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7th news and leaks!

Score 1 Victory Point is you control Objective Marker 3 at the end of your turn.

Score D3 Victory Points if you control at least two Objective Markers and at least twice as many Objective Markers as your opponent controls at the end of your turn.

Score 1 Victory Point if you issued a challenge during your turn.  If you issued 3 or more challenges during your turn, score D3 Victory Points instead.

Score 1 Victory Point if an enemy unit was completely destroyed during the Shooting Phase of your turn. If you completely destroyed 3 or more enemy units during the Shooting phase of your turn score D3 Victory Points instead.

Apparently you draw a set of these pre-game, and trade them in for new ones once completed, or can discard one and re-draw once per turn, if you don't like your current hand.

W40k Rules come in a hard cardboard box and includes 3 separate books.
The first is called Galaxy War and is a starter guide with 114pages with lots of photos of painted miniatures.
The second is called Dark Millennium and is 128 pages with extensive background section and new portraits and illustrations.
The third is the rules, and is 208 pages including among it the new psychic powers.

Pricing is 65 euros and will be sold in English and Spanish.

Next we have Tactical Objectives that are 36 cards. Cost 6.50 Euros
Finally a box with 50 cards for Psychic powers and has 6 known psychic disciplines of Daemonology for 12 Euros

Battle Brothers -
• Eldar/DE
• Chaos/Daemons
• All Imperium

All others are convenience, desperate or apocalypse.

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