среда, 3 апреля 2013 г.

Tau codex! Prices, photos! English rules!

 Почти полностью кодекс Тау! Но на испанском языке, все цены и статы, если есть вопросы, задавайте, переведу.

Almost entirely Codex Tau! But in Spanish, all the prices and stats, if you have questions, ask, I will translate.

Thanks to Fernando, Freak Factory & Descanso del escriba

Пиранья, 40 птс, бертс кенон и 2 дрона, до 5 пираней, может иметь до 2 мисел за 8 птс, бертс кенон меняет на фузионку за 10 птс + апргрейды для техники.

Пасы, 44 птс за 4 паса, карабины, гранаты и маркеры, скауты и спец. правило тауЮ до 6 моделей по 11, может брать рекон дрон за 28 птсЮ антиграв за 15 птс, 3 могут заменить карабины на ионк райфл за 10, рейл оифл за 15 птс, ИЭМ гранаты за 2 птс на миньку, сержант может иметь ночное видение за 1 птс и дронов из списка дронов, пройти ритуал талисерны за 1 птс на миньку. + транспорт.


4 за  72 птс, хит анд ран, мув тру кавер, стелс в руинах, флит, до 8 за 18 птс, апгрейт сержанта за 10 птс.


1. Нет лукаута от выстрелов варлорда, если нет стрельбы у варлорда, рерол по таблице.
2. Одноразовое. В 12 от варлорда все реролят 1 на ту хит в стрельбе.
3. 3д6 на реакт муве для джет инфантри варлорду и его юниту. Если не джет, то рерол по таблице.
4. Одноразовое. Поднимает все запиненные отряды, могут муваться, стрелять, чарджить. В начале мувемент фазы.
5. Одноразовое. Скайфайер герою и юниту.
6. Не скатерится из ДП и может пореролить куб на приход из резерва.

Fire Burst: If the unit doesn't move in the movement phase they can fire an extra shot with their induction rifles and carbines in the next shooting phase.

Hammerhead Ace: Sha'ng's Hammerhead has BS5. He dies if the Hammerhead is destroyed but doesn't give extra victory points.

Aquired Target: Markerlight don't cause wounds and there are no saves against them. Place a token close to the unit for each hit. Before any unit shoots, if the target has any token you can spend them to gain the following abilities. A Unit can't use the tokens of their own markerlights:
- Precise +1BS for each spent token (can spend several)
- Strafe (Cost 2 tokens) The shots gain Ignore Cover rule
- Seeker Shoot a seeker missile for each spent token.

High Speed Deployment: Can disembark during movement even if Swooping. A Solarshark that moves before their drones disembark can still move immediately.

Defender of the Greater Good: The Stealth Shas'ui and Shas'vre of O'Shaserra unit gain Oathbound Protector (all Look out Sir rolls for a independent character joined to a unit with this rule automatically succeed)

Failure is not an option: All Tau units with a miniature withing 12 use the Ethereal's leadership for Fear, Morale, Pinning and Regroup checks. Killing the Ethereal gives an extra victory point.

Infantry Warrior: Can only join Firewarrior or Pathfinder units.

Great Invocation: Aun'Va can invoke two elemental powers per turn.

Invoke the Elements:
At the beginning of the Movement Phase, choose one of the four elemental powers. The ethereal and all non-vehicle friendly Tau Empire units gain that power until the next movement phase of the Ethereal. The power ends if the Ethereal dies:
-Calm tide: Stubborn.
- Firestorm: All induction weapons get an extra shot against targets closer than half their range. Doesn't affect induction bombs.
- Stone Toughness: Feel no Pain (6+)
- Zephyr's Grace: Can make snapshots after running.

Supreme Loyalty: As long as Aun'Va is alive, all friendly Tau Empire units can reroll any Fear, Morale, Pinning and Regrouping failed tests.

Blade Master: In a challenge, Aun'Shi must choose an style each turn before any rolls are made: - Patient Blade: reroll any missed saves, - Lethal Blade: Rending

Afterburners: Can use Turbo Boost as if it was a jetbike.

Oathbound Protector: all Look out Sir rolls for a independent character joined to a unit with this rule automatically succeed

Nova Reactor: Declare your use of the Nova Reactor at the beginning of each movement phase. If you use it, roll a die. 1-2 the Riptide suffers a wound without saves. On 3+ you gain one of the following benefits (your choice) until the next movement phase:
-Nova Shield: Invulnerable save 3+
-Propulsor: Can move 4d6
-Chain fire: Can fire the twin-linked fusion blaster, twin-linked plasma rifle or twin-linked missiles twice
-Nova charge: Can use the nova charge profile of its weapons.

Tactical Fall-Back: Shi'Vre and his unit can consolidate after firing Overwatch.

Drone Turret: Recon Drones embark on a Devilfish as a passenger but they don't count for the transport capacity.