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С Новым Годом!

Всех с наступающим Новым Годом и прошедшим Рождеством!

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Part One: THE FLUFF spoiler free (mostly) 
DoM is a story of a massive craftworld and corair invasion on the desolate ice world of Betalis III, seemingly for no reason. The Eldar launch a huge assault on the planet, with no seeming objective as far as the Imperium can tell.The Imperium recall huge armoured squadrons and a titan battalion, and eventually Bran Redmaws Great Company of Space Wolves

The story is incredibly well told, and the artwork that goes with it is stunning. Its taken me about 2 hours to read through just the fluff, and am now idling through the rules sections.

Eldar fans will not be disappointed of the fluff, it depicts them mostly in a stunning way, illustrating a key understanding of the Eldar way of War.

Where it falls down, as ever is the insistence "that mahreens are teh best!", in the way that the story sees Space Marines (and guard) doing impossible things that are never supported by the game. Examples include a Rune Priest killing a Wraithseer in less than a few seconds with his shooty ice power. A Marine being hit by a Wraithguard D cannon, being sucked into the warp and coming back right as rain 2 seconds later. A damaged Warhound titan keeps up with a undamaged Phantom titan it's chasing.

The other thing is touched on there...the Phantom. Unmistakeably the poster boy of the book (there's two of them on the front cover) it's sections are less than a page in total, and the sections of the background story seem to suggest that a Warhound titan is a daunting task for one (something laughable to old Epic players). 


I experienced a wonderful moment a few minutes ago. I opened the rules section and read some bits. The I read the Eldar Corsair army list. I grinned, and then threw my head back an cackled in a evil maniacal laugh

Yeah. They're that good

Interesting points to note - The named Farseer (who is a dude, sorry people looking for equal opportunities) plays with the FoC in a whole new way. If you take him....you're limited to 4 troops choices and 2 elites. But you do get 4 Heavy Support Choices. Which I think is a fair trade....and you get a one use AP2 heavy flamer with him.

The new Shadow Spectres Aspect Warriors seem good; I cant tell how different they are from the old versions we've seen before. BUT they are Fast Attack....making them a little more usable. The Cynosure power (rerolling fail to hits with the Ghostlight) seems a necessary power. But it not being AP1 limits it a bit.

The Phoenix lord gives us that Invulnerable save on a Lord we've all been calling out for, but as with the others is very expensive and needs to be taken with the squad to be useful

Anyway...the big thing is Corsairs. 

This is a very powerful list - and one that fits the Eldar style of war.  It has a very fluid style on the tabletop with a lot of jet-pack units included. I'm immediately drawn to the Void Dreamer HQ choice...they have a physic power which does D6 hits with a strength of (10 minus the unit's toughness) - so against Marines its S6, Guard S7...Wraithlords S2. Its also AP2...ouch. He also has a S8 AP1 flamer....that rolls against Ld not Toughness and inflicts an automatic penetrating hit against vehicles, but only rolls D3 on the damage table (plus 1 for AP1)

Harlequins are elites, and get to take Corsair Venoms (which differ from the DE ones....no poison, just shuriken cannon and catapults, and can swap the cannon out for some heavy weapons - no Flickerfields, but can take all Eldar vehicle upgrades....and start off at 45pts each)

In a big surprise Falcons appear as Dedicated Transports...and can carry 10, not just 6

Corsairs can take Kabalite Warriors w/ transport and/or a single elite/fast choice from the Eldar codex as an elite choice.

Fast Attack now includes Night Spinners (frees up those heavy slots!) and Nightwings fighters...Nightwings now cost only 145points!

Heavy Support consists of Warp Hunters (which are very very good), Phoenix Bombers (now only 225pts....so not as oppressively expensive). Phoenix bombers can now upgrade their missiles. So instead of 3 shots at AP3...you get 3 blasts at AP5, pinning, no cover saves! The final Heavy is the Firestorm AA tank, which with the exception of being BS4 now not 3 is unchanged from its old version (AKA not very effective and WAY too expensive).

All other Eldar FW kits (Vampires, Super Heavies etc are unchanged)

Carrying on the new FW tradition, models for regular 40K are stamped "approved" and the rest stamped "apoc"

The troops choices are interesting. Corsairs are effectivly Black Guardians but are armed with the Swooping Hawk's lasblasters, Wasp warwalkers still mount dual heavy weapons, but are deepstriking jet-pack units who can do all the Tau move-shoot-move tricks (but can't hold objectives and need more corsair squads than wasps).  Finally there are jetbikes.

