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Fist leaked Apocalypse rules!

via FodaBett from Apocalypse40k and new WD

Rules leaked from the IOS preview copies of books

Scoring is done based on the number of strategic objectives controlled each break and at the end of the battle.

Each player gets a warlord, one of those per team is nominated a warmaster for the event (Be sure to change warmasters every game so no one gets their feelings hurt).
There are six new
scenarios to play and several dozen
Strategic Assets, which allow you to
outmanoeuvre your foes, place minefields
in front of them or bombard them from
orbit. Unnatural disasters erupt across
the warzoneo magma storms fall from the
sky while seismic explosions rip apart the
battlefield. Your Warlords can even perform
heroic acts during the game, which could
potentially turn the tide of battle. lust make
sure they don't get killed while doing itthere's
nothing quite so tragic as having
your commander blown to bits in their
finest hour.

Studio's Tesseract Vault and the Obelisk: both of the Vaults have the Seismic Assault Ascendant Power
(you've got to give them two out of a list of six, and all of them are truly nasty), which unleashes a massive 6D6 S8 AP3 shots per turn (new apoc barage).
The Obelisk: its Gravity Pulse ability automatically hits enemy nyers in both shooting phases.
Having a whole Battle Company gives you some major advantages, such as a bonus Orbital Strike
Strategic Asset and the Comrades-in-Arms rule, which enables all squads in the Battle Company to fire overwatch for nearby allies when they are assa ulted.
Ripctide Wing: 3+ Riptides gains Coordinated Attacks and Networked Reactors
Transcendent C'Tan (no rules listed)
WraithKnight Dreamwalker Squad: 3-5 Wraithknights. Gains Dreamwalk (fluff mentions faster response times)
Baneblade: 525 pts (with no sponsons), can take 2 sets of sponsons for 50pts a pair (lost option for flamer sponsons and option for extra armor), commisar tank upgrade for 45pts, and command tank upgrade for 200pts.  HK/Stubber/SB all as guard codex
Command tank: The vehicle is a high command formation as well as a super heavy vehicle, and counts as an HQ choice.Librarius: five+ Librarians, will unleash a Force Vortex. Woe betide anyone who is caught in that!
Predator Assassin Squadron: Three new Predator Annihilators should be a match for most armoured
targets (their killshot rule makes their firepower even more dangerous than usual. making them fire as a D-weapon if all their lascannons hit). At the start of the game I have to nominate a chosen target and they do a lot better against that (all weapons are twin-linked), but as long as I choose the right formation for the right targets, they will be deadly.
Legionnaire Warband: units have Hatred and be Fearless, so long as they're within 12" of a Space Marine. Warlord may call Finest Hour. So Death Guard with Typhus get Feel No Pain and Fearless.
Heldrake Fear Squadron:  pre-game Vector Strike, as well as its 'always-on ' Daemonforge.

Crusade Banner: Pick a Marine standard bearer, all marine units with models within 24" gain FNP
Camouflage: any army.  Pick a friendly HQ unit.  Friendly units within 24" of that model have shrouded the first turn of the game
Blind Barrage: The same
Trophy Kill Strategic Asset rewards us with three extra victory points if we can kill the enemy Warmaster.
Entropic Plague Strategic Asset, which, on the turn I use it, strips every model within 3D6" of my Warlord of
its armour save. Very nice indeed.
FlankMarch: Only allows one formation to flank march
Minefield- Area becomes dangerous terrain.
Orbital Strike- 15" blast that Gropius points out has a varying strength based on how close to the center you are.
Precise Coordinates- no scatter deepstrike for a turn. Nasty.
Re-arm- Friendly units get back any used up One-shot weapons
Replacements- Like the old one, but max of 15 hull points total for vehicles/squadrons. I'd bet that Warhounds/Stompas are at or around the 15 hull point mark.
Shield Generator prevents units within 6 (or 12") of a point you designate from being targeted by shooting for a turn.

Blind Barrage
Flank March
Orbital Bombardment
Precise Coordinates
Shield Generator
Supreme Headquarters
Trophy Kill

On My Coordinates

Crusade Banner
Fury of the Just

Corrupt and Despoil
?? Altar

Blood Thirst
Grand Pavane
Entropic Plague

Rok 'em Boyz
Stand To, Ladz!

Darkstar Warhead
Icefire Warhead


DARK Eldar
Murderous Pain
Combat Stimms



?? Horror

Всего 6 сценариев, есть специальные таблицы изменения условия на поле битвы, нечто похожее, есть в конце РБ, так же Варлорды могут совершать героические поступки, которые могут повлиять на исход битвы.

Удержание точек построено на количестве точек удерживаемых за ход и на конец игры.

Каждый игрок имеет своего варлорда, но один из них может стать вармастером команды.

Риптиды: 3+ риптидов, объединенная атака и нетворк реакторы.
Врейскнайты: 3-5 рыцарей
Бенблейд: 525 очков без спонсонов, 50 очков за пару спонсонов, нет возможности взять тяжелые огнеметы, апгрейд комиссара - 45 очков, командный танк - 200 чоков, доп. опции, как в кодексе имперской гвардии.
Компания СМ дает орбитальную бомбардировку и возможность делать овервотч в противника, который собирается атаковать союзников.
Либрариум: 5+ либров, могут кастовать вортекс воронку.
Сквадрон Предаторов: то же самое, но если все лазки попали, эффект круче, чем от Д силы.
Варбанда хсм: Фирлес и хейтред в 12 от СМ, герой может вызвать аблику и дать всей формации некоторые спец. правила, например, Тифус может дать фирлес и ФНП. Для этого нужно выполнить ряд условий.
Сквадрон Хелдрейков: наносит вектор страйки до начала игры и всегда имеет правило Daemonforge.

Флаг крестового похода: фнп в 24 дюймах от носителя.
Камуфляж: Дружественные войска получают стелс на первый ход в 24 дюймах от одного HQ.
Дымовая завеса: такая же, как была. 
Трофи кил: 3 ВП за убийство варлорда.
Энтропическая чума: лишает все модели в 3Д6 от варлорда их сейва.
Фланк марш: дает одной формации фланк марш.
Минные поля: ареа становится денжеросом.
Орбитальный удар: 15 дюймовый бласт, чем блтже к центру тем сила сильнее. 
Подготовленные координаты: дипстрайк без скатеры на 1 ход. 
Перевооружение: юниты возвращают любое оружие, которое используется только один раз. 
Замена: то же, что и раньше, но не более 15 ХП для техники\сквадронов.
Генератор поля: в юниты в 12 от него нельзя стрелять 1 ход. 

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