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Apocalypse: Crossroads of Death - Death Guard vs. Space Wolves - 10 000 per side battle

Scenario: Crossroads of Death, new apoc mission
Point limit: 10 000 per side.
Results: 9 - 23, Vlka Fenryka are victorius.

Very interesting new scenario!

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Farsight Enclaves

В сети появилась pdf Анклава Фарсайта, опять же, кому нужно, пишем комменты с контактами.  

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Спасибо нашим друзьям из США! Теперь у нас есть формации и асеты из лимитной кампании Пандоракс. Все желающие, оставляйте заявки тут.

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Formations from Warzone Pandorax

Thanks to Loken, via  apocalypse40k


Chaos Space Marines
The Chosen of Abaddon
Daemon Engine Pack
Great Brass Scorpion of Khorne
The Hounds of Huron
Khorne Tower of Skulls
Maelstrom of Gore
Plaguereaper of Nurgle
Trinity of Blood


Daemonic Forgehost

Imperial Guard

Deathstrike Vortex missile Battery
'Emperor's Mercy' Commissariat Squad
Storm Trooper Mission Elite
Traitor's Bane
Xerxes Airborne Support Wing


Maruader Bomber
Warhound hunting Pack

Dark Angels

Talon of Vengeance
Thunderhead Squadron

Grey Knights

Assassinorum Murder Squad


via apocalypse40k 

Chaos Space Marines
Death to the false emperor
Kreator Rex (all chaos super heavies start with an extra hull point)
Raiders from the Maelstrom

Chaos Daemons

Chaos Gate
The Damnation Cache

Imperial Guard

Colonel Strike
Jungle Ambush

Dark Angels


Grey Knights

Defy the Daemon

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Farsight Enclave Rules

1. Изменение Фока, фарсайт всегда в хаку, он варлорд по базе, кризисы - трупса, нельзя брать эфирных, спец героев или обычных, Шадоусан, но файерблейды теперь выборы элиты и можно брать 1-3 в слот.

2. Спец. выбор варгира, можно выбирать между этим и обычным варгиром из кодекса тау.

Seismic Fibrillator Node - одноразовое, уменьшает движение цели, рана, флет аута, чарджа и т.д. на 3 дюйма.

Fusion Blades - атаки в рукопашке считаются S8 AP1 Melta, Unwieldy

High Yield Shield Generator - 3+ инвульник

Advanced Markerlight Pod - если попадает дает 2 маркерлайта.

Advanced Railrifle - Solid Shot: S8 AP1 Rapid Fire, 60" or Submunition: S4 AP4 Large Blast, 60"

Integrated Defense Matrix Node - одноразовое, все силы тау в 18 дюймах могут делать овервотч по родному БС.

3. Спец. правила: все юниты, которые имеют доступ к Bonding Knife Ritual , получают на халяву Unconventional Doctrine - все кризисы, командеры тау, бодигарды кризисы и Фарсайт сам заменяют Supporting Fire на Рейд и ФЧ

via Faeit 212
Some farsight rules.
1 - FOC Changes: *If Farsight is included in your primary detachment, he must be your Warlord

*Crises Suits are now Troops choices

*Cannot take Ethereals (special character or normal) or Shadowsun, but Fireblades are now Elite choices and can be taken 1-3 per slot

2 - Special Issue Wargear (can choose from this list or the original Tau list, but not both):

*Seismic Fibrillator Node -- One use only. Reduces target unit's moving, running/flat out moves, assault moves, and jet pack/jet bike moves in the assault phase by 3".

*Fusion Blades -- User's close combat attacks become S8 AP1 Melta, Unwieldy

*Advanced Jump Accelerator -- Replace Battlesuit's Jetpack, granting it a 9" move in movement phase and 3D6" in the assault phase.

*High Yield Shield Generator -- Grants user a 3++ Invulnerable save

*Advanced Markerlight Pod -- Battlesuit gear that, if it hits, grants two markerlight hits (these can be used by the Battlesuit and his unit, like a networked markerlght)

*Advanced Railrifle -- Solid Shot: S8 AP1 Rapid Fire, 60" or Submunition: S4 AP4 Large Blast, 60"

*Integrated Defense Matrix Node -- One use only. All friendly Codex: Tau Empire units within 18" of the user may overwatch at full BS for a single turn

3 - Special Rules: *All units with the option to take Bonding Knife Ritual get the upgrade for free *Unconventional Doctrine -- All Crises Battlesuits, Tau Commanders, Crises Bodyguard, and Farsight himself exchange the Supporting Fire special rule with the Rage and Furious Charge USRs.

