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Forge World News

Imperial Armour Volume One - Second Edition: Imperial Guard is a book dedicated to the fighting vehicles of the Imperial Guard; the steel-clad behemoths that rumble and clank their way across the battlefields of the far future, unleashing fire and shell at the enemies of Mankind. Inside this 294-page book, the full panoply of Imperial Guard armoured vehicles are displayed in exhaustive detail, including profiles and rules for over fifty tanks, support vehicles, artillery pieces and super-heavy vehicles, alongside extensive background material on these war machines, their munitions and manufacture. You can find a full list of contents here.

Dark Vengeance Chaplin no limited?

Ходит устойчивый слух, что эту модель издатут дополнительный лимитным тиражом, для всех, кто не успел.

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Horus Heresy Miniature Gallery

Daemons in 2013?

DA would be up for preorder in Dec and Daemons release in Feb

That release order I posted still stands BTW

(in response to the question "will we see blight drones in the release")
Not blight drones but similar, I can see 40k players using the FW blight drones instead of the big nurgle flies ridden by plagubearers that are getting released.

Итого, следующие релизы по версии 75hastings69:

Dark Angels
Chaos Daemons/Daemons of Chaos
High Elves
Lizard Men

Deathwatch by Steve Parker and Scorched Earth by Nick Kyme

Hobbit coming!

Horus Heresy new models!

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Horus Heresy releases


Post December
Heavy bolters weapon set
Volkite weapons set

Heavy weapons are being reworked and sold in sets of identical weapons so it is easier to make units. New sculpts are also coming for these sets.

Horus Heresy Volume 2 - Dropsite Massacre
This book will feature evolving Legion army lists representing the ongoing Heresy. Look for two separate lists - Loyalist and Traitor.

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Террейна для эльдар.

Miniature Scenery выпустила наборы террейна для эльдар. Очень хорошее соотношение качества и цены! У студии в принципе много хорошего клубного террейна.