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Space Wolves FLEET

The Space Wolves possess and maintain 15 starships in their Chapter fleet, one for each Great Company and 3 held in reserve. Each of the 15 vessels is unique unto itself, and the fleet includes many different classes and configurations of vessels.

Все известные имена кораблей космических волков.


Hrafnkel, flagship of Leman Russ
Wolf ‘s Spirit, 13th company Battlebarge  

Moon Hunter
Ragnarok 'Assault Barge
Pride of Fenris, Emperor Class Battleship  is Logan Grimnar's battleship.
Ironwolf, Vindictive Class Grand Cruiser (13th Company)
Fist of Russ, Mars Class Battle Cruiser
Canis Imperialis (destroyed in the Battle of the Fang)
Russvangum - A Battle Barge that served as the Chapter flagship during the 32nd Millennium, under the command of the Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm.

Strike Cruisers:

Asaheim’s Fury
Claws of Russ
Wolf’s Redoubt
Sword of Morkai, Assault Cruiser
The Stormwolf - Strike Cruiser in service to Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.
Grey Fang
Gotthammar - Strike Cruiser under the command of Wolf Lord Arvek Hren Kjarlskar, Jarl of the Fourth Great Company in 32nd Millennium. 
Skraemar - Strike Cruiser in service to the 12th Great Company in the 32nd Millennium. 
The Stormblade - Strike Cruiser in service to the 13th Company during the latter days of the Great Crusade. 

Fist of Russ  (Mars class battle cruiser ) is Berek Thunderfist's battlecruiser, the cleverly named Ironwolf is Egil Ironwolf's battleship and the Pride of Fenris
Battleship, Battlecruiser or Grand Cruiser. 
 Достуаные моеди для конверсии в крейсера космоволков: Emperor class Battleship,  Despoiler, Emperor, Styx, Mars, Oberon, Apocalypse, Retribution and Repulsive. 
Support ships

 Blood Eagle - Rapid strike Frigate of the Space Wolves that was responsible for inserting the Space Wolves' Scout Teams onto the Forge World of Cambion
Суда с неопознанным классом

Nauro - Scout ship of unknown class in service to the 12th Great Company in the 32nd Millennium, under the command of Wolf Scout Haakon Blackwing.
Nidhoggur - Warship of unknown class used by the 3rd Great Company during the Great Crusade.
Retribution - Unknown class of starship in the Space Wolves' Chapter fleet.
Vengeance - One of the Chapter's starships of an unknown class lost above the world of Jytor.