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120 000 Apocalipsis, Russia, St. Petersburg, xenos vs. Imperium

Dark eldars, Tyranids, Necrons, Orks vs. Imperial Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Astartes (Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Raven Guard, Grey Knights, Deathwatch), Inquisition

It was necessary to keep the 12 points, grab seven artifacts (Relics), do not let Necrons get through to the tomb also have every player had his own mission: Dark Eldar captured prisoners, Guards had to hold the fortifications, wolves perform heroic deeds, etc.



197.M38 Explorator Adeptus Mechanicus discovered a potentially habitable planet in the star system SR- 3198 , Segmentum Pacifik
472.M38h Explorator Third Fleet in SR- 3198 was enhanced with third-company of order Silver Hand
479.M38 On arrival in the expedition report about the artifact of Dark Age of Technology - the third planet orbiting the star was ruled by AI.
519.M38 System SR- 3198 is included in the name of the Imperium Shelez .
007.M39 In the planet Shelez -1 was detected warehouse of xeno-artefacts of unknown origin.
106.M39 to study artefacts in Shelez has been sent to the fleet of Inquisition. Due to the threat
orc invasion , the expedition received the support of the rank and class Expeditionary Fleet under the name Skliss .
108.M40 Shelez system stopped responding to calls on arrival  Explorator Fleet Skliss .

Imperial forces :
1. Imperium Deployment zones are marked in blue (FYI: 24 " from the edge of the table ) .
2 . [ Garrison ] The numbers "2" and "1 " on the map are marked arrangement , appropriately large ( " Gromoz " ) and small ( " Indyk " ) strong points , respectively. Not less than 1 \ 10 and not more than 1 \ 5 cash units must be exhibited in zone
1. Not less than 1 \ 5 and not more than 1 \ 3 available forces are obliged to be exposed in zone 2.
3 . [ Garrison ] At least half of the cash units should begin on the table.
4 . Radius fortified : 24 " and 18 " respectively .
5 . Own table edge - are indicated in bold blue line.

1. Deployment zones xenos are marked in green ( 48 " \ 36" from the edges of appropriate table ) .
2 . Not less than 1 \ 3 cash units have to start on the table.
3 . [Waaaaaahulk!! ... Uuh] Orcs can generate additional deployment zone . To do this,
select a point 12 "from any of the fortified then scater d6 feet. zone with a radius 18" of the
get the point - the additional deployment zone for the player for the orcs . In cases , if the formation of such
zone intersects with the fortified area - umklapp scatter . Also , one of the xenos objectives must be set to
this zone.
4 . Own table edge - are indicated in bold green line.

Imperium :
[Hold in All Cost] For each fortified : if sheduled brake, starting with the second , as well as at the end of the game, fortified area remained more units affiliated to the Imperial Guard units than xenos imperium
gets 1VP
[Unforseen is Expected] While Kotez is in the deployment zone of the Imperium , including The fortifications , the range of its scecial rule "I've expected you" expands to 18 . " For every squad \ independent character, completely destroyed as a result of this rule , the Imperium gets 1VP. On the other hand, if the end of die Kotez game, all points scored so lost and xenos receive additional 1VP.
[Descendant Rage] Whenever a unit of Codex: Blood Angels, pertaining to the death company or
received the red thirst at the start of the game, assault phase ( or your opponent ) loses more than half of the initial composition of the and destroy the enemy unit that contains at least one HQ model ; gargantuan creature or superheavy - Imperium gets 1VP. In the case of combined units - have joined the model are considered in the starting maximum, even if they were not joined at the beginning of the game. In the case of multicombat - loss condition is checked for each detachment in multicombat.
[Clensing] Whenever model \ unit , affiliated to the Grey Knights, destroying the last remaining xenos model in the deployment zone of the Imperium , including The fortifications ,  - imperium gets +1 VP.
[Banishing] For each destruction of  Psyker formation, as well as psyker \ daemon model , at the cost of more than 200 points, in xenos  deployment  zone by model/unit affiliated to the Grey Knights, imperium receives an additional 1 VP.
[Heroes of the Fang] For each model with the unique characteristic destroyed in the Challenge by  character of Codex: Space Wolves, as well as for each gargantuan \ superheavy,  imperium get additionally 1VP.

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