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Apocalypse: Imperium vs. Tyranids - Part I

PART TWO - Часть вторая

Imperium vs. Tyranids

15000 vs. 15000

Спасибо огромное RomIIIу, Kroxigorу, Костоглоту, Митяю и Диме за игру! Надеюсь всем понравилось)) Честно, давно не было такого хорошего, красивого и тематично апока, очень круто, надеюсь, у наших оппонентов осталось желание взять реванш) мы всегда рады сыграть с приятными и веселыми людьми)

Внизу сценарий игры, если кто хочет берите, он тестированный и готовый.

Итого: Империум выиграл, но все-таки ниды очень сильная армия, очень хочется сыграть еще с ней или в следующий раз устроим игру ниды с эльдарами, я готов даже просто судить)

Дата: 27 октября.

Место: клуб Ландскнехт

Формат: 15к на сторону

Сценарий: вторжение великого пожирателя на имперскую планету

Доп. правила: действует апочный фак. http://goo.gl/qinok


См. RAMPAGE OF THE BEASTS (IAA SE, стр. 120) с дополнениями и изменениями

Кто ходит первым – по стандартным правилам, т.е. кто загадает меньшее число времени на расстановку.

Точки расставляются до деплоймента, каждой стороной у себя в зоне расстановки.

Расстановка террейна – сюжетная. Фортификации выставляются до расстановки, по правилам наративной битвы.


Тот, кто заработает больше всего победных очков - победил.



Каждая сторона выбирает своего военачальника. См. Фак. Это может быть независимый персонаж, монстр, суперхеви или гаргантюа, у него должен быть самый большой показатель лидерства в армии.


1. Nowhere To Run: The defender's forces are surrounded, cut off from help and know death is all but certain should they run. All units in the defender's forces may re-roll failed Morale Tests (but not Pinning Tests, etc).

2. Keep firing!: Any Defending unit may choose to fire its weapons twice when within 24" of an enemy Monstrous creature or Gargantuan Creature if they remain stationary that turn. However, if this is done roll a D6 after the unit has 'double fired' for each weapon type used. If you roll a '1', the weapon is out of ammo and may not be fired again in that game. Place a token next to the unit or otherwise note down to show this has occurred.

3. Tyranid Fighters: The Space Marines have learnt how best to fight the Tyranids. All space marines units have the Preferred Enemy universal special rule.

4. Denial: The defender has a free Ammunition Store stratagem. He may chose to detonate this ammunition stockpile in a last-ditch effort to deny their enemy victory. So long as at least one defender is on the table, the defender may declare in his Shooting phase that you are detonating the store. Every unit within 2D6" of the building containing the ammunition store takes D6 Strength 8 AP 4 hits, and the building is automatically destroyed (explodes!).

When declared: Pre-game

Extra crates of ammunition have been stacked within the strongholds on the front line, ready to be distributed to nearby warriors and weapon systems. A unit with ready access to such a stash is able to fire with wanton abandon, relaxing fire discipline and unleashing a withering hail of bullets at the invaders.

• The ammunition store may be used once per turn in the defender's Shooting phase.

• After rolling To Hit, a single unit occupying the building may re-roll any failed To Hit rolls.

5. The Banner: Using a marker placed next to any non-vehicle model in your force, indicate which is the bearer of the attacking general's personal banner. During the Movement phase, the banner can be passed between friendly models in base-to-base contact without penalty. If the bearer is killed or otherwise removed from play the banner is dropped - leave the marker in place. It may subsequently be picked up by any model, friend or foe. If at any point an attacking model carrying the banner reaches an objective, he may declare that he is 'planting' the banner. Once planted, any model can 'cast down' the banner by moving into base-to-base contact with it, provided there is no enemy model in base-to-base contact with it. Once cast down the banner may be picked up and planted once more.

Look to the Colours: The troops tasked with the protection of their army's banner would rather die than let it fall. The model carrying the banner and any unit that he is accompanying have the Fearless and Feel No Pain special rules.

Hold The Flags: Any unit with a model within 3" of the objective has the Fearless universal special rule.

6. No Flank March


1. They're Coming!: All Monstrous Creatures and Gargantuan Creatures in the attacking force deployed to the table at the start of the game gain the Scout special rule on the first turn of the game. (Note these units may not Outflank in this case).

