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Tyranid prices, data release, pics

New Releases January 11th
Codex Tyranids: by the Games Workshop Design Studio $49.5 £30
Tyranid Psychic Cards $6 £3.5
Tyranid Harpy/ Hive Crone $80 £48
Tyranid Haruspex/ Exocrine $73 £44
Tyranid Warriors (3 models) $51 £31
Tyranid Hive Guard/ Tyrant Guard (3 models) $70 £42.5
Carnifex Brood (2 models) $90 £55
Tyranid Swarm (95 models) $170 £105
New boxes and changes:
>- Flyer: Harpy + 2nd Flyer (not named Erinyes, 2nd flyer gets a weapon type that Tyranids never had before. Haywire potentially.)
>- Big Kit: Haruspex/Artillery Variant (Exocrine most likely)
>- Unit Kit: Hive Guard/Tyrant Guard (Tyrant Guard have several new weapons, Hive have an electric gun)
>- Unit Kit: Warriors (Includes parts for Prime, but no wings)
>- Repack: Carnifex, unknown what changed
>- Removed: Mycetic Spores on the game board are gone.

>- Psychic Discipline: Dominion (Primaris), Psychic Scream, Warp Blast, Catalyst, Paroxysm, