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Magnus the Red & Leman Russ

Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red

WS:7 BS:6 S:7 T:6 W:5 I:6 A:5 Ld:10 Sv:4+

Points: 500

Wargear: All-Seeing Eye, Staff of Knowledge, Book of Magnus, Iron Hide, Demonic Flight, Boon of Mutation, Daemonic Gaze, Bolt of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery.

Special Rules:


Being the Primarch of the Thousand Sons, he may replace Ahriman in any Apocalypse formation. If he replaces Ahriman, Ahriman may not be used in that formation. Instead, Magnus will confer all of the benefits that Ahriman would have conferred.

All-Seeing Eye: Magnus was gifted with foresight. Because of that, he may re-roll one failed invulnerable save.

Book of Magnus: Now that Magnus is the favored daemon prince of Tzeentch, Magnus has the following psychic powers: Doombolt, Warptime, Wind of Chaos, Gift of Chaos, Bolt of Change. Magnus may take up to 4 Psychic tests a turn. He may even use several shooting powers that count as firing a weapon in the same shooting phase (he must target the same unit with all of them).

Staff of Knowledge: Two-handed.  Even corrupted, Magnus' staff is a potent focus of psychic energy. The staff counts as an master crafted  force weapon.

Magnus the Red

WS:6 BS:6 S:5 T:6 W:5 I:7A:5 Ld:10 Sv:3+ (4+)
Points: 500

Special rules: Fearless, Independent Character, Eternal warrior, Fearless, Feel No Pain
Weapons: Staff of Knowledge, the Book of Magnus, Helm of Prospero, Master crafted bolt pistol.

Staff of Knowledge: Two-handed. The Staff of Knowledge is, apart from being the focus of Magnus' psychic powers, also a formidable weapon. It counts as a master crafted Force Weapon.

The Book of Magnus: Containing the most powerful of secrets uncovered by the Thousand Sons, the Book never leaves Magnus' side. Magnus knows all psychic abilities from the Space Marine, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey knughts, Witch Hunters, Chaos Space Marine Codices.

Helm of Prospero: The Helmet was forged with three Eye holes to represent the sacrifices made by Magnus for his legion, These are all used to enhance the primarchs self awareness due to warp bionic culmination technology and confers this huge self awareness to all his followers through their inbred psychic connection. As such all Thousand Sons units within 6” can reroll failed saves. Also any psyker in 12” can reroll psychic tests if you wish to.

Special Rules:

Master Psycher: Magnus is second only to the Emperor in psychic power, as such he may use up to four powers a turn, not counting his Force weapon. He may also reroll any failed psychic tests.
Monstrous Creature: Magnus was a giant even among the Primarchs, and as such counts as a Monstrous Creature.

Leman Russ
Ws 8 Bs 5 S 6 T 6 W 5 I 7 A 6 Ld 10 Sv 2+/4++
Freki & Greki: WS 5 BS 0 S 5 T 5 W 1 I 5 A 3 Ld 9 Sv 4+ 

Points: 500

Special rules: Acute Sense, Counterattack, Independent Character, Eternal warrior, Fearless, Feel No Pain

Wargear: Master crafted bolt pistol, Frostblade Mjalnar, Master Wolftail talisman, Belt of Russ, Freki & Greki, Runic armor, Wolf Helm Of Russ, Wolftooth necklace, Sagas of Majesty, Warrior Born, Best slayer, Wolfkin.
Frostblade Mjalnar: A Mastercrafted frost balde wich ads a +2 S bonus (not include) to Leman Russ, In addition it ignores invulnerable saves on a rol of 6+ to wound.

Master Wolftail talisman: Wards psychic powers of on a 3+ rather than a 5+

Living Legend: see Logan Grimnar entry in SW codex 5th ed, with the addition that its range is the whole table instead of 18".

The Wolf King: same as Logan Grimnar's "the High King".

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