2. Rampage!: All Monstrous Creatures and Gargantuan Creatures in the Attacking force gain a 6+ Invulnerable save in this game (unless they already possess a better one!) and may re-roll any sweeping advances.

3. Adapt or Die: The Tyranids have adapted themselves to the terrain on the planet. All Tyranid units, except gargantuan creatures, have the Stealth universal special rule.

4. War Without End: The war is a ceaseless, uncaring meat-grinder into which troops and materiel is endlessly fed and fresh replacements are always waiting to take up the battle from the fallen. Before the game begins, Tyranid´s players receive five War without End tokens (any handy tokens, skull counters or poker chips, etc, are good for this).

During the course of the game, every time a war machine or Legendary Unit is completely destroyed, the owning side may opt to spend a War without End token and place it back in their Strategic Reserve. The model or formation may then re-enter play normally on their following turn. These models represent fresh 'replacements' and they are completely undamaged, etc, and start with the normal basic profile.

Independent characters, Gargantuan Creature with more than six wounds, Super-Heavies with more than five Structure Points as well as 'unique' creatures such as Daemon Lords may not benefit from this rule.

Note that transported units, etc, that are lost when something is destroyed are not returned with the replacement model.

5. No careful planning

6. Free brood nests, 5x capillary towers.


A Brood Nest can be bought as upgrade for the following Tyranid Broods:

Broodlord + Genestealers, Gaunts, Hormagaunts, Genestealers, Ripper Swarms, Spore Mine cluster. If a Brood takes a Brood Nest, then they automatically begin the game in reserve (hidden within the nest). When the Brood arrive from reserve they will enter the table from the Brood Nest. When the nesting brood arrive, deploy them within 6" of the nest. They may fire weapons in the run they arrive, but may not assault.

Deployment: A Brood Nest can Infiltrate. It may be set up anywhere on the table that is more than 12" from an enemy unit, if no deployed enemy unit can draw a line of sight to it. Alternatively they may be set up anywhere on the table that is more than 18" from an enemy unit, even if it can be seen. A Brood nest can always Infiltrate regardless of the scenario special rules being used.

Points: A Brood Nest's points values is equal to the number of wounds nesting inside, times 3. So if 10 Genestealers are inside, the Brood Nest costs 30 pts. If 32 Hormagaunts are Inside, then the Brood Nest costs 96 pts.

Destroying a Brood Nest: A Brood Nest can be attacked and destroyed before the nesting brood has emerged. A Brood Nest can be targeted by enemy fire exactly like any other enemy unit It has the following stat line:

T W Sv

5 3 5+

If a Brood Nest is reduced to 0 Wounds it is destroyed and the Brood within may no longer use it as an entry point. The nesting brood must enter from the Tyranid's own board edge instead.

Spore Chimney

A Spore Chimney is impassable terrain that cannot be passed over by skimmers or jump pack troops. The chimney pumps out spores to pollute the atmosphere. At the start of each Tyranid player's turn roll a dice; on a 6. the Spore Chimney releases 2D6 Spore Mines, in clusters of up to 3 spores, scattering from the centre of the chimney. The Tyranid player can choose the type before rolling for scatter.

If a non-Tyranid weapon hits the Spore Chm accidentally as a result of a scatter etc, then 2D6 Spore Mines are immediately scattered from centre of the Spore Chimney. The Tyranid player choose the type before rolling for scatter.

Capillary Towers

Capillary Towers are impassable terrain. Skimmers and jump pack or jet pack equipped troops may not move over a Capillary Tower. The presence of Capillary Towers on the table shows that the world the battle is being fought on is in an advanced state of infestation. The power of the Hive Mind is starting to take over, casting its shadow in the Warp.

If there are 3 or more Capillary Towers on a battlefield the entire area counts as having the Hive Mnd power 'The Shadow in the Warp' upon it. All Psychic tests made by the enemy during the game arena on 3D6, discounting the lowest roll. Any Perils 0f the Warp results are nullified, and the power will pass' fail as normal.


Помимо базовых стратагем (по максимальному количеству игроков);

Империум получает стратегемы: Bunkers и Obstacles, - но не может никаким образом получить Flank Marc.

