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Games Day UK 2013 Pics!



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Imperial Fists Codex Supplement - date release october 

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Book 3: expected around easter of next year confirmed with raven guard, imperial fists, alpha legion, and iron warriors should have rules for the fire raptor and sicaran venator among other thingsimperial fists will get their full list including dorn and sigismund covers: the second half of Istvaan 5, Phall, and the first battle of Paramar Over the Horizon: next trilogy is confirmed as: prosper, signus, and calth late 2014 is a loose date for the prospero book provisionally named "inferno"dark angels will appear in the signus bookcustodes and sisters of silence in "inferno"imperial army in the calth book along with ultras and more word bearersBook 2:lorgar is next up and is slated for a december/ january releaseHorus is after lorgar mortarion is either six or seven much larger mechanicum list new characters, units, and rites of war for all the betrayal legions From the seminar they are looking at releasing stuff that is not yet sculpted in 3-5 months135 points will net you a Sicaran, it's accelerator cannon is s7 AP4 heavy 6 rending! And denies jink saveswhirlwind scorpius is in as is the new landspeeder variant
 Night Lords:Terror Squad
Cause Fear
Preferred Enemy (Infantry)
5 man squad, can be upgraded to 10 man
BP and CCW
All can take Bolters, Heavy Chainblade, Volkite Charger
Can take 1 Rotor Cannon or Flamer
Headsman (sarge) can take a power weapon, nostraman chainglaive, power fist or lightning clawNight Raptors
Upto 15 men
Can all take the Nostraman Chainglaives(!)
Onslaught: +D3 attacks when they charge instead of +1Kurze: Night Vision, Acute Senses
Can elect to have Night Fighting
Grants Fear to all units (-1 LD penalty if they already cause fear)
He causes fear at -3 to LD
Causes fear to enemy units within 12" and forces a morale check when a he destroys a unit in CC
AP2 Shred weapons with murderous strike
Assault3 weapon S4 AP5 that cause precision strikes on a to hit rill of 4+ wound rolls of 6 ignore armour and invuns!Iron Hands: Ferrus: T7
Shooting attacks against him suffer -1 to their S
Grants FNP 6+ to all Iron Hands
Is a Battlesmith and repairs things on a 3+
All vehicles with at least one AV13 gets It Will Not Die
2+ 3++, Nuncio-Vox
His Servo harness let's him shoot 2 weapons a turn: plasma blaster, graviton gun, grenade harness, heavy Flamer
Forge breaker x2S AP1 Concussive, StrikedownImmortals:
Upto 20 guys
Special weapon per 5 guys
FNP 6+
Instead of carrying out a Sweeping Advance can pass a LD test to gun down the fleeing unit
Upto 10 men
Sergeant has a thunder hammer as standard
Everyone else gets power axes
Sergeant can take a Cyber Familiar
Gorgon Pattern Armour:
On a D6 roll of 4+ causes blind after a successful armour/invun save