And just a side note...sorry guard and Wolves players....all you get is a new Imp Guard commander (who does let you re-roll initiative seizing and comes with 4 free Veterans), the Praeor, Crassus and Infernus. Wolves get even less, with just Bran Redmaw (human and Wulfen)

Part Three: Campaign Missions & Apoc Data Sheets

Campaign missions are standard fare. Skirmish, bigger mission, armour only mission...usual stuff from FW.

The Apoc data sheets are nice. One Eldar one needs a lot of Wraith units, but gives them Flank March and everything within 12" fearless.

Another is 3-9 hornets....but allows you to deepstrike a webway portal onto the board
The final one is for Space Wolves and requires lot of Land Raiders, but gives Grey Hunters furious charge, and rage if 12" from an enemy

From Bols

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Может кому-то не хватает ласки?)))

Новая порция слухов по кодексу ренегатов

via theDarkGeneral 
Just one more thing i've heard...

*Chosen Chaos Marines: Definitely getting a lot more upgrade options! They'll get costly quickly depending upon your Legion, and what kind of wargear and armor they take. Jump packs, Terminator Armor, all combis, dual lightning claws, etc. Lots of options, but again, you'll be paying the points for them. AND, not sure on this part, but it was mentioned that specific HQ choices can take a Chosen squad as a retinue/bodyguard to free up their normal Force Org Chart slot selection. That'd be nice!

Just a reminder, there are Word Bearers that indeed do follow a mono-god theme, and oddly enough (not really) it tends to be Khorne. The Sanctified are a great documentation of this, so I could see some (not all) of the Legions gaining a free unit champ for Chosen Numbered units, but the equipment of course would have to be paid for! 

If, as I here, in the new 6th Edition rules you'll be able to direct some attacks, or excess wounds to specific models, it might not mean much anyways...

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Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw's Company [2000]

2000 Pts  -   Space Wolves Army

1 Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw (Other) @ 210 Pts

Stats & Rules

1 Rune Priest (HQ) @ 110 Pts
     Bolt Pistol; Chooser of the Slain

1 Wolf Priest (HQ) @ 125 Pts
     Bolt Pistol; Melta Bombs; Wolftooth Necklace; Saga of the Hunter

6 Wolf Scouts Pack (Elites) @ 100 Pts
     Bolt Pistols; CC Weapons; Meltagun

6 Wolf Scouts Pack (Elites) @ 100 Pts
     Bolt Pistols; CC Weapons; Meltagun

8 Wolf Guard Pack (Elites) @ 445 Pts
     CC Weapons; Power Fist (x5); Combi-melta (x7); Combi-plasma (x1)

     2 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour @ [126] Pts
          Storm Bolters; Power Weapons; Cyclone missile launcher (x2)

     1 Drop Pod @ [35] Pts
          Storm Bolter

8 Grey Hunters Pack (Troops) @ 170 Pts
     Meltagun; Wolf Standard

     1 Rhino @ [35] Pts

8 Grey Hunters Pack (Troops) @ 170 Pts
     Meltagun; Wolf Standard

     1 Rhino @ [35] Pts

5 Grey Hunters Pack (Troops) @ 160 Pts
     Plasma Gun

     1 Razorback @ [75] Pts
          Lascannon; Twin Plasmagun

14 Fenrissian Wolf Pack (Fast Attack) @ 128 Pts

     1 Cyberwolf @ [16] Pts

5 Long Fangs (Heavy Support) @ 140 Pts
     Missile Launcher (x5)

     1 Squad Leader @ [15] Pts
          Bolt Pistol; CC Weapon

5 Long Fangs (Heavy Support) @ 140 Pts
     Missile Launcher (x5)

     1 Squad Leader @ [15] Pts
          Bolt Pistol; CC Weapon

Models in Army: 77

Minimum Killpoints: 14

Total Army Cost: 1998


Unnamed2000 Pts  -   Space Wolves Army

1 Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw (Other) @ 210 Pts

1 Rune Priest (HQ) @ 110 Pts
     Bolt Pistol; Chooser of the Slain

1 Wolf Priest (HQ) @ 125 Pts
     Bolt Pistol; Melta Bombs; Wolftooth Necklace; Saga of the Hunter

5 Wolf Scouts Pack (Elites) @ 85 Pts
     Bolt Pistols; CC Weapons; Meltagun

5 Wolf Scouts Pack (Elites) @ 85 Pts
     Bolt Pistols; CC Weapons; Meltagun

7 Wolf Guard Pack (Elites) @ 445 Pts
     CC Weapons; Power Fist (x3); Combi-melta (x7)

     3 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour @ [189] Pts
          Storm Bolters; Power Weapon; Chainfist (x1); Power Fist (x1);
          Combi-melta (x1); Cyclone missile launcher (x2)

