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Gamesday UK - 2011 Новости и Фото!

Актуализация в режиме онлайн!


Стоит 170-200 очков, перед игрой кидаешь д6, может превратиться в вульфена, но получает +1 почти ко всем статам, в таком виде может джоинится только к волкам.

Все серые охотники в армии получают правило скаутов.

Хаоситский контептор!


ГВ официально объявило о перезапуске Specialist Games, 2013-2014 год - новый РБ BFG.

На этом гд очень мало 40к, все отдано под фебуээ... многие возмущены.

Девчонка отловила ДЖ и спросила про некронов, по ее словам, из-за релиза дредфлита, они решили перенести презентацию, чтобы не отвлекать общественность от релиза в фб. Первые концепты и "возможно" миньки покаут 16 октября на ГД в Италии.

New Cadian IG, a new Warlockand a Storm Guardian

3 more FW Dark Eldar skimmers for a start.

IA12 is not DE. Its a prison asteroid, penal guard, minotaur marines and Tzeentch chaos

The 3 new DE skimmer I mentioned will not be made due to time constraints. Other than the phoenix lord, no new xenos is planned for a while
But a chaos contemptor is due

Really is a shame about IA 12 and the skimmers. Oh well, it's not like DE haven't gotten a decent amount of love already. The Chaos Contemptor is something they've said is coming so I'm not surprised by that.

Imperial Armour masterclass 2 is next book after IA 11.
Then IA12 - The Morros Incident - contents as reported previously. Little extra details given except for minotaurs pads etc.

No further Badab Characters to be released.

New Contemptor arm - power claw with a graviton gun mounted inside (pic to follow).

Land Raider Proteus variant with side armour like the 'pre -heresy style mk2' LR. and also different weapon load out to the proteus just released (heavy bolters and melta guns (pic to follow)

Shadow spectre lord - dont think it is female judging from photo

Rapier and Omega as prevously mentioned (although name of omega may change based on Tony's poll in the sem)

Pre-heresy termies very likely - talked about in a tongue in cheek way.

Probable chapter specific versions of contemptor - although 'not in the order you may expect'. Think the khorne one is a conversion at present. 

DAREN PARRWOOD. I went to speak to the two guys involved in the Tantalus and Reaper and see what they had to say. First of all I spoke to Daren Parrwood who had the concept models for the Tantalus and his little sketch book, all of which is floating around the webway so I won't repeat what I have to say on that. I spoke to him about what he plans to do with a big thunderhawk sized barge. He originally planned on creating a few vehicles Tantalus sized but thought some of the other ideas were strong enough to make into a bigger vehicle and has plans for that.

STUART WILLIAMSON. Stuart also confirmed that he would like to work on a bigger ship soon and I asked him about any plans for vehicle upgrades such as enhanced aethersails and such and that they had no plans to do so at all. I raised the possibility of them doing an upgrade kit for Trueborn and again, no plans. He did however debunk the theory that FW aren't allowed to step on GW's toes and said they could fill gaps in the codex at a later date.

TONY COTERILL. I went to the afternoon seminar. IA 12 will be guard and chaos so DE will NOT feature. I also asked a question about whether he could add any more to what the other guys had to say about a larger ship and said nothing was planned and that no further Dark Eldar were planned as of yet.

TANTALUS RULES. 12 12 10, comes with a flicker, can fire 12 dissie shots, transport 16, access to some other upgrades. Heavy support or dedicated for the court. Can do D6 S7 AP2 hits to a vehicle or troops it flat outs over or 1 S7 2D6 to a vehicle. A bit over 200pts.

JES GOODWIN. I'd start by saying I spoke to Juan Diaz first but didn't have much to say. Jes however is a cracking bloke. Started off speaking about the forum and that he checks up now and then and thinks we're getting a lot stronger. No confirmation on the Voidraven. Special characters will be divided up between himself and Juan but no concepts are done at all. He'd like to see them come out one a month in the future.


IA11 - Solitaire gone due to story change as I said before. Also the corsairs list has been chaged quite a bit since I last saw it at the FW open day.

Corsair Psychic (Voidlistener?) - is a navigator for them but acts like a warlock in game I think. Can cast one or two powers (if with stones) - one of which does D6 strength 10 attacks minus the targets toughness with an AP2. (i.e against T4 is S6 etc). 12 to 18 inch range I think.

Probable model for this but not female IIRC.

From the DE side they have kept kabalite warriors and venoms in the list but seem to have removed raiders etc.

3 New Apoc templates in back, one for hornets, one for wraithlords + wraithseer.

I'll try and get photos up and remember a bit more

Tzeentch confirmed - they didnt say that it was 1K sons buts it was inferred. They also said they'd hope to get to undivided chapters (alpha, black, word bearers etc) at some point.

Rapier is very nice. Omega looked unfinished at back. 

First off...Sky Serpent above me is mostly correct. It does D6 S7 2D6 armour pen to vehciles

The sales line for buying anything was a single line. It was nearly 3 hours long. So I only got my advance order, nothing new unfortunatly

Mymeara by Christmas IF they get printing done in the UK. If not...January. Expect IA12 roughly this tome next year. Roughly the same as it was in March, but with the fluff retweaked. Still sounds like Eldar achieve their goals and retreat, with both sides declaring victory

As for IA12...as already iterated, Imperial Penitnant Legions, Minotaur Marines and Tzeentch Chaos. According to Alan Bligh, the chaos will be an even mix of demons, traitor guard and marines, a la what Vraks had. He said the story WILL NOT be 1K Sons, but a different, new Tzeentch Warband, but conversion kits for 1K Sons are being done.

Also for IA12...it was supposed to be DE. But they've re-written the story for them and feel one book wasn't enough? So maybe two books for the DE

The 3 new DE raiders (1 with 2 Pulsars, 1 with 6 Lances and one very similar to the Tantalus) were used to get the correct idea of size for the Tantalus. They won't be made at present due to time constraints and not needing them. Come IA13 (if it is DE) theres a strong chance they could return

Chaos Contemptor is likely, the one in the book is a conversion at present. Also shown at the FW seminar was a unseen contemptor arm, a power fist with a Graviton gun built in.

Other Seminar highlights included a vote as to whether they should do pre-heresy Terminators. A resounding yes, the same for the vote on chapter specific Contemptors.

While talking to the guys on the design stand, they hinted at a secret project, that hadn't (and wouldn't) be mentioned yet.

The realm of battle board expansion will continue, with the trench line being incorperated into one. Other sections will be less imperial, such as a Nid nesting area....i asked about Eldar scenery he said they'd be nice

Speaking of Eldar...got some one on one with Phil Kelly towards to end. Thanked him for the DE book and asked if he would do the Craftworlders when they came round. He said he wasn't sure and didn't want to be typecasted as the Eldar-guy. He also said it would be wierd to go back and change the book, seeing as he wrote the last one.