Word Bearers: Legiones Astartes (Word Bearers)
True Believers: Roll 3d6 for all morale checks an must pick the lowest two dice
Cut Them Down: Must always make sweeping advances as must re-roll sweeping advance rolls of 1
Charismatic Leadership: WB Primary Detatchments must take a 2nd Compulsory HQ choice this must always be a Centurion or a Chaplain ConsulErebus
Has the Intimidating Presence Warlord Trait
Unlocks Chaos Daemons as allies
Iron Halo, Master Crafted Power Maul
He is also a Level 1 Psyker with access to Biomancy or TelepathyKor Phaeron
Gives all WBs +1 leadership as long as he is the warlord
Must be the warlord unless Lorgar is around
Feel No Pain 6+
1 use flamer
Unlocks Daemon alliesLorgar: I am just reading his rules now, pretty much sixes across the board
While he is in the table all WBs may use his leadership
Units that can draw line of sight to him get +1 charge distance, immunity to fear and +1 to their combat resolution
Once per game you can force a single enemy model to reroll 5s and 6s to hit and to wound Lorgar
Lvl 2 Psyker may roll on Telepathy or Telekinesis but takes psychic tests on 3d6 picking the highest two
2+ 4++ (3++ against psychic attacks)
+2 Str AP2 MC concussive mace (can Smash)
Can upgrade to a lvl 3 Psyker as pick powers from telepathy and telekinesis, still rolls 3d6 but picks the lowest this time Gal Vorbak: Up to 10 man squad.They have the Daemon special rule, Stubborn, Bulky, Rage, Rending (CC only), Deep Strike, Cannot be a scoring unit, Special Weapons per 5 guysAshen Circle: Up to 10 man squad
Axe-Rake special (melee) +1S AP6 -1 to enemy's fall back distance
Cannot be joined by friendly ICs
May always use Hammer of Wrath at S5 classed as Flamer type attacks
If Deep Striking all models within D6" take a S3 AP5 hit​
Salamanders: Vulkan: T7
Gives all Salamanders +1 to LD and Adamantium Will
Re-roll failed It Will Nit Die and Deny the Witch rolls
2+ 3++
Flamers, Fusion, Volkite, Melta and Plasma weapons half their Str(!!) against him
S10 AP1 Warhammer, Concussive, Armourbane, instant Death
Can place a small blast anywhere in base to base causing S8 AP3 hit instead of normal attacks
S6 AP2 rending 18" line of effect gunFiredrakes:
2 wounds
Not particularly shooty, they all get power weapons
Sergeant gets a master crafted one
They can take proto storm shields that grant +1 to invun saves
Can form a bodyguard for a termie praetor or Vulkan himselfPyroclasts:
These guys sound awesome
Two mode Flamer:
Template S5 AP5 or Assault 1 Melta 6" range S6 AP1
5++ against Flamer, plasma Melta and Volkite weapons Legiones Astartes (Salamanders): Strength of Will: Auto pass fear tests, must reroll 1d6 on failed morale and pinning checks, Promethean Gift: All Flamers get +1S all enemy Flamers count as -1S when used against Salamanders, Nocturne Born: Do not add their Initiative to sweeping advance score reduce Run and Charge distances by -1" to a minimum of 1"​the salamanders have a newly created high chaplain character who is quite good. their second character is the heresy era inhabitant of bray'arth ashmantles dreadnought body. and i can describe him in a single word 'invincible' Death Guard:Rite of War: you can take veteran tactical squads and heavy support squads as non-compulsory troop choices
they all gain 'move through cover' and any character (independent or otherwise) may take rad-grenades for 10pts
the 'limitations' is that no model may run or move flat out, no deep striking and only a single fast attack slot. Grave Wardens: their grenade launcher comes with krak and 'toxin' grenades.

the toxin grendes are assault2, blast and you take strength tests instead of rolling to wound.