     1 Drop Pod @ [35] Pts
          Storm Bolter

8 Grey Hunters Pack (Troops) @ 170 Pts
     Meltagun; Wolf Standard

     1 Rhino @ [35] Pts

6 Grey Hunters Pack (Troops) @ 105 Pts
     Meltagun; Wolf Standard

14 Fenrissian Wolf Pack (Fast Attack) @ 128 Pts

     1 Cyberwolf @ [16] Pts

5 Long Fangs (Heavy Support) @ 140 Pts
     Missile Launcher (x5)

     1 Squad Leader @ [15] Pts
          Bolt Pistol; CC Weapon

5 Long Fangs (Heavy Support) @ 140 Pts
     Missile Launcher (x5)

     1 Squad Leader @ [15] Pts
          Bolt Pistol; CC Weapon

0 Land Raider Proteus (Other) @ 255 Pts

Models in Army: 66

Minimum Killpoints: 11

Total Army Cost: 1998

Morkai pattern Contemptor Dreadnought

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Новая техника для кодекса СМ в 2012 году

Apparently this is the big "new kit" to accompany the updated Codex:Space Marines.

-The term "Space Marine Gunship" has been mentioned.
-It's NOT the Stormraven
-It's NOT the Caestus Assault Ram
-Its NOT an "assault themed" vehicle 
-There are whispers of that ancient bit of fluff regarding the "missing link transport" Astartes vehicle.

Think about the existing Space Marine vehicle range to see where the obvious holes are if you were in charge of designing a range of fighting vehicles for the Astartes.

Also note that for the first time ever for an Edition changeover, the Space Marine range may be kind of challenging to expand upon in a big way due to its existing size and almost 100% plastic status. 

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Новые союзники тау - новый юнит веспидов

There are a few misc thing floating around about a new allied race for the Tau. The rumors state that these units will not be available right away, which means we will see some converting going on upon release if the rumor holds true. The second little snippet is a rumor with some concept pics displaying a Vespid Heavy (or something close to).

These are rumors, so please take with a grain of salt.

We have another snippet from Ghost about the other new alien race who don't look like they'll be appearing at release; Not Zoats (despite them coming back to WFB in Storm of Magic) but they may be 6-limbed.

via Ghost21
one of those is close to the vespid heavy 

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Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara

Logan Grimnar. The Old Wolf ~ with Jeremiahdrigg

Легиона Засоса и ренегаты

via StraightSilver
I don't have a huge amount to offer, as I say I tend not to disclose anything these days but I do recall something that Jervis Johnson said a while ago.

Apparently when Gav Thorpe wrote the last CSM Dex he was given very strict instructions on what he could and couldn't do. He was pretty much forced to streamline the Codex as the dev team thought the previous one was too complicated.

Gav really didn't have much say in the Dex, and wasn't happy with just how stripped down it was, but those were the wishes of the design department.

However Jervis said that as soon as the Dex was released they realised they had made a mistake, and started planning the new Dex almost immediately.

Suffice it to say this new Dex has been in planning for quite some time, and the idea was to reintegrate some of the elements from the Codex before last.

Jervis also said that the plan was to release the Legions book, but keep the current CSM Codex as a Renegades Codex.

This may be where the confusion of 2 books arises from, as far as I know the new Legions Dex will be in addition to the CSM one, not a replacement.

However that info is well over a year old now so once again, don't shoot the messenger.

I believe Jervis touched upon the point in one of his Standard Bearer articles, I will see if I can dig out which one, but it was ages ago. He then expanded on the article to somebody that I know, but as I say this was over a year ago now if memory serves.

In terms of the differences, the new Chaos Legions Codex is supposed to represent the Traitor Marines who fled to the Eye of Terror after the Heresy.

They are therfore Chaos Legionnaires rather than Chaos Marines, and are therefore different to the Marines who have since turned their backs on the Emperor and have gone renegade.

They are much older, and closer to their original Legions (World Eaters, Thousand Sons etc) and will have distinct rules to represent this.

In terms of Traitor Guard apparently the idea for a full Traitor Guard Codex was put forward but was rejected.

Rumours say that Traitor Guard will be available as a unit choice in the new Legions Codex (by taking Alpha Legion) but won't be available as a full army.

AFAIK the only current plans are for the Legions Codex, nothing else. The current CSM Codex will remain to represent Traitor Marines rather than Legionnaires.

CSM Codex stays viable for Renegade Marines.

Legions Codex will come to cover the older Legions like Death Guard and Thousand Sons INA DDITION to the old CSM Codex.

Traitor Guard idea considered but abandonned, now only a unit for Alpha Guard in Legions Codex.

via theDarkGeneral
Either way, time will tell which of us were correct, but most really has to do with SilverStraight posted, which is "things change" within the process of GW books/codices. Nice to see he also confirmed one of my earlier rumors, with his own "rumor" that it's already been mentioned that the current Chaos Codex will be referred to as "Chaos Renegades" with a White Dwarf update. As for the NEW Chaos Codex, a simple "Chaos: Legions" name should suffice.