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Some rules from NEW Apocalypse

Flyers and deep strike can arrive on the 1st turn, fast vehicles from turn 2, anything else at a scheduled break.

Nothing for Sisters of battle.

barbed hierdule, Harridan and hierophant bio-titan are in, they cost less than before i think, titan at least 250 points less.

the bio-cannon is now the same for all of them, 48", S10, ap3, assault 6.

4/3/10/8/8/3/4/10 3+ save, 2 bio cannons, scything talons

Tyranid Carnifex Crusher Brood and the Endless Swarm formations

carnifexes can combine bio-plasma attack using the hellstorm template.

Endless swarm - makes it hard for the enemy to shoot them so they end up shooting snap shots at them most of the time. A single unit can be returned after each break.

Tesseract vault - 14AV all around. Points cost is 315 but can double up delending on what powers you choose (up to 2). One of them is a 48" S8 AP3 Heavy 6D6 attack, another is a hellstorm template S:D ap1.

9HP, sky of falling stars is the 2nd cheapest ability, its a shooting attack, 48", S7, Ap3, Primary weapon 6, apocalyptic barrage, 48", S8, ap3, heavy 6D6

Obelisk gravity pulse: all flyers or skimmer within 24" suffer a S8 Ap4 on the side armour. Also has four weapons (the tesla spheres at the corners)

Firestorm Redout: To be honest I cant find any rules for it in the book, there's a formation to combine 3 of them together to do a very strong attack (escpecially against flyers as it had skyfire and interceptor and they cant use evade)

Formation of Wraithknights

For each wraithknight there is in the formation you add that number to their movement, charge range, WS and BS, so if you have 5 thats +5 to all the things I mentioned. Doesnt need to be close together.

The baleful necroplis consists of 8 monoliths and 1 tesseract vault. The vault will have an extra S:D weapon and each monolith close to it can increase it's range. Any monolith close to the vault also gets it will not die and 6+ inv and then increases upo to 4+ inv depending on how many monoliths are close.

Ravenwing formation
Ranges of Icon of the Old Caliban and shround of the angels is doubled. Once per game all the formation can turbo boost and shoot as well.

Deathwing - belial 6 terminator squads, 4 deathwing knight squads.

Ravenwing - 5 ravenwing attack squadrons at full strength, 1 black knights, 1+ ravenshroud, ability already replied in above comment.

And no formation costs anything.

tau strategic assest and formations

there's 7 formations for Tau so here's one of them: Air auperiority wing, 3-5 razorsharks. +1 to hit vs flyers, super heavy flyers jetbikes, skimmers, flying monsters, flying gargantuans.

Also as long as one model from the foramtion is on the table you gain an extra D3 markerlight tokens to place on any enemy on the table.

And here's a strategic asset:It's a shooting attack done by the warlord, infinite range, S1, Ap1, ordnance 1, 10" blast fleshbane, ignores covere, requires you to spend a victory point to charge it though.

battle company: counter attack for all. They can overwatch if a friendly unit gets charged within 12" similar to the Tau's supporting fire. Units within 12" of an objective have stubborn. You also get the Orbital strike strategic asset for free

infinite phalanx
They all get fearless and relentless. They all form a single unit. If its more than 100 necrons they gain fear. If theres 100 models they pass reanimation on 4+, if 150 on 3+

thousand sons war coven formation
psychic choir. Warp charge 2 witchfure power. S:D ap1 assault X, blast lifedrain vortex.
Each time you use it remove 3 mastery level 1 sorcerers and X is the number of sorcerers removed (can remove more)

Eldar phantom titan is 24hp, and any old rules form imperial armour is structure points x3, so highest right now I think is the tau manta with 30

Eldar Windrider Host

 autarch, 2 windrider squads, 1 vyper. 3+ units from the following list - farseer, warlock council, windriders, vypers. they all get scout. All from formation that are within 18" of autach re-rol failed to wound and armour penetration when using shuriken catapults/cannons

the great promenade of exquisite excess
formation must arrive by deep strike and are allowed to charge that turn. rending on 4+.

Tzeentch flaming formation
They get to roll on a table with 4 dierrent results, 3-4 for example is inv save improved by 2, last one is a nasty attack.

Chaos Daemon Cohort of Blood
Instant death on rolls of 6 to wound. All of the formation has +1 S and fleet. you need 8 units of bloodletters 1+ heralds and skulltaker.

 the optimised stealth group, counter strike cadre and skysweep missle defence formations

Counterstrike - if shooting at enemey eithin 12" of objective can re-roll to hit. In the first turn vehicles in formation count as fast.

