среда, 2 ноября 2011 г.

Утечка инфы о 6ке - 6th edition Warahmmer 40k

ГВ разместит рекламу на ТВ

The claim is that the attached image is from a brainstorming session discussing the release timeframe of 6th edition 40k. While there is no proof of the validity of this document certain interesting things can be inferred from it should it be genuine.

- The release would be a summer release. Which would be odd, since as far as I can remember new editions have always been fall (octobrish?) releases. New strategy or bunk? EDIT : DISREGARD, old age is acting up. 40k 5th and WHFB 8th were also released during summer.

- GW TV ad. Now this would be interesting. Is GW trying to go more mainstream, after the success of things like DoW and Space Marine (go check out those TV ads if you can, pretty funny). This could tie in to the new TV studio that GW HQ has been installing.

- GW TV launch movie (in store only). Is GW trying to get some sort of closed network television going on in it's hobby stores? Again, correlates with what we've been told about the TV studio.

- Launch CD. What could this be?

So there you have it. Keep in mind that it could very well be bunk. And even it is genuine, it could just be ideas that have been floating around without any of them getting picked up.

Oh fun fact, I was wondering about the code name "Project Prisoner". Then the euro coin dropped. It's a reference to the British TV series "The Prisoner". Who's main character was... number 6 Even if it is a hoax, kudos to the reference. 

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