Some of my previous info may actually be Apocalypse Formations stuff, that will be released around the same time as the new Codex. Maybe the Brazen Knights/Brass Knights/Blood Knights?

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Сожержание IA11

 Что нового:

1. новый именной герой для Кадии
2. новый юнит для элизии. Предположительно ветераны с ДП
3. 2 формации эльдар
4. лист корсаров
5. герой Волков. Бран.
6. Формация волков
7.  2  новых героя эльдар
8. бек и кампейн

Все остальное уже есть в ИАА секонд эдишен

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Новые формации в WD

This months White Dwarf (December 2011, #383) is out with 6 new Apocalypse datasheets. Here's a general guide as to what they do (pick up the magazine for the specifics):

Grey Knights:

Crusade of Fire - Crowe and 3-10 Purifier squads (but no transports or Combat Squad splits allowed). Hellstorm Template special shooting attack, the more squads you have the stronger it is, up to STR 10 AP1.

Extermination Strike Force - 1 Dreadnight and 3 Stormraven Gunships. Dreadnight gets special shooting attack which marks the unit hit. Once target is marked, it is automatically hit by the Stormraven Gunships for the rest of the game (templates do not deviate).

Sisters of Battle:

Repentant Host - 1 Canoness, 3+ Sisters Repentia squads, 3+ Penitent Engines. +1 bonus to Feel No Pain and Shield of Faith rolls. Units in formation no longer have Rage. If Canoness suceeds in using The Passion, all other units in formation get it also (for free).

Purge Squadron - 3 to 5 Immolators plus Retributor squads with 4 Heavy Weapons in each squad. Can do special attack along a 18" line within gun range. All units under the line are hit. If at least one squad is sucessful at Divine Guidance, all attacks from all squads get Rending. Specific model gun requirements for both the Immolators and squads - see magazine.

Dark Eldar:

Dark Olympiad - Succubus, Hekatrix Bloodbrides, Wyches, Hellions, Reavers, and Beastmasters. Duke Slicus optional. When a unit in the formation gains a pain token, another unit within 24" also gains a pain token. Extra dice for Drug Rolls (double drugs). Several beasts that normally don't have Drugs available now get them.

Razorwing Sickle Squadron - 3+ Razorwing Jetfighters. Special attack during move - one unengaged non-vehicle unit takes d6 Str8 AP- hits. 50% chance the Dark Eldar player gets to assign one wound to the model of their choice.

Еще фотки с питерского апока


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ETC - Russia - 2012

Поздравляю Тройку: Ааза, Азатота, Бугимота - с капитанском. Все в вас верят. Отдельно от меня Женька гратз! Очень культурно поучилось, хотя некоторые дивные и больные птичьим гриппом и выбросили на вентилятор. 

P.S. Я уже точно знаю, что буду летом в Восточной Европе, так что с 99,9% поеду на сингл)

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Порядок выхода на 2012 гол и слухи о тау

1. Tau Empire/Black Templar Q1
2. SoB Q2
3. 6th Edition Q3
4. Chaos cult warbandsQ3
5. Eldars Q4

via Ghost21
Demiurg are apparently a lot less Dwarfish than the initial concepts, instead being more like little stone golems (Ozruk from WoW was mentioned)

As a tongue in cheek nod to the fate of the squats, there is a named Demiurg (who may or may not make it as a SC) who survived fighting Tyranids and personally killed a large monster by drilling his way out after being "Swallowed up by the 'Nids"

This Demiurg is aware that the Ethereals have some kind of power over the Tau (maybe other races too) but not the Demiurg, who have presumably signed up for political reasons and of their own free will

as far as the xenos fluff im allowed to read, demiurg are like well its in both our interests (plus theres this thing where there homeworld was lost n some actualy want a world to settle, in tau space), the ancients show reverence to tau, but ethreals also have a kind of awe for the demiurg ancients... n concidering that one ... well i would be

kroot well the orks, and the vespid is more like left open are they mind controlled are they not

Stealth suit mechanics may change

Kroot fieldcraft rule - presumably switched to Stealth and Infiltrate USR

4 new 'Tau' units*: Note these will not all probably be in the first release - there's 2-3 plastic kits here and we already know 3 for the 4 that are coming out.

Dropship (carries upto 15 models or 2 battlesuits and 10 models, or 5 battlesuits)



The Ubersuit is a Battletech/Mechwarrior sort of thing (probably Dreadknight sized), with a special 'ridiculous' ability that lets it rain down shooting if it stands still.

