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All what you need to know about new Blood Angels Codex - Rules compilation

Sanguinary Priests
Priests can’t take Terminator Armor, but can take jump packs and bikes (standard points costs)
Only one per slot, so max 2 per detachment, allowing for no other HQs
Encarmine Weapons are; Sword is AP 3, master crafted, Glaive Ap 2 Str +1, master crafted, unwieldy
FNP buff works on whatever squad the priest is in, i.e allied squads such as… Centurions.

Character Info
Two Versions of Tycho (seperate entries)
Chaplains are HQ, although Lemartes is an Elite
Techmarine is HQ as well. (Getting kind of crowded there in the HQ spot)
Gabriel Seth is about the same cost, and Lord of War Same wargear, but rage and furious charge. Whilrlwind of gore changed to adding an additional attack for each 6 rolled to hit. His weapon is now called a Blood Reaver, str 8, sp 4 rending.
Corbulo- HQ, a couple more points in cost now. Basically the same re-roll. 3 W. Buffs all BA within 6 inches (1 WS, 1 Ini), but standard FNP on himself.

Dante WS6 BS5 W4 Sv2+ Lord of War
and they shall know no fear, eternal warrior, furious charge, hit and run, ic. comes with an iron halo, inferno pistol, axe of mortalis S+2 AP2 melee master crafted, death mask of sanguinius grants fear and all enemies locked in combat with 6" make a fear test. Tactical Precision: when he is a warlord and using tactical objectives, roll on the tactical traits before deploying. he has this rule + Descent of Angels

Gabriel Seth WS6 W4 Sv3+ Lord of War
fearless, furious charge, independent character, rage. comes with an iron halo and Blood Reaver: Sx2 AP4 melee rending and two handed. Whirlwind of Gore; any close combat attack that rolls a 6 causes an extra hit. Warlord Trait Red Rampage.

Corbulo BS5 W3 Sv3+ HQ
And they shall know no fear, furious charge, and independent character. Far Seeing Eye: once per game can re-roll one die for seize the initiative, reserves, to hit or two wound or a scatter die. Heaven's Teeth S+1 melee, rending. The Red Grail, all friendly blood angels within 6" gain +1 to WS and Initiative. Warlord Trait Speed of the Primarch

Astorath WS6 BS5 Sv 2+ HQ
furious charge, independent character, zealot. rosarius, jump pack, executioners axe: S+1 AP2 melee, two handed, unwieldy, killing strike- grants instant death and automatic wound on a roll of a 6. Liturgies of blood allowing death company marines to re-roll to wound in the unit.

Mephiston WS6 S5 T5 W3 Sv2+ HQ
shall know no fear, fleet, furious charge, IC, and psyker lvl 3. He can generate two more powers from the Sanguinary, Biomancy, Daemonology, Divination, and Pyromancy. Sanguine Sword is a psychic power Warpcharge 1 that makes his force sword S10. He also has transfixing gaze: roll 2d6 if that number is higher than the opponents leadership Mephiston hits on a 2+ in close combat. with that opponent.

Corbule gives to all BA units at 6" +1WS & +1I. Not accumulative with an standard chalice bonus. 120 points, 3 wounds

Bike units can take grav guns. Bike command squads do not exist.

Sternguard and Vanguard as per codex SM but with FC

No special Terminator units

Thyco now does not ingore armour saves. His comb¡ weapon cannot use special ammo anymore.
1 Heavy Flamer for tactical squads, 2 for veterans and no Heavy Flamers in Devastators
Banner allows to reroll failed moral and pinning tests. 12" bubble
Honor Guard is gone from the codex.
sangujnary priests can buy a bike, but not a Terminator armour.

Gabriel is a LoW. Basically the same, but lost his special attack. Now he causes +1 hit, for any 6 to wound.

Furiosos: Same cost, but the claws now cost +10 points. Getting additional attacks rule is gone. Now claws are Sx2, Shred, AP2.

The +1 initiative works always on charge. The Detachment is very nice. As I said before, the I bonus is for the whole army and works every turn.

No FoC unlocking in the codex. Not even the command squad, which is Elite now.

Sanguinor has the cost of a Stormraven. Isn't IC.

The rules are basically the same, but he does not improve the stats of a character anymore. This rule is gone.

Sang guard - the max unit size is now 10. 33 points per model.

No Reclusiarchs

Priests only in hq now, so no lesser version in elites, Priests bolster only for his unit,

COrbulo is HQ, Lemartes is and IC that can only join DC units. Uses an Elite slot. But no use foc when is take for DC.

standard Predators can buy Fast vihicle special rule at 10 points.


Mephiston has changed a lot:

W3 I5 A4 2+sv
Warlord trait: Adamantium will
Lvl 3 Psyker
Special rules: FC, IC, Fleet, No Fear, Hypnotic Trance: Roll 2D6 if fighting in a challenge: If result is the L of the opponent or more, Mephiston hits on 2+. (Transfixing Gaze?)

Has one unique power: Blessing, he gets S10. He’s an HQ AND Independent Character!

His sword is AP3 he costs about the same as a Heldrake (reduction FTW?)
No Inv for Meph. S and T as a Centurion

Dante and Gabriel Seth are LoW.

Dantes Axe is +2F, AP2, mastercraft and NOT unwieldy.

BTW he id now eternal warrior

No, no jump units as troops

Tactical marines as usual + new options. They can get anti-air missiles BTW. And no more LR as dedicated transports for everybody, just for termies.

No squadrons for Dreads. "Standard" dreads are now Elite, Furiosos and DC dreads too. Librarian dreads are HQ.

o terminator armour for DC. But there are good news, Jump packs are now only +3 points. On the other hand their WS has been downgraded to 4.

No new units. No Centurions and no talons.

Only troop choices are Tactical squads and scouts.

Some changes are:

- Death Company is now elite as DC dreadnought

- Predator Baal is Heavy Support

- Librarian Dreadnought is HQ

- Mephiston is HQ and IC

Chalice gives +1WS

1. Vanguard Veterans cannot charge after DS
2. Only rule is combat squads
3. As I see in the pictures of the codex there is nothing coming after the termi Kit. Lib is separate.

Warlord traits are:

1. Warlod gets Rampage
2. Warlord gets +1 I
3. One warlord's weapong gets mastercrafted
4. Warlord gets Adamantium will
5. Warlord gest Descent of the Angles (Dante's trait)
6. 12" fearless bubble


- One jump pack that allows the bearer and his unit re-roll when DS and when other units Intercept -> Snapshots. (25)
- Gives Fear, and fear tests are done with -2 L (10)
- One item that gives an additional warlord trait strategic table. (15)
- One physic weapon +2S, AP4, bearar may re-roll 1 in the psychic phase. If rellod die is a 1, bearer takes one wound. No saves allowed. (10)
- One Master-crafted plasma pistol, that does not get hot. (25)
- One AP2 power sword. (25)

Physic powers are:

Primaris: Blessing. +D3 to A and I to psyker or target character at 12"
1. Malediction. Target unit at 12" takes a Moral test with -2
2. Blessing. Target unit at 18" gets Rage. If they had already that rule, they get +1A instead
3. Blessing. Psyker and his unit get 5++
4. Focussed witch fire. Target makes 2 T tests. Take one W for each failed test. If targed dies, place 5" blast with S4 and AP5.
5. Beam.12" S8, AP1 Lance
6"Blessing. Targe infantry unit, moves 12" in the psychic phase. No charging after this movement.

Fast vehicles are:
Rhinos, Razorbacks and Baal Predators

Special rules for DC: FC, Fearless, Relentless, FnP, Rage. They cannot reroll to wound if chaplain in the unit. Only Astorath gives them this ability.

Detachment is nice:
Mandatory 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 2 Troops
Optional: as usual, but 3 additioanl Elite (Total 4)
Special rule: +1I when charging, all the army, any turn.