Stealth: halves the range they need to be close to the enemy when inflitrating and when shooting they have ignores cover.

Skysweep: gunships within 12" of the command vehicle can shoot any number of missiles per turn. All tau units within 60" of the command vehicle have shrouded against flyers/flying monsters/gargantuans etc

 green tide

All models need to be on foot, they form 1 big unit, and can use waaaagh each turn, they also roll an extra D6 for charge range and choose highest

the death company formation
They get +A deneding on turn number when they charge, so charging on turn 4 will give them +4Attacks each.

The War Council of Mandragora
It's a bit complicated, there 6 conditions to be met, you roll 3 dice to see which ones you need to achieve, each one that you do grants you a strategic asset but you have to do them in the order rolled. If you complete all 3 you get D3 victory points so it's a nice formation.

Nemesis Dread Knight
You pick one dreadknight to be the special one, while they're within 12" of that dreadknight the others have shred.

Фотки новой книги апока!

За 3 дня до релиза новой книги Апока, добрые испанцы слили цже полкниги, ожидаем в ближайшие дни всю книгу. Кому надо пищи в комментах мыло и прочее.

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Some new Apocalypse info

via Engrimm from Apocalypse40k

More info U can see here:

No force organization chart, ALL units are scoring, even HQ everything.


there's 6 in the normal part, + 3 more for warzone: Armageddon.

Allies: all armies on the same side are treated as Allies. Armies from the same codex but commanded by different players are considered battlebrothers. Armies that according to the allies matrix ally are "come the apocalypse" count each other as desperate allies. It doesnt say that you HAVE to use the allies matrix in fact it says "alternatively" for when you cant decide which players are put in which team.

Thunderhawk costs 215 points less, but to get the turbo laser it's 90 points. AV is 12 12 10 (-2 from the rear) and Hull points is 9 only (would have been 12 normally). Has power of the machine spirit.

Eldar Phantom Titan is in the book, holo fields changed again: Before making an armour penetration roll or rolling on the Destroyer damage table (yes there's a table to roll on for destroyer weapons, good news for some bad for others)
You roll a D6, if the titan moved the weapon will hit on a 4+ and proceed to armour penetration, if it didnt move it's on a 3+. Points cost the same, other different thing is the aa launcher which is now a S7 AP3 heavy 4, skyfire, interceptor. 24HP, same as before.

Space wolves formations

Great Company: stubborn for all.
All models in the formation re-roll their charge moves and re-roll to hit rolls on overwatch.
x1 per game start of assault phase all within 18" of the wolf lord/Ragnar gain furious charge and fleet.

5 runepristes is the same as 5 libarians, called Librarius: They're a psychic choir formation (see the blog post from Loken for more info) and get a choir power. Warp charge 4, 24", S:D, Ap1, Heavy 1, large blast, Vortex. Vortex doesnt destroy everything like it used to, it's a normal D weapon but the blast stays on the table and scatters 2D6 each turn, on a double it disappears. In the case of this power though when it dispappears the game will start using the Seismic explosion rules as the vortex buries itself into the plant's surface.

Then there's Brethren of the Great wolf, which contains logan, njal, ulrik, arjac, bjorn and 1 wolf guard pack. It's a high command formation, wolf guard needs to have the banner of the great wolf which within 24" all have Furios charge. Formation has fear and all space wolves on the table have stubborn. Then all characters in the formation can all do the finest hour/sons of primarch buff not just one, but all at the same turn so it's a mega strong unit for that turn.

Wolfpack flanking force, wolflord on wolf/canis wolfborn, 2+ thunderwolf units, 5+ fenrisian wolve packs. Acute senses, hit and run, outflank, rage and can charge in the turn they arrive from reserves.

Lord Castellan's Supreme Command

Lord castellan creed includes him, kell, a company command squad and an Imperial bastion. When his unit is in the bastion he can issue orders to units anywhere on the table. The master of ordnance can make D3+1 artillery bombardments instead of 1. The formation is a high command formation, so you receive 1 extra strategic asset normally in the break, in Creed's case though you receive 2 assets.

CSM formations

Lord of the Black Crusade is Abaddon and Kharn, Ahriman, Lucius, Typhus or lords with mark of khorne instead of Kharn etc. High Command Formation. They can all use the finest hour/sons of primarch at the same turn.
The planet killer: once per game you can have Abaddon's flagship start bombarding so from now on you start using the Magma Storm Unnatural Disaster table. You are the master of disaster as long as abaddon is alive. Basically there's a table you roll on and it affects everybody, but if you're the master of disaster you're the one that begins applying the results. so if you get a result to do D3 blasts and you roll a 3, the master of disaster places the 1st one, then your opponent, then the master, so yoou have that advantage when you roll an odd number.