Looks a bit like one of the Battletech Mechs that is named after an ancient weapon

via Stinger989
Well after posting some GK rumors i have returned with some more interesting tid bitz.

Squats will be returning with the TAU!

depending on printing problems it is possible they will be slated for November 2011 moving the Necrons back

Squats will be a troop choice and have t4 s5(with battle axe) 5+ 5+FNP(intoxicating save) and SAP but will be allowed to charge 6" instead of rolling

There is a squat HQ but no info yet.

Kroot are still in as well as the firewarriors

Character unlocks crisis suits as troops and they have gotten much better.

update: demiurg is what i ment but im sure you all know that by now.
hopefully more to come in the upcoming months. Enjoy

via Straightsilver
Well I was about to groan at "yet another squat" rumour but this does very scarily reinforce a rumour I have heard regarding Tau too, so I won't laugh this one off just yet.

I have been hearing since last year that Tau would get a big release in Q4 2011.

They will be getting plastic vespid, pathfinders and new battle suits and crisis suits (most likely recut sprue with all weapon options in plastic).

And I have heard that they were getting a new race as a unit type.

I never in a million years thought it would be squat/demiurg but this would be awesome if it's true.

The only thing that gives me pause is that I was told Tau would be getting new minis, but not necessarily a new Codex, so could the rules for these be in White Dwarf?

via Bramgaunt
You have to add that Demiurg and Tau have been known to at least trade with each other, if I remember it correctly. The Tau Ion Cannon is of Demiurg design, I think.

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FAQ игр формата "Апокалипсис" 1.1

FAQ игр формата "Апокалипсис" 1.1

ФАК Клуба "Передовая" 1.1

1) Все эффекты распространяющиеся на технику не действуют на суперхеви и грагантюа (такие как поле мека, ремонт техприста и проч), как и прочие эффекты типа ФНП и проч.

2) Все резервы не вышедшие на ТРЕТИЙ ход, считаются мертвыми, за исключением:

1. Юниты, которые вернулись в резерв по мисхапу, на 2-ой ход. Но эти юниты обязаны попытаться выти на ту же точку, что и на второй ход.

2. Юниты, которые могут покидать поле (например, флайеры). (RAW)

3. Юниты, которые могут выбирать ход, когда они выходят (например, инженеры или ветераны с бурилкой). (RAW)

3) Всегда можно выходить со своих краев стола, никакая сила, например Disruptor Beacon, не могут этому помешать. Кроме того, Disruptor Beacon не влияет на флаеры.

4) Спец. правила не распростряняются на другие армии. Пример, правило Вулкана не влиеет на мельты ИГ, только на классический космодесант, и ни какой другой.

Спец. правила именных героев влияют только на юниты из их кодекса и их ростера\фока. Не может быть двух одинаковых именных героев на столе.

5) Ork Plusa Rokkit забанена. Eldar Phantom Titan может быть выставлен на стол, только если одно из его орудий это оружие ближнего боя.

6) Disruptor Beacon в Конклаве Хаоса работает только от именного героя и действует на 48 дюймов, но вместо чоузенов можно брать культовых маров и необходимо взять от 3-8 героев.

7) Можно взять только одно Deathstrike Vortex Missle на игрока, и он должен иметь минимум 5 000 ИГ или ренегатов (4 000 в зависимости от формата).

8) Все безграничное по длине оружие лимитировано на 72 дюймов.

9) Все флайеры с 12 броней в режиме флайеров считаются "медленными флаерами": они летают не более 36", но и не менее 24" (меньше в режиме скимера в ховер моде только) и по ним попадают на 5+ (а не по 6+ как по обычным флаерам); или имеют 10 броню в режиме флайера. Какой вараинт работает решает мастер или по договоренности перед игрой.

10) Все оружие с показателем АА имеет правило Interceptor, при появлении флайера на столе, если его пусть пролегает через зону действия этого оружия, оно может выстрелить лишний раз в ход противника по флайеру, но не стрелять в свой ход. Эта доп. стрельба осуществляется после фазы бомбинг рана.

11) Точки считаются после хода каждой стороны.

12) Действуют все дополнения ИА1-11, ИАА1-2, Lords of Battle v2, правила с сайта apocalypse40k.com, собственные формации одобренные игроками.

13) Психосилы не действуют на флайеры.

14) Иерофант имеет 6+ инвуль, а не 3+, как по РАВу.

15) Армия может насчитывать до 3 юнитов Hades имперской гвардии, не более.

16) Модели, которые могут быть взяты в один отряд без каких либо игровых минусов (например, сквадроны), обязаны сделать это. 

17) Фастовые скимеры, находящиеся в резерве могут выйти по правилам флайеров, но они не могут стрелять и на следующий ход они действуют по своим стандартным правилам. 