Тираниды получают стратегемы: Spore chimneys, World Digestion, - но не может никаким образом получить Сareful Planning.


In the early stages of a Tyranid invasion great clouds of microscopic spores are released into a planet's atmosphere from spore chimneys, causing the air itself to thicken into a choking fog.

When Revealed: Before deployment

Effect the player that chose this asset is avowed to place up to three spore chimneys anywhere in their deployment or no-man's land. Any shooting from at a unit within 12" of a spore chimney must be carried out according to the night fight special rules.


The Tyranid invasion has reached its final stage as the world itself begins to turn against its inhabitants Great lakes of digestive acid open up in the ground, ravenous plant-life sprouts and the very earth is infested with Tyranid organisms

When Revealed: Before deployment

Effect The player that chose this asset is allowed to place up to six of the following obstacles anywhere m their deployment area or in no-mans land None of these obstacles may be larger than 6" in diameter You may choose a variety of obstacles, so long as the total number does not exceed six.

• Digestion Pool: the digestion pool is impassable terrain to all infantry ant inflicts a glancing hit to any vehicle crossing it on the rol of a 4+.

• Ravenous Plant Life: The area of ravenous plant counts as dangerous terrain to non-Tyranid models. In addition, any non-Tyranid model moving to within 6” o the area must take a dangerous terrain test.

• Swarm Tunnel: Genestealers, Termagants, Hormagaunts and Ripper Swarms held in strategic reserve may enter the table from a swarm tunnel following the same rules as the Tunnels asset.


По ИАА2.


1. Убить военачальника (5 очков): сторона выбирает варлорда, им может быть суперхеви, гаргантюа, монстр или независимый персонаж. Окончательно убить варлорда может только независимый персонаж или другой варлорд, в противном случае на следующий ход варлорд встает с одной раной. Выполнение задачи приносит 5 очков. Варлорд не может находится в резерве

Duel To The Death: In t his scenario a warlord may only be killed by an attack made by the opposing warlord or independent character or. If a warlord is slain by any other method, they are left standing with one wound remaining.

2. Удержание точки (3 очка) : удержание точки происходит по всем правилам апока и рульбука. Точками тиранидов являются капиллярные башни. Точки должны быть расположены в 6 от краев стола и в 12 друг от друга. Удержание точки подсчитывается в конце игры.

3. Уничтожение капиллярной башни (1 очко): капиллярная башня считается моделью с Т7 W4 S3+ и правилом вечного война. Пока живы минимум три башни на протяжении всей зоны расстановки тиранидов действует правило Тень в варпе. Три капиллярные башни могут быть расположены в зоне расстановки тиранидов, две оставшиеся могут быть расположены в ничейной земле ближе к зоне деплоя. Если башня уничтожена, она не перестает быть точкой, которую можно ужерживать.

4. Удержание баннера (3 очка): баннер может переходить от модели к модели и должен быть отображен. Отряд в котором находится баннер считается фирлесным и имеет спец. правило FnP. Отряд с баннером не может находится в резерве.

5. Спасти принцепса (5 очков): принцепс подчиняется правилам артефакта (рульбук), удержание которого приносит 5 очков. Если доставить принцепса к посадочной площадке игрок получает еще D3 очков. Принцепс начинает игру на середине ничейной зоны.

6. Съесть мозги принцепса (5 очков): чтобы сделать это нужно подвести модель ликтора или Death leaper в бтб к модели принцепса. Если это произошло, противник обязан объявить все ассеты, которые у него остались и которые он еще не использовал. Тираниды могут выбрать дополнительный ассет. Нельзя съесть мозги на первый ход никаким образом.

7. Убить 50+% армии противника (3 очка).

8. Отравить улей (5+D6 очков): А) нужно убить синапс крича, на 4+ сторона получает ДНК улья. Если в отряде есть модель с нарцесиумом, серво харнесом, фангом моркаи и проч, добавьте +1 к броску. Б) как только ДНК будет получено, на следующих ход вы можете отравить улей, чтобы сделать это нужно встать в бтб с живой (то есть имеющей хотя бы одну рану) капиллярной башней моделью с нарцесиумом, серво харнесом, фангом моркаи и проч.