понедельник, 14 мая 2012 г.

Железные воины возвращаются

Это обложка нового романа BL под авторством Вернера - "Осада Кастелакса", рассказ о бесславных деяниях варсмита Андрааза. В этой книги ЖВ придется защищать свою крепость от Ваагха.

This is the art that’s going to adorn the cover of The Siege of Castellax, a new Space Marine Battles novel by C.L. Werner. From the wings, hazard stripes and claws, you’ve probably guessed that this is about the Iron Warriors – Warsmith Andraaz (the mean looking guy on the above) leads his warband in the defence of his fortress against a system-crushing ork Waaagh! Will the masters of siege warfare hold out against the deadly greenskin invasion? You’ll have to read the book to find out.
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