Legionnaire Warband: When in close cobat with any loyal space marine they re-roll to hit every round of combat. And if they're within 12" of loyal space marines they get fearless. That's the only rule.

Lost and the Damned: 1 Dark Apostle, 6+ chaos cultist units. Gain inflitrate. After each break you can return a single unit of cultists. All cultists in the formation have feel no pain and furious charge.

Dark Eldar formations

There's 5 of them. I'll detail two of them:

Ravager Titan Hunters: Armoured spearhead formation. Any ravager within 6" of the command vehicle (including the command vehicle) gets shrouded. The command vehicle has a shadow ray weapon in addition to the normal stuff. You shoot it before you shoot the rest of the dark lances. If it hits then any subsequesnt hits by any ravager in the formation will ignore the effect of Void shield, power fields AND eldar titan holo-fields. Range for the shadow ray is 36".

Dark Olympiad. 1 succubus or lelith, 0+ hekatrix bloodbrides, 2+ wyches units, 1+ hellions, 0+ beastmasters, 1+ reavers. The beastmasters and the beast gain the efffects of combat drugs. With this formation you roll twice on the combat drugs table and apply BOTH. if you have duke sliscus you roll 3 dice and choose 2. Whenever anything from this formation gets a pain token you can give a free extra pain token to anything within 24".

Sons of Grimaldus

This is the company style formation I mentioned. They all get feel no pain, all dword brethren gain fearless and hatred(orks). When charging any unit from codex:orks they gain furious charge. This formation is from Warzone :Armageddon so that's why it's themed against the orcs.


Tigershark isnt in the book, as you said it's just been updated in IA3-2nd so there's no units in the book other than formations for Tau.
The riptide wing contains 3+ riptides.  Any riptide that shoots on a unit that another riptide has already shot at gets +1BS.  Each Riptide within 6" of another riptide can re-roll Nova reactor tests.


Hierophant is 250 points cheaper. Bio-cannon is assault 6, and he also has a 6+ inv save.

vanguard infestation: 3+ genestealer broods, 3+ lictors (can be deathleaper).  On the turn they arrive from reserve all enemy units within 36" use their lowest LD.  All unit are deployed like the lictor's Chameleonic skin, even the genestealers

Living fortress: 2 hive tyrants (can be swarmlord), 3 tyrant guard, 3 hive guard. Feel no pain for all. Any tyranids within synapse range of a hive tyrant from this formation has the preferred enemy and counter attack rules.
If they're attacked by a shooting attack they can form a Fortress of Chitin.  They get shrouded and add +! to there armour saves but the formation moves as if iin difficult terrain  next turn. Btw this is a hig command formation, so extra asset

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Fist leaked Apocalypse rules!

via FodaBett from Apocalypse40k and new WD

Rules leaked from the IOS preview copies of books

Scoring is done based on the number of strategic objectives controlled each break and at the end of the battle.

Each player gets a warlord, one of those per team is nominated a warmaster for the event (Be sure to change warmasters every game so no one gets their feelings hurt).
There are six new
scenarios to play and several dozen
Strategic Assets, which allow you to
outmanoeuvre your foes, place minefields
in front of them or bombard them from
orbit. Unnatural disasters erupt across
the warzoneo magma storms fall from the
sky while seismic explosions rip apart the
battlefield. Your Warlords can even perform
heroic acts during the game, which could
potentially turn the tide of battle. lust make
sure they don't get killed while doing itthere's
nothing quite so tragic as having
your commander blown to bits in their
finest hour.

