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Claws of Russ

Claws of Russ

200pts + Models.

1+ Deathstorm Drop Pods with locator beacons
1 Wolf Lord
0-1 Wolf Guard Battle Leaders
1+ Wolf Priest
0-1 Rune Priest
0-3 Wolf Scouts Packs
1+ Wolf Gaurd Packs in Drop Pods.
6+ Grey Hunter Packs in Drop Pods
2+ Bloodclaw Packs in Drop Pods
2+ Long Fangs in Drop Pods
0-6 Dreadnaughts or Venerable Dreadnaughts in Drop Pods

Special Rules:

The Sky Warriors: When the strike force arrives, determine the Deep Strike arrival point of the Deathstorm Drop Pod with locator beacon. All Drop Pods in the strike force must arrive within 24" of the Deathstorm Drop Pod.

For the Wolftime: In addition to his normal strategic assets the player gains the following tree assets:

• Hold at All Cost 
• Careful Planning 
• Orbital Bombardment

These assets only apply to Space Wolf models.

Leader of the pack: All units in this formation count as stubborn. But if Wolf Lord was slain, all units gain Rage and Fearless special rule; leave the model of Lord in place, now it count as an additional objective.

"Beat your thoughts to the mould of your will." Russ

Company Relic: One Wolf Guard or Wolf Guard Battle Leaders may take Company banner, which grants +1 attack to all space wolves units within 12", per 50 points. 

Tides of Thunder. Space Wolf appocalypse formation 

Points: 150+Models

1 Wolf Lord on TWM
0-3 Iron Priest on TWM
2+ Thunderwolf Calvary 

Special Rules:
Strike Force: All models must be placed within 6" of another model in the formation and must start the game in reserves.
Blood and Thunder: Once the formation has entered the board start a tally of the formations wounds caused. Once the count reaches 30 wounds caused (destroyed vehicles count as 1) the brothers let fourth a howl that energizes them. All units in the formation gain +1 I and +1 A and the Fearless special rule for the rest of the game.

Strike from all Sides: The formation gains the Flank March Strategic Asset.