пятница, 24 февраля 2012 г.

Слухи по хсм

Darnok recently brought some rumors to the table regarding Chaos, saying the codex is “done and almost at the printers” whatever that means.

He also spoke of a few miniatures we can expect to see, including an Iron Warriors character with servo harness, possible new Obliterators, and plastic Plaguebearers on round bases. What with 75hastings69's recent denial of Plaguebearers in the starter set, it is possible these are a full plastic kit.

Darnok also said that painted versions of all four Cult Terminators have been sighted, but said they could have been conversions. These could have been made with the sprues other rumours have mentioned.

theDarkGeneral told us new Chaos Bikes and the New Dread have been spotted by GW Memphis staff, who claim these plastic kits have lots of bits.

They also apparently have a pdf of some sort and say it "screams death and carnage"

The bikes were confirmed as being new, not recut, and the Dread was described as a "crazy spikey combat dread"

theDarkGeneral also implied that there may be an additional heavy weapon upgrade for Chaos units, but was supposedly told it's not a Plasma Cannon

ant1clock told us his local GW told his that the Thousand Sons kit is no longer available because they are moving to Finecast. It is unclear if this means a new, all Finecast kit, or if the metal components will move to FC.
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