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New Space Wolves Flyer: Stormfang and Stormwolf

Space Wolf Flyer
It will come in 2 versions:
First - 215 points
One - assault transport with TL hell frost cannon
Two fire modes:
- s6 ap3, blast, then it forces a Str test. If the test is failed, the enemy dies
- s8 ap1 , heavy 1 - rest is the same
16 models capacity
Heavy Bolters with MMelta or Skyhammer Option
Second: 220 points
6 models capacity
Hell frost cannon (the same as above)
Storm Strike missile
Both flyers have Machine Spirit and Ceramite plating.

The model will cost as much as a storm raven...

...The Stormfang Gunship has the look of half of a Caestus Assault Ram, and is on the cover of next week's White Dwarf. The previous rumors really list out its abilities well. It comes with a Helfrost Destructor, two twin-linked heavy bolters, two stormstrike missiles and ceramite plating, with power of the machine spirit.

Heavy bolter upgrades to skyhammer missile launcher or two twin linked multi-meltas
stormstrike missiles can be upgraded to a twin linked lascannon.

Helfrost Destructor
Dispersed 24" S6 AP3 Hvy1, Helfrost, Large Blast
Focused 24" S8 AP1, Hvy1, Helfrost, Lance

Stormstrike Missile 72" S8 AP2 hvy1 Concussive one shot only

The Wolf Time approaches...