hearsy stuff.
-They would never do an emperor model, stating some things should be left alone/untouched.
-Will do primarch models plus chaos counterparts.
-Possibility of prehearsy xenos races (if in horus hearsy) but not priority as hearsy stuff is a big project.
-They are trying to get an Imperial armour masterclass book out every 12-18months, talk about doing terrain and warhammer forge specific books.

Games Day UK Pre-release Kits
Cataphractii Pattern Terminators and Weapon Sets
Terminator armour is the finest protective wargear in the arsenal of the Legiones Astartes. Several different Tactical Dreadnought Armour patterns were developed roughly concurrently by different Forge Worlds during the later decades of the Great Crusade, and most of these, such as the Indomitus, Tartaros and Saturnine patterns, were functionally identical.
The Cataphractii Pattern was amongst the first issued, and suits of this type were even more heavily protected than their contemporaries. Slab-like ceramite pauldrons housed additional shield generators, although this formidable protection came at the cost of the wearer’s speed, and the trade between agility and survivability meant that this pattern was beginning to decline among some Legions at the outbreak of the Heresy.