вторник, 24 января 2012 г.

Мартовские иды

via Bramgaunt
Just to be clear about it: There is a planed 40k event in late febuary, but I was told that there was no actual release associated with it. Therefor I assumed that the Tyranid-wave will be first saturday of march. Same day as the 40k event is the release of the 25 years of Warhammer 40k White Dwarf, and it would be the day preorders started. Now, a world-wide 40k happening with staffers going nuts over Tyranid and Necron Preorders sounds exactly like something GW would do.

Also, I'd be more than happy to be wrong about the "nothing but LotR in feb" part, but I think LotR players deserve a month of their own =)

Since White Dwarfs should be on their ways right now I expect pictures to show up soon, anyway. 

A follow up via Bramgaunt
Feb issue should be on it's ways now, as it's released this saturday.

Again, I am not dead certain that there is nothing 40k related in feb, but my sources have been very specific. These ones have been accurate so far, I just pass on the information. Again, we will see in a couple of days. (Or, with the current WD leaks, more likely in the next 24 hours.)