воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.

Новая демоническая модель от форджи

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From The Decapitator on Dakka Dakka:

So not sure when it's due for release, possibly in the upcoming Imperial Armour book, but Forge World are releasing an amazing looking new 40K Chaos model.

On the surface of it, it looks like a possible Chaos Contemptor, only bigger and stockier, think Dreadknight sized. It's hard to describe but it looks mean! It's also not actually a Dreadnought of sorts, it's actually a Chaos Daemon Engine!

It's called a 'Decimator', although I believe there is another version planned called a 'Dessicator'. Not sure if this is a separate entry depending on weapon loadouts however, or another unit with a slightly different statline and USR's.

There are 5 weapon arms currently planned, the basic loadout being 2 x CCW's. I believe there is another CCW option (a type of chainfist thing) and 3 gun options as it stands. Don't remember the name of one of them but I know one is called a 'Butcher Cannon' and the other is a 'Chaos Conversion Beamer' probably with it's own funky name!

Sorry I can't bring you any more news than that, but when you see it you'll realise why I think it's so damn cool! 

He later wrote:

It's definately not a Chaos Contemptor, it's a completely separate unit entry. I believe a model for the Chaos Contemptor will be getting it's own model. I used it as an example to roughly demonstrate the look and the size difference.

But having seen it, I'd gladly place a wager! I'm confident that FW wouldn't get to this stage on a model, and produce 5 weapon arms just to scrap it! 

I don't believe it has any relationship with the Chaos Dreadnought, other than the fact that on the face of it, it's a machine that has 2 legs and stands upright.