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Dark Elves second weave leaked

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New character, Black Arc Fleetmaster

Kouran has stats of 596432739 and if he joins a unit of Black Guard they become unbreakable. He has a magic weapon called Crimson Death which grants +2 strength, and has a 5+ armour save from the Armour of Grief, which also creates a strength 5 hit against his attacker if he is hit.

Tullaris has stats of 566432739 and when he joins a unit of Executioners, they become frenzied. He has a magic great weapon which is called the First Draich. It gives him Heroic Killing Blow special rule.Hydra regeneration is as follows. If a Hydra is still alive at the end of your phase, roll a number of dice equal to the wounds lost. The Hydra regains a wound on each roll of a 4+.

The new Sisters of Slaughter are not brides of Khaine. They are arena fighters.

Cauldron of Blood gives a 6+ ward save to a unit it joins (5+ if Khainite). In addition, if a unit is within 6'' of the Cauldron of Blood, they can reroll all the failed rolls to wound.Cauldron of Blood also has a bound spell which can make them frenzy (if they are already frenzied, the get +2 attacks instead of +1).

No new special characters.

Malekith is 510 points on foot. Stays much of his rules, but now the circlet grants him a bonus dice if he failed his casting/dispelling attempts once per magic phase.

Black Guard are 15 points each.

Executioners are 12 points each and have killing blow

Cold One Knights are 30 points each

Bloodwrack Shrine has a special rule called called aura of agony that makes units from the Dark Elf book within 6'' +1LD, and all others -1LD, .

Witch Elves keep poison

Power of darkness is one of the two signature spells, and is cast on an 8+. Targets the caster's unit. All models in unit get +1S until the caster's next magic phase, and you recover D3 casting dice. If you rolled 3 dice, the caster suffers a wound that cannot be saved by armour.

Dark Elf have access to all eight lores now!!!!!!!!!!!

Repeater Bolt Thrower is now a special and costs 70 points. You may take up to four in a standard army.

Repeater handbows are now range 12''

Normal Repeater Crossbows remain the same.

Bleakswords are just Dark Elf swordsmen at 9 points each

Dreadspears are also 9 points each

Repeater Crossbowmen (Elves) are 12 points each and may take shields for an additional 1 point per model.

Dark riders are 16 points each and may upgrade to shields for 1 point per model. They can have both light armour and shield without losing fast cavalry (they come with light armour). Repeater Crossbows are 3 points per model

The new chariot with harpoon launcher costs 150 points. It has a profile of S4 T4 W4 with a 5+AS, M9, and two crew with spear and repeater crossbow. It has a harpoon launcher, which is like a bolt thrower but more powerful. It has S7, 24'' range, and cause D3 wounds, however if a monster suffers any wounds from it, the monster will be dragged D6'' directly towards the chariot. If the D6 roll is greater than 3, the monster will suffer an additional wound with no armour save allowed.

Warlocks are fast cavalry in the rare slot with stats of 544431528. They are 25 points each and ride Dark Steeds. They are only equipped with hand weapons, but have a 4+ ward save except for wounds caused by models with the mark of Slaanesh or are daemons of Slaanesh. They are considered to be a level 2 wizard which is used like Pink Horrors. They get +1 to cast for each extra rank except for the first, to a maximum of +3. They know two spells. One is doombolt from the Dark Elves deck, and the other is Soulblight from the lore of Death!

Shades are 16 points each with hand weapon and repeater crossbow. No armour but you can take great weapons or two hand weapons for 2 points per model.

Assassins are 90 points with poisoned attacks. They can get an additional hand weapon or a handbow. They have access to up to 50 points of magic items and also have the option to upgrade to one of three special poisons. One gives +1 to wound, one gives killing blow, and the other causes LD-1 for the rest of the game on a successful to wound roll.

No more pendent.

Sacrificial Dagger is still in for 25 points. After you cast a spell, but before a dispelling attempt is made, you can use the dagger. Remove a man from the unit, and roll a D6. On a 4+ you get an extra dice which must be rolled and added to the casting result before your opponent tries to dispel. If u roll 1-3 then you may try the dagger again and again until you get a dice.

Witchelves are initiative 6

Dark Elf sorcerer's casting dark magic gain a +1 bonus to cast. It is called HEKARTIS BLESSINGThe Sisters of Slaughter are rare options with a stat line of 564331629. They are 15 points each with shield and hand weapons. They can have a magic banner worth up to 50 points. They get a 4+ward save in close combat, and every close combat phase they can choose an enemy unit in base contact. That unit loses parry and and their rank bonus in the following combat result (but they can still be steadfast). If any enemy model in base contact with them have a higher weapon skill or strength value (before weapon bonuses), they get an additional +1 to hit and +1 to wound.

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