New rules in the Codex:

Army Special Rules:
Furious Charge

FOC Changes:
HQ: Librarian Dreadnought
Troops: Tactical Squads, Scout Squads
Elites: Death Company, Dreadnoughts (Death Company and Furioso), Command Squad (Honour Guard are gone)
Heavy Support: Baal Predator

Baal Strike Force Detachment:
Mandatory 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 2 Troops
Optional: as usual, but 3 additional Elite slots (Total 4)
Special Rule: +1 Initiative when charging, all the army, any turn.

Warlord Traits: 
1. Red Rampage: Warlord gets Rampage.
2. Speed of the Primarch. Warlord gets +1 Initiative.
3. Artisan of War: One of the warlord's weapons is mastercrafted.
4. Soulwarden: Warlord gets Adamantium will.
5. Descent of Angels. (Dante's trait)
6. Heroic Bearing: Warlord has a 12" Fearless bubble.

Psychic Powers:
Primaris: Blessing. +D3 to Attacks and Initiative to Psyker or target character at 12”.
1. Malediction. Target unit at 12" takes a Moral test with -2 penalty.
2. Blessing. Target unit at 18" gets Rage. If they had already that rule, they get +1 Attack instead.
3. Blessing. Psyker and his unit get 5++.
4. Focussed witch fire. Target makes 2 Toughness tests. Take one Wound for each failed test. If target dies, place 5" blast with S4 and AP5.
5. Beam. 12" S8, AP1 Lance
6. Blessing. Target infantry unit, moves 12" in the psychic phase. No charging after this movement.

1. One jump pack that allows the bearer and his unit re-roll when Deepstriking and when other units Intercept must fire Snapshots. Cost: 25 points.
2. Gives Fear, and fear tests are done with -2 Leadership. Cost: 10 points.
3. One item that gives an additional warlord trait strategic table. Cost: 15 points.
4. One physic weapon +2S, AP4, bearer may re-roll 1s in the psychic phase. If rerolled die is a 1, bearer takes one wound. No saves allowed. Cost: 10 points.
5. One Master-crafted plasma pistol, that does not get hot. Cost: 25 points.
6. One AP2 power sword. Cost: 25 points.

• Dante: LoW. Eternal Warrior. Axe is +2S, AP2, Mastercraft, and strikes at Initiative. No longer unlocks Sanguinary Guard as Troops.
• Seth: LoW. Lost his special attack, but now does +1 hit for each 6 to wound.
• Mephiston: HQ. WS6 BS5 S5 T5 W3 I5 A4 L10 2+ Special Rules: Furious Charge, Independent Character, Fleet, And They Shall Know No Fear, Hypnotic Trance: Roll 2D6 in a challenge. If you roll equal to or above their Leadership Mephiston hits on a 2+. Warlord trait: Admantium Will. Level 3 Pskyer w/ unique blessing giving him S10. Sword is AP3. Points: 175
• The Sanguinor: Pretty much the same with a 4++. Rerolls to hit and to wound rolls in challenges. Not an Independent Character.
• Sanguinary Priest: HQ. Independent Character. The unit joined gains +1WS and Feel No Pain. Can buy a Bike, but no longer has access to Terminator Armour. Points: 60
• Corbulo: HQ. Grail gives all units within 6” +1 WS and +1 Initiative. Not cumulative with the standard chalice. 3 wounds. Cost: 120 points.
• Lemartes: Can only join Death Company and takes an Elite slot.
• Tycho: No longer ignores armour saves. Combi-melta can no longer use special ammo.

