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Legiones Astartes Rules!

Horus Heresy
Legiones Astartes (Death Guard)
Units with this special rule may always attempt to regroup regardless of casualties.
Remorseless: The Death Guerd are immune to Fear and automatically pass any Pinnicg checks they are called on to make.
Sons of Barbarus: Veterans of the most hellish battlefields of the Great Crusade, Death Guard models with this special rule may re-roll failed Dangerous Terrain tests for swamp, mud and toxic sludge terrain (and similar hazards).
Intractable: When making Sweeping Advance rolls, models with this special rule reduce their score by -1.

Legion Specific Unit and Wargear
Flame weapons taken as part of a Death Guard force may be upgraded to special issue Chem-Munitions for their flame weapons (flamers, hand-flmaers, heavy flmaers, , combi-flamers of Flamestorm cannon) at no additional cost.

If this upgrade is taken, all eligible weapons in a unit (or on a chosen vehicle) are upgraded, and this should be noted on the army list.

Weapons with the Chem-Munitions gain both the Shred and Gets Hot! special rules

Power Scythe
Any character or indipendent character with the Legion Astartes (Death Guard) special rule eligible to ake a power fist as part of their options may instead take a Deathshroud power scythe for the same listed cost.

Deathshroud Terminator Squad 90 P.ts (Death Guard only) Elite

Deathshroud Terminator WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 D10 Sv2+

Unit Composition:
2 Deathshroud Terminators

Unit Type:

Terminator Armour
Hand-flamer with Chem-Munitions
Deathshroud Power Scythe (S+1 AP2)

Dedicated Transport:
A Deathshroud Terminator squad numbering five models or less may take a Land Raider Phobos as a Dedicated Transport.

Special Rules:
Legiones Astartes (Death Guard)
Implacable Advance
Favoured of Mortarion

The squad may include:
Up to an additional 8 Deathshroud Terminators +40 P.ts each
The Squad may have:
Melta-bombs +5 P.ts each

Implacable Advance
Deathshroud Terminators Squads are used to assail the most heavily defended objectives and secure them for the advance of allied forces. Deathshroud Terminator squads are always counted as scoring units in any mission where Troops are also counted as scoring units.

Favoured of Mortarion
A Deathshroud Terminator unit may be chosen instead of a Command Squad as a bodyguard for any Terminator armour equipped Praetor of the Death Guard (or the Primarch Mortarion himself). Deathshroud Terminators must always be modelled/painted to be visually distinct from standard Legion Terminator Squads to avoid confusion.

Terminator Type in Betrayal:

Cataphracti 2+/4++ Slow and Purposeful
Indomitus 2+/5++ Relentless, No Sweeping Advance
Tartaros 2+/6++ Relentless, can Sweeping Advance

There is also the Saturnine type, but I don't know the rules.

Legion Specific units and rules:

Sons of Horus: Justaerin Terminators (various wargear options like normal terminators). They can take multi-melta
Death Guard: Deathshroud Terminators
World Eaters: Rampagers, ther isn't a legion unit, but there are four specific gladiatorial weapons. They have FNP and furious charge.
Emperor's Children: Palatine Blades: Special duelists with sabres and +1 initiative

Phoenix guard are mentioned in the book but no sign of special rules or models.