воскресенье, 25 сентября 2011 г.

Новости GD UK 2011 - Black Library

For the interested parties, here are some of the rather brief notes I was able to make during the "Writing for BL seminar" and from what I remember talking to some of the authors during the "Cafe with the Authors" mini-events.

1. Christian mentioned that there will be 2 more Garro audio dramas. Jim Swallow confirmed that they have the arc for Garro and Cerberus pretty much plotted out and that now they know how these arcs are gonna end, getting there is gonna be quite exciting.

One of these audiodramas will be showing us Garro in quite a different light, with quite different circumstances. There is supposed to be quite a big twist in this one.

Also, IIRC Jim mentioned that one of these is called Sword of Truth.

2. There will also be a Garro & Varren double-disc audio drama which shows us how the two meet.

3. John French is writing a mini audio-drama concerning Cerberus, the surprise character from Garro: Legion of One.

4. Pyro aka Sarah Cawkwell, is writing an audio-drama, titled Indomitable (I hope I've got that title right!), which is going to be about Marneus 'Marny' Calgar and Chaplain Cassius. Christian mentioned 40k and Die Hard in the same sentence when talking about this one. :)

5. Christian is working on a Raven Guard novella. I wasn't able to get much time with him during the day so I couldn't chat with him more about it. But this is welcome news, since the chapter has only had one published and one up-coming audio-drama about them. The cameos in The Hunt for Voldorius and that one Ultramarines novel sort of work too I suppose.

But yeah, bring it on!

6. John French is working on another novella, titled Crimson Fist, and it has a fair bit of space battles in it I am reliably told.

He is also working on an Architect of Fate novella that is called Fateweaver.

Note: I may be confusing these two. The Boltholers present during the seminar, feel welcome to comment on this. Or Pyro, or John, or Christian.

Note: The Imperial Fists are Christian's favourite chapter.

7. Christian mentioned that going forward the plan is for all future HH novels to get audiobook versions on the same release day and that given what the reactions are to the unabridged Prospero Burns/A Thousand Sons audiobooks, more of the already released HH titles will be getting the same treatment.

8. Nick Kyme is working on an Emperor's Children novella or audiodrama (I forget which).

9. Anthony Reynolds is doing a Kharn the Betrayer audiodrama.

10. Gordon Rennie is doing a Blood Angels audiodrama that slots into the events of Bloodquest Book II.

11. Gav Thorpe's nest, a novella about Chaplain Cassius, will be Limited Edition status.

12. Aaron's next novel, The Emperor's Gift, will be getting an audiobook release the same day the hardback does. This is the plan at least.

13. Chris Wraight mentioned that his next, Wrath of Iron which is a SMB novel about the Iron Hands, will explore the relations between the Iron Hands and the Adeptus Mechanicus, particularly in relation to the training of the Iron Fathers.

The ruthlessness of the Iron Hands, as well as their views about "weak people" will be explored. Expect another deeper novel like Battle of the Fang that really shows us the nature of a chapter.

14. Talking about his Ferrus Manus related novella for the Primarchs anthology, Nick mentioned that it is set during the same campaign as the one told in Promethean Sun, so there will be some overlap.

Ferrus' past on Medusa will be touched on somewhat as well.

15. Sarah talked about HANSUM SPESS MAHRINEZ.

16. A fact most people may not be aware of, but Sarah is the most published author in Hammer & Bolter other than Ben Counter.

17. Nick Kyme would love to somehow explore something about the fate of Vulkan post-Istvaan V and the travels of Vulkan He'stan to find the Primarch's lost relics.

18. James Swallow has plans for a Space Marine Battles novel about the Blood Angels. That's all he gave me I am afraid. Expect something really stonking.