• No new units. Terminators and Librarian are separate kits.
• No access to Storm Talon or Centurions.
• Tactical Squad: Usual options from Codex: Space Marines plus new options. They do have access to Flakk missiles.
• Furioso. Same cost as before. Blood Talons are +10 points.
• Reclusiarchs and Honour Guard are gone. Honour Guard replaced by Command Squad.
• Vanguard Veterans cannot assault after Deep Strike.
• Death Company: Furious Charge, Fearless, Relentless, Feel No Pain, Rage. Cannot reroll to wound rolls if a Chaplain is in the unit (that is now Astaroth’s ability). No options for Terminator Armour. WS dropped to 4. Jump Packs are +3 points per model.
• Blood Chalice: +1 WS and Feel No Pain. No longer a bubble just affects the unit.
• Rhinos, Razorbacks, and Baal Predators are Fast.
• Predator Annihilator/Destructor can upgrade to Fast for +10 points.
• Land Raider: No longer a Dedicated Transport.
• Tactical/Sternguard Squad: Gain access to Heavy Flamer (max 2 per unit).
• Sanguinary Guard: 33 points per model. Glaive Encarmines are still mastercrafted. Max unit size is 10.
• Terminators: Access to a banner which allows reroll of failed morale and pinning tests within a 12” bubble.
• Bike squads have access to grav-guns.

Rumors on new rules in the Codex:

• Librarian is the same as Codex: Space Marines. Base 65 points with the following stats: WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 L10 S3+.
• Terminators are the same as Codex: Space Marines. Base 200 points with the following stats: WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A2 S2+.
• Captain is base 90 points just like Codex: Space Marines (I’m noticing a trend here).
• There is something weird going on with the Blood Angels FOC on the Games Workshop website. The new Sanguinary Priest is listed under HQ while Brother Corbulo remains under Elites. Death Company are now listed under Elites while Chaplain Lemartes is listed under Troops.
• Land Raiders are still Dedicated Transports (speculation based on the fluff text from page 9 of the PDF preview).
• Dante and Seth are the Blood Angels Lords of War (based on a picture of Force Requisition).
• Seth is 155 points (confirmed via a picture of Force Requisition).
• Librarian Dreadnought can be your Warlord (confirmed via Blood Angels Codex preview).
• Descent of Angels is now a Warlord Trait (confirmed via Blood Angels Codex preview).
• Sanguinary Guard: Have Fearless and Furious Charge. 165 points base. Can add up to 5 more marines for 35 points each. Equipped with Encarmine sword and can upgrade to Encarmine Axe for free. Can upgrade to Deathmasks for 1 point per model or take a Chapter Banner for 25 points. Can still take Power Fists, Plasma Pistols, and Inferno Pistols.
• Death Company: Drop to WS4. Retain all previous USRs. Upgrade to Jump Pack appears to be 5 points per model. Still listed in the Troops slot.
• Death Company Dreadnought: Drop to WS4. Loses Fleet. Still ignore Shaken and Stunned results. 6 attacks on the charge (3 base + 1 for dual close combat weapons, +2 for Rage). Point costs appear to be the same. Still listed in the Troops slot.
• Blood Talons: Strength x2, AP2, Melee, Shred, Specialist Weapon*
• Magna-grapple: Move Through Cover, Reroll failed Assaults vs. vehicles*
• Deathstorm Formation: Fearless to all models in the formation. If the model was already fearless, they gain counter-attack instead. Once per game, in the assault phase, Karlaen can call a "Bloody Toll" and all models in the formation reroll failed to wound rolls.*
• Captain Karlaen: WS6. 160 points. Terminator Armour with Iron Halo, Storm Bolter, and Hammer of Baal: Melee, Concussive, Master-crafted, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy. Warlord Trait: Strategic Genius: +1 Seize the Initiative, and can re-roll any reserve roll.
• Sanguinary Guard: 165 points. Max unit size is now 10.**
• Dreadnoughts: 100 points. Elite Slot.**
• Blood Angel Primaris Power: The Quickening. Blessing that effects either the Psyker or another character within 12". The target gains Fleet, D3 Initiative and Attacks. Roll once and apply both the result to both Initiative and Attacks. Warp Charge 1.

* - Confirmed via White Dwarf 44.
** - Probable. Images from White Dwarf 45 provide this info (see above), but the text is difficult to read.

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