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 Еще немного НОВОСТЕЙ с АПОК40к
Mark Bedford:

- Currently working on command squad, (i seem to recall it will be mostly MkIV) with plumed helmets, cloaks, etc... Will include a captain, apthecary, champion, standard bearer as one would expect.
- Apothecarties designed to show the evolution of the apothecary specific kit.

Blake Spence:

- Working on more Zone Mortalis boards, diagonals and other more interesting specific boards. 
- 'dressing' kits being worked on; so that'd be like 'engine room' 'medical-bay' 'command and control' etc, etc..
- 3D boards being considered/wanted, logistics still uncerain though. i.e. multiple levels.
- City Fight realm or battle boards being worked on, very nice progress. Will accommodate the GW 40k buildings.

Alan Bligh:

- Imperial Armour 12 to be a 'snap shot' of a day in the Imperium, based around a predefined piece of space, sub-sector/system. It aims to show that the Imperium is torn apart by War, with multiple threats and conflicts in short periods of time. It endeavours to give a feel for how chaotic the universe really is.
- Necrons main protagonist.
- Minatours & Guard main Imperial assets, Minatours logical as fleet based and models/upgrade kits on the horizon.
- Orks likely involved.
- Consideration to other races such as Eldar/Dark Eldar and minor Chaos elements still in progres.
- Alan alson confirmed that the prison planet idea is not lost, and will feature in a future book with a Tzeentch cult (involving multiple warbands). 

Simon Egan:

- Literally just finished the Minotaurs characters.
- Wants to do Torso's (terminator), storms shields (round and oval), thunder hammers.
- Wouldn't elaborate on current/next project.

Will Hayes:

- Had a fantastic discussion regard Power Armour; in that a Mark is defined by the chasis and systems, which is then clad in armour plate, so any mark could in theory have different aesthetics of armour plate over the defining systems and chasis. So mark doesn't neccessarily refer to aesthetic, but are characterized by it.
- Mk IV is the ultimate power armour, most advanced systems, etc.. So will be given a full suite of items; most of which we've seen. Infanty, Jump Infantry, Terminators, etc...
- New Boltgun, Bolt Pistol and Storm bolters coming out in the same style as the new termiantor storm bolters. however only the Boltguns will be an individual kit.
- Terminator Character Upgrade kit will feature all items shown, but not the terminators themselves.
- Intends to have a Terminator Assault Kit, which will likely be the Terminators + Lightning Claws + Thunder Hammer & Storm Shields.
- Chapter specific Contemptors on the cards at the moment.

Phil Stutcinskas:

- Land Raider Spartan likely to be capacity 20, Rapier Laser Destroyer Sponsons, assault vehicle, etc...
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