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Новые формации в WD

This months White Dwarf (December 2011, #383) is out with 6 new Apocalypse datasheets. Here's a general guide as to what they do (pick up the magazine for the specifics):

Grey Knights:

Crusade of Fire - Crowe and 3-10 Purifier squads (but no transports or Combat Squad splits allowed). Hellstorm Template special shooting attack, the more squads you have the stronger it is, up to STR 10 AP1.

Extermination Strike Force - 1 Dreadnight and 3 Stormraven Gunships. Dreadnight gets special shooting attack which marks the unit hit. Once target is marked, it is automatically hit by the Stormraven Gunships for the rest of the game (templates do not deviate).

Sisters of Battle:

Repentant Host - 1 Canoness, 3+ Sisters Repentia squads, 3+ Penitent Engines. +1 bonus to Feel No Pain and Shield of Faith rolls. Units in formation no longer have Rage. If Canoness suceeds in using The Passion, all other units in formation get it also (for free).

Purge Squadron - 3 to 5 Immolators plus Retributor squads with 4 Heavy Weapons in each squad. Can do special attack along a 18" line within gun range. All units under the line are hit. If at least one squad is sucessful at Divine Guidance, all attacks from all squads get Rending. Specific model gun requirements for both the Immolators and squads - see magazine.

Dark Eldar:

Dark Olympiad - Succubus, Hekatrix Bloodbrides, Wyches, Hellions, Reavers, and Beastmasters. Duke Slicus optional. When a unit in the formation gains a pain token, another unit within 24" also gains a pain token. Extra dice for Drug Rolls (double drugs). Several beasts that normally don't have Drugs available now get them.

Razorwing Sickle Squadron - 3+ Razorwing Jetfighters. Special attack during move - one unengaged non-vehicle unit takes d6 Str8 AP- hits. 50% chance the Dark Eldar player gets to assign one wound to the model of their choice.

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