18) Энтропия некронов не действует на суперхеви.


1) Попадание Д силой наносит ОДНУ рану гаргантюа. (RAW)

2) Если суперхеви уничтожено, оно не может вернуться на стол ни каким образом.

3) При стрельбе по флайерам всегда вычитается 12 дюймов, при стрельбе самих флайеров это не работает. (RAW)

4) Флайеры не блочат проход и не мешают юнитам внизу передвигаться. На поверхности стола их нет. (Clarification)

5) Правила применяемые к вашей армии применяются только к ней. Ваши хомер биконы, иконы и проч не действуют на ваших союзников. Нельзя использовать психосилы на союзников. Исключение, если в правиле написано, что оно действует на все дружественные юниты, либо другие специфические правила (например The Tally of Pestilense). (Clarification)

6) Модель попавшая под Apocalyptic Barrage получает хит полной силой. (Clarification)

7) Гидра стоит 75 очков и имеет встроенный АА (IA Update v1.1).

8) Рана или эффект, которые наносит немедленную смерть, наносят Д3 ран гаргантюа. Рана или эффект, которая требует убрать модель со стола, наносит Д3 ран или пней гарнатюа или суперхеви.

9) Эльдарские флайеры с гало полями получают только один сейв, а не два: сейв от полей и кавер сейв, так как превалирует последнее правило, а именно, правила форджи, и всегда есть только ОДИН сейв.

Eldar Titan holo-fi elds: As long as the vehicle moved in the previous
turn, it gains a 4+ Invulnerable save against attacks.


1) Каждый игрок получает по одному ассету или каждая сторона получает # количество ассетов, если есть разница в кол-ве игроков. Регулируется ГМ.

2) Jammers забанен.

3) Можно брать ассет Flank March, но он работает только на юниты, которые имеют правило инфильтра, аутфланг. Кроме того, фланг марш действует на юниты, которые получают его через формацию.

4) Суперхеви и гаргантюа не могут выходить фланг маршем.

5) Ассет "Replacements" работает на юниты, которые стоят не больше 600 очков и не являются суперхеви или гаргантюа.

6) Формации с именными героями не могут дублироваться никаким образом.

Кларифай по работе юнитов:

Дред Кло - По новой версии
IAA: флайер, не ассолт веикл, приходит из резерва только дипстрайком,  реролит мишмеп.

Люциус Дроп под - По новой версии IAA: если дреноут хочет чарджить из нег, обязан кидать денжерос тест.

В остальном используются самые последние версии правил из IA.


По новой версии IAA

Не скорят индепы, имобилайзнутая техника, флаеры даже в ховер моде и убегающие или запиненые юниты. Отсальные скорят. Контестить могут только те, кто могут скорить. Скоринг осуществляется в 5" от края маркера. Маркеры рекомендованы - 40 мм.

Правила на выбор целей суперхеви и гаргантюа (работает, когда на столе от 3 титанов, окончательное решение применяется мастером):

Д шаблон обязан выбрать цель в зоне действия своего оружия согласно данному списку
1) Титаны и Гаргантюа
2) Прочие суперхеви или здания\бункеры со структурными очками
3) Танки с 14 броней или здания\бункеры
4) Остальные танки
5) Остальные цели

Исключение составляют юниты, которые  находятся  в непосредетсвенной близи от титана и могут в теории атаковать его.

понедельник, 28 ноября 2011 г.

суббота, 19 ноября 2011 г.

Новости и слухи

 Что с форджом?

"сгорел хард, зибит начал чинить только недавно, в начале недели поднимем обратно", сказал мне диктатор Злобокистана и всея Warforge

Forge World

Часть продукции форджи перейдет на файнкаст. Пруф:

From the FW Facebook page:
Finecast resin is not Forge World resin. While both are a two-part resin mix, Finecast with its additional 'flex' isn't suitable for manufacturing most of the FW range, although many of the techniques were trialed on some of our smaller kits such as heavy weapons teams. The customers in question have probably just received one of these kits. 

Первые слухи по Black Templar

Ghost has said that BT are due out before Tau, presumably the next codex.
kits for sword brethren n nophytes(sp) as ive said im more of a xenos guy but ill provide what i know, vows are less restrictive

i also saw things for something called knights of the inner circle (or something along those lines).. they were named each came from a successor chapter, n the guy who lead them was a bt... it was interesting but as usual salt applies

Not as big! But more bizarre! (unless you play fantasy...). That's most of what I know about it. Speculating from that - big buffing thing with a howdah ?!

A bit more for now - in regards to the 'neophytes' (if they continue with that name), I heard they were finecast. Whilst it would leave room for another plastic kit, I hope this isn't true.

