среда, 2 октября 2013 г.

Sentinels of Terra


Hey everyone,
If you were at Games Day this year, you’ll know that we announced the next Warhammer 40,000 codex supplement.
For everyone else, we can now tell you all about it.

Sentinels of Terra is on it’s way this October both on iBooks, and for Android tablets and eReaders.
It will focus on the Imperial Fists of the Third Company, and is the first supplement for the new Codex: Space Marines.
We’ll be announcing more details as the month goes on, but for now, take a look at the absolutely stunning cover art of this Tactical Marine dishing out Imperial vengeance to the Emperor's foes

For Dorn, and the Emperor!
- Eddie

Following on from our announcement of the upcoming 'Sentinels of Terra' supplement at Games Day, we wanted to share some of the awesome photography from the book itself.
What better piece to show, than this face-off between Captain Lysander and a foul Warpsmith of the Iron Warriors.

(My money is on the yellow guy with the thunder hammer - Eddie)

Stay posted for more details on the supplement coming soon.

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