they also have the 'death cloud' which means that any unit with a toughness value that charge them can only make a disordered charge, and the death cloud can be used by all models as a template weapon with toxin (overwatch!!!!!) they all come with power fists and any of those can be upgraded into chainfists. one in five wardens and upgrade their grenade launcher to a heavy flamer with chem-muntions.
 Emperor's Children:Phoenix Guard: Base 5 man squad, can be upgraded to 10 man
WS4, Champion is WS5. They get +1 initiative if they charge, they can also take Sonic Shriekers so when they charge they'll be I6! Drawn Combats within 6" (including the one the Phoenix guard are in) are resolved as wins for the Emperor's Children
Their Spears are +1S and AP on the charge S as user and AP3 if not charging. Sons of Horus:Catulan Reavers: They are standard marines (starline wise) with 2 attacks (3 for the chief) they come as 5 man units and can buy an additional 10, they have outflank and have a special rule called Assassin's eye which gives them precision shots/strikes. They come with BP an CCW one in every five can have a special weapon, the whole squad can get jump packs for 50 points. Close combat weapons can be upgraded by anyone in the unitMaloghurst: new character, not a great fighter (only 2 attacks) but is more of a booster, as he carries a legion standard and makes reaver and veteran tactical squads troops.Rite of War: reavers as troops, any non-vehicle unit that enters from a board edge gains fleet for that turn. in addition any SoH unit that charges into an existing combat gains rage.
justaerin termies can deep strike.
now the bad bits, you must take a master of signals as your second HQ (praetor to unlock the rite being your first), you have 3 complusary troop choices to be filled, must have more fast attack choices than heavy support and no fortications World Eaters:Kharn: 7,5,4,4,3,5,4,9,2+ is the stats. If you dont have Angron in the same list Kharn may change "the Cutter" STR User AP3, rending for "Gore Child" STR +1 AP2 Amrourbane, Murderous Strike. Kharn's warlord trait, grants him +1 to random roles And Seize the Initiative.Red Butchers: 5 man can be 10 man
Cataphractii Armour
Power Axes and Combi-Bolter
They can swap their Combi-Bolter for a 2nd Power Axe
One guy can take a pair of lightning claws
Can take power fist, chainfist or thunder hammers
Can take Combi-Bolters
Ravening Madmen: They don't care about defending themselves so opponents always hit them on 3s in CC
They can never be a scoring unit
Can Reroll their charge distanceMechanicum:Castellax Robots
Atomantic Shielding
Cybernetica Cortex
Reactor Blast
Mauler Pattern Bolter Cannon (you'll like this)
S6 AP3 Heavy3, Pinning

The whole Mechanicum section has a lot of special rules and wargear options it looks a hell of a lot more expanded than the one in Betrayal.

The Magos Dominus has some funky special rules to do with taking a leadership test in the shooting phase and applying modifiers depending what "power" you want to use, it even has a little "perils" tableWarlord Traits:
1. Master of Mechanisms
Select 1 MC, Vehicle Squadron with at least AV12+
They get It Will Not Die

2. Perfected Targetting
Pick any one heavy weapon in 6" (including in the warlord) it gets to be twin-linked this turn

3. Predictive Augury
Warlord and his unit hit on 5+ for overwatch

4. The Death of Flesh
Preferred Enemy (Infantry - All Types) within 3" of an objective for all units I the detatchment

5. Dread Rites
Causes Fear, immune to fear and Adamantium Will

6. Battlefield Analysis
-1 to a piece of terrain's cover save in the enemy employment zone

News Compilation:

HH Book III ‘Extermination’ will be out around Easter next year. At the moment it is 2/3 finished.

Last part of first trilogy: Part II of Isstvan V The Battle of Phall wit the Fists and Iron Warriors. Plus an all new battle, Paramar – Raven Guard, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion.

There will be two Titan legions in book 3 - War Griffins and the Tiger Eyes.

The static pose we saw for Fulgrim with the better face is sadly not for release, it was a WIP option.

The Fists will get Dorn and Sigismund.

New Models upcoming: Sicaran Venator out next month.

AdMech Thralls possibly out in November, possible compatibility with IG plastics

AdMech Myrmidons - still WIP (with weapon options)

Legion Basilisk is a WIP

Land Raider MkIIB Achilles almost complete.

Myrmidons still WIP, out 'soon'

Grave Wardens Terminators are still a WIP

Night Raptors come out out xmas/jan

Lorgar will be released Dec/Jan

from here

1, The Khan will be fighting another Primarch in Scars

2, Lorgar is the next Primarch up and he's completed, the Primarch after him is HORUS, he's been teased.

3, White Scars will be the last legion done for FW.

4, New Jetbikes will come around eventually but are not on the schedule yet.

5, Corax will most likely have a jet pack on his model.

6, Alpharius and Omegon may have multiple appearances in their models (I didn't quite understand this, although I think he was implying the two guys had the ability to alter their physique.

7. Tiger eyes and Griffon legions are scheduled for books soon they will be part of a book that includes the Battle of Paramar.

8, the TS vs SW book will be called Inferno

Book 4 is called Inferno and will include:
Space Wolves
Thousand Sons
Sisters of Silence!

Book 5 is around Signus and will include:
Blood Angels
Dark Angels - cant remember name of campaign...

Calth, Book 6 will be:
Imperial Army

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