Dark Angels are not at all on my radar, doesn't mean they aren't happening anytime soon, but I haven't heard a thing, if ghost's heard anything it is likely to do with black templars.

"Phill kelly is going to write the Bt codex, so that should be great oh and new units added for bt as well.

via Jared van Kell
 - Phil Kelly is writing the Codex.

- More emphasis on the horde aspect of the army with lots of large units of Initiates and Neophytes.

- Emperors Champion is more in line with the company champion of the Grey Knights but is still 2 wounds. Gains preferred enemy against independent characters and monstrous creatures.

Some additional bits.
- I forgot to mention the Rightous Zeal rule could be changing to be more along the lines of the Rage USR. Something along the lines of if they fail a Ld test then they are subject to Rage and must advance towards the nearest enemy unit. As yet the details are sketchy.

- All the current special characters (ie: Helbrect and Grimaldius) will remain. Also I had heard of an mention of a special character who is like the greatest of all of the Emperor's Champions and the greatest warrior in the Black Templars. I had heard mention of a bike mounted special character with a lance like weapon but I cannot confirm this yet. "

Рецензия на "Лиза ждёт автобус" by Varron

Рецензия от нашего комрада Varronа

 Свен Нурдквист
Sven Nordqvist

Лиза ждёт автобус
Lisa wartet auf den Bus

Новая книжка от автора Петсона и Финдуса, классного шведского иллюстратора. Детализация и внимание к мелочам мне в его стиле всегда импонировали. Эта книжка по рисовке слабее предыдущих, но интересна она не этим, а вот этой картинкой:

Лучшее описание Вахи:
"Это солдаты. Их ставят в шеренги, кидают кубики, а потом они умирают."
А какой классный у него вышел задрот с рулеткой! Советую ознакомиться с книгой этого же автора под названием "Где моя сестра?"

четверг, 17 ноября 2011 г.

Новые кодексы культовых варбанд и ренегатов... Метью Вард в деле

via Firestorm 9/26/2011 (bolter and chainsword)
Hello all, I just thought I’d share my sort-of discussions regarding a future Chaos Codex with two members of the development team at yesterday’s Games Day ‘event’.

Basically, I spoke to Jervis Johnson (head designer, apparently) and Matt Ward (yeah, I know, I know…). Now, I could have ranted at them with four years of hatred towards our lack-lustre Codex, but I thought it would be more productive (and less antagonistic) if I approached them with a friendly smile (well, what pass as one from me ) and my own personal thoughts/desires on our next Codex.

In a nutshell, more options regarding things like vehicles, specifically variants of Rhinos and Land Raiders – I said that the reasons for restricting the loyalist Marines with what they can do to theirs don’t apply to Chaos (we don’t have angry Tech Priests after us), so if we want to, say, put Assault Ramps on our Rhinos, there’s no one to stop us!

I also tried to get across that Chaos Marine armies (whether you go for Renegades or Legions) can broadly fit in to two approaches which could shape the development of this Codex – firstly the ‘Black Crusade’, which is about throwing the full force of what your army/legion does best till you opponent has nothing standing (I guess this could include your World Eaters Berzerker assault force, or an Iron Warriors siege force, or the relentless march of the Death Guard). The second approach is the Cultist/Ambush/Terror approach – the one where you don’t have the resources for a full scale invasion, but you’ve already sent your agents (be they infiltrating Marines or Cultists) to defeat your enemy before they’ve even realised they’re at war – assassinating commanders, sabotaging and destroying tanks, that sort of thing (obviously, this is your Night Lords, Alpha Legion, perhaps Word Bearers army). Either way, whichever approach should still allow themed, or Legion based lists, if that’s what Chaos players wanted

In my conversations with both Jervis and Matt, I started off saying that I’d like to see Special Characters that add army wide abilities, which got very strong nods of understanding from both of them. The problem I immediately hit was that they both pretty much said that they’re not going to be involved with the development of Chaos Marines; Jervis said that he would pass on my comments thought (whether he does is another thing!).

You may find Matt Ward’s response more interesting: he basically said blatantly that he was not going to be working on Chaos. Yes, that’s right, you can all breathe a sigh of relief! Then, more interestingly, he looked around for the other member of the team at Games Day, who was absent every time I went to the developers’ area, but would have liked to speak to – a certain Mr Phil Kelly. Now, (cue wild speculation) judging by this, I got the strong impression that Phil Kelly is likely to be involved in the development – perhaps even writing it?

That was the only serious nugget that I found of comfort from Jervis or Matt Ward to be honest. They both talked about there being a lot of potential with Chaos Marines that a future codex could build upon. Matt Ward went further, basically saying in so many words that he realised the Chaos codex is disliked and that it didn’t really achieve what the later, more recent Codices have. He also said that the Codices from Space Wolves onwards should give more of the shape of a Chaos Marine Codex, in terms of increased amount of options. Hopefully, like some Codices, that means under-priced/over powered (delete as appropriate ) units like these other ones, too He also said about the current Chaos Codex that it offers a good basis from which to start developing a new one. Not sure I agree with him, but I’m hoping he means that it is something that can be expanded and improved upon, rather than just recycling it…

So, I had gone to Games Day with the intention of getting in to a really intense discussion about giving Chaos a codex of which it is worthy. I think I didn’t really speak to the right people for that (if only I’d have been able to find Phil Kelly!), so I think ultimately I got some insubstantial platitudes. I was heartened that a) Matt Ward won’t be writing the next Chaos Codex, and b ) there was the suggestion that Phil Kelly is at the very least going to be involved in the development of our next codex.

So, that’s all I have to offer I’m afraid, but I hope it provides some fuel for discussion and/or speculation.

понедельник, 14 ноября 2011 г.

Warhammer 40k История вИмпериума за пару секнуд)

Испанская инквизиция возвращается

Сразу по 3 проверенным каналам прошел слух, что GW планирует выпустить дполнение (скорее всего в WD) по союзным войскам.

Собственно, это будут:

Инквизиторы (см. кодекс ГК)
Штормтруперы (см. кодекс ИГ)
Хенчмены (см. кодекс ИГ)
Десвотч (что-то вроде штернов из кодекса СМ)

Эти войска можно будет брать всем кодексам СМ, ГК и Сестрам битвы (ИГ в пролете). То есть это по будет общее дополнение к существующим кодексам.

Эррата Некронов

ERRATAS - из испанской и французской официальной эратты от ГВ.

P47.- Corredor dimensional. Sustituye la primera frase por “[...] elige una unidad de Necrones amiga que no sea un vehículo[...]”

P50.- Rayo de muerte. Sustituye la tercera frase por: “Cada unidad (tanto amiga como enemiga) que quede bajo esta línea, sufrirá un número de impactos igual al número de miniaturas de dicha unidad que se encuentren bajo la línea.”

P53.- Plataforma de reparación. Sustituye la tercera frase por “[...] añade 1D3 miniaturas a la unidad (las miniaturas pueden mover y actuar de forma normal ese turno) . Esto no puede hacer que el número de miniaturas de la unidad supere su número inicial.”

P47 .- dimensional corridor. Replace the first sentence "[...] Choose a friend Necron unit other than a vehicle [...]"

P50 .- Ray of death. Replace the third sentence: "Each unit (both friendly and enemy) that it is under this line, suffer a number of hits equal to the number of models of the unit who are under the line. "

P53 .- Platform repair. Replace the third sentence "[...] added by the unit 1D3 models (models can move and act normally that turn). this does not can make the number of models in the unit exceeds their initial number." 

пятница, 11 ноября 2011 г.

Правда и фейки

Пдфка, которая недавно всплыла в интернетах, по 6-ой редакции, является фейком рук американских блогеров из From the Warp. Большая часть в ней полная хуйня. Есть несколько веселых и здравых моментов, но в творчеству ГВ это никакого отношения не имеет. Руна грамотно вбросил. Но, к счастью или сожалению, это bull shit.

среда, 2 ноября 2011 г.

Утечка инфы о 6ке - 6th edition Warahmmer 40k

ГВ разместит рекламу на ТВ

The claim is that the attached image is from a brainstorming session discussing the release timeframe of 6th edition 40k. While there is no proof of the validity of this document certain interesting things can be inferred from it should it be genuine.

- The release would be a summer release. Which would be odd, since as far as I can remember new editions have always been fall (octobrish?) releases. New strategy or bunk? EDIT : DISREGARD, old age is acting up. 40k 5th and WHFB 8th were also released during summer.

- GW TV ad. Now this would be interesting. Is GW trying to go more mainstream, after the success of things like DoW and Space Marine (go check out those TV ads if you can, pretty funny). This could tie in to the new TV studio that GW HQ has been installing.

- GW TV launch movie (in store only). Is GW trying to get some sort of closed network television going on in it's hobby stores? Again, correlates with what we've been told about the TV studio.

- Launch CD. What could this be?

So there you have it. Keep in mind that it could very well be bunk. And even it is genuine, it could just be ideas that have been floating around without any of them getting picked up.

Oh fun fact, I was wondering about the code name "Project Prisoner". Then the euro coin dropped. It's a reference to the British TV series "The Prisoner". Who's main character was... number 6 Even if it is a hoax, kudos to the reference. 

Прошлые ролики ГВ