Studio's Tesseract Vault and the Obelisk: both of the Vaults have the Seismic Assault Ascendant Power
(you've got to give them two out of a list of six, and all of them are truly nasty), which unleashes a massive 6D6 S8 AP3 shots per turn (new apoc barage).
The Obelisk: its Gravity Pulse ability automatically hits enemy nyers in both shooting phases.
Having a whole Battle Company gives you some major advantages, such as a bonus Orbital Strike
Strategic Asset and the Comrades-in-Arms rule, which enables all squads in the Battle Company to fire overwatch for nearby allies when they are assa ulted.
Ripctide Wing: 3+ Riptides gains Coordinated Attacks and Networked Reactors
Transcendent C'Tan (no rules listed)
WraithKnight Dreamwalker Squad: 3-5 Wraithknights. Gains Dreamwalk (fluff mentions faster response times)
Baneblade: 525 pts (with no sponsons), can take 2 sets of sponsons for 50pts a pair (lost option for flamer sponsons and option for extra armor), commisar tank upgrade for 45pts, and command tank upgrade for 200pts.  HK/Stubber/SB all as guard codex
Command tank: The vehicle is a high command formation as well as a super heavy vehicle, and counts as an HQ choice.Librarius: five+ Librarians, will unleash a Force Vortex. Woe betide anyone who is caught in that!
Predator Assassin Squadron: Three new Predator Annihilators should be a match for most armoured
targets (their killshot rule makes their firepower even more dangerous than usual. making them fire as a D-weapon if all their lascannons hit). At the start of the game I have to nominate a chosen target and they do a lot better against that (all weapons are twin-linked), but as long as I choose the right formation for the right targets, they will be deadly.
Legionnaire Warband: units have Hatred and be Fearless, so long as they're within 12" of a Space Marine. Warlord may call Finest Hour. So Death Guard with Typhus get Feel No Pain and Fearless.
Heldrake Fear Squadron:  pre-game Vector Strike, as well as its 'always-on ' Daemonforge.

Crusade Banner: Pick a Marine standard bearer, all marine units with models within 24" gain FNP
Camouflage: any army.  Pick a friendly HQ unit.  Friendly units within 24" of that model have shrouded the first turn of the game
Blind Barrage: The same
Trophy Kill Strategic Asset rewards us with three extra victory points if we can kill the enemy Warmaster.
Entropic Plague Strategic Asset, which, on the turn I use it, strips every model within 3D6" of my Warlord of
its armour save. Very nice indeed.
FlankMarch: Only allows one formation to flank march
Minefield- Area becomes dangerous terrain.
Orbital Strike- 15" blast that Gropius points out has a varying strength based on how close to the center you are.
Precise Coordinates- no scatter deepstrike for a turn. Nasty.
Re-arm- Friendly units get back any used up One-shot weapons
Replacements- Like the old one, but max of 15 hull points total for vehicles/squadrons. I'd bet that Warhounds/Stompas are at or around the 15 hull point mark.
Shield Generator prevents units within 6 (or 12") of a point you designate from being targeted by shooting for a turn.

Apocalypse Formations

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Cogito ergo deus non est

Вчера наш кукольный диктатор мистер Путин подписал закон о защите чувств верующих, поэтому если кто-то заявит в публичном месте или напишет в СМИ, что он не верит в бога, то он попадет в тюрьму.

По этому закону уже преследуются язычники, другие христиане, например баптисты и пятидесятники, которых православные называют сектами, хотя что такое православие, если не секта. Ну, и конечно, преследуются атеисты и ученые, уже поданы первые иски против журналистов и публицистов.

В наш век  это не просто мракобесие, это идиотизм. В России искусственно насаживается православная вера, потому что реальных верующих тут нет, они тут не живут, у нас больше мусульман, протестантов, чем практикующих православных, это религия умерла, она погрязла в скандалах, мужеложстве, взятках и прочих грязных вещах. РПЦ давно стала придатком диктатуры. Она давно не имеет никакого отношения ни к христианству, ни к православию. Патриарх цитирует Ла Вея, а ведущие посты в церкви заняли откровенные сатанисты.

Так что нет бога, а если кто-то и существует, то я скорее поверю в дьявола, которые руководит этими негодяями.

Yesterday, our puppet dictator Mr. Putin signed a law to "protect the feelings of believers", so if someone said in a public place, or write to the media that he does not believe in God, he will go to jail.

This law is directed against the pagans, other christians, such as baptists and pentecostals, which is called the by orthodox sects, though what is orthodox, if not a sect. And, of course, atheists and scientists, already filed the first lawsuits against journalists and publicists..

In this age it is not just bigotry, is idiotic act. Russia artificially inoculated orthodox faith, because there is no real believers, they do not live here, we have more Muslims, Protestants, that orthodox christians practicants. Orthodox faith is dead, is mired in scandals, sodomy, bribery and other dirty things. ROC(Russia Orthodox Church) has long been an appendage of the dictatorship. It has long been nothing to do with christianity, nor to orthodoxy. Patriarch quoted La Vey, and leadership positions in the church took candid satanists. Yeah, now it is Russia  Satanic Church.

So there is no god, and if there is someone, I would rather believe in the devil, who led this ***.

New Releases: Warhammer 40,000®: Apocalypse™