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Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance‏

“Storm of Vengeance offers the player the chance to command the tenacious defence of the planet with only 100 Dark Angel Space Marines, or attempt it’s annihilation using the cunning of the Ork Waaagh! and their telly-porta technology.”


Storm of Vengeance, игра будет стратегией, в которой нам предстоит защищать планету от полчищ хаоситов силами всего лишь сотни элитных космодесантников. Storm of Vengeance выйдет в первом квартале следующего года на PC и мобильных устройствах.

Sneak pics tyranids rules

Warrior kits come with 3 models, one of which can be upgraded to a Tyranid Prime. The Tryanid Prime parts include a new chestpiece, flared shoulders, and a new head. The box also comes with all the options you can take, meaning everything is included.

Lash whips, boneswords, sything talons, and rending claws to outfit all three models, with bioweaponry like spinefists, devourers, and deathspitters. One model per brood can take heavier weapons that are included in the kit, such as the barbed strangler and venom cannon.

Options include toxin sacs, flesh hooks, adrenal glands

Warriors are now BS5

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Tyranid prices, data release, pics

New Releases January 11th
Codex Tyranids: by the Games Workshop Design Studio $49.5 £30
Tyranid Psychic Cards $6 £3.5
Tyranid Harpy/ Hive Crone $80 £48
Tyranid Haruspex/ Exocrine $73 £44
Tyranid Warriors (3 models) $51 £31
Tyranid Hive Guard/ Tyrant Guard (3 models) $70 £42.5
Carnifex Brood (2 models) $90 £55
Tyranid Swarm (95 models) $170 £105
New boxes and changes:
>- Flyer: Harpy + 2nd Flyer (not named Erinyes, 2nd flyer gets a weapon type that Tyranids never had before. Haywire potentially.)
>- Big Kit: Haruspex/Artillery Variant (Exocrine most likely)
>- Unit Kit: Hive Guard/Tyrant Guard (Tyrant Guard have several new weapons, Hive have an electric gun)
>- Unit Kit: Warriors (Includes parts for Prime, but no wings)
>- Repack: Carnifex, unknown what changed
>- Removed: Mycetic Spores on the game board are gone.

>- Psychic Discipline: Dominion (Primaris), Psychic Scream, Warp Blast, Catalyst, Paroxysm, The Horror, Onslaught.
>- Army-wide Move Through Cover.
>- Hormagaunts are cheaper and have fleet, but are not beasts.
>- Rippers are more expensive but are "no longer suicidal".
>- Gargoyles still have Blind Venom, same function.
>- Tyrants keep the twin devourers setup.
>- Broodlords have a fixed (no rolling) psychic power.
>- Tervigons and Hive Tyrants roll for random powers.
>- Tervigons can still be taken as Troops with a brood of gaunts.
>- New Instinctive Behaviours added. The effect is fixed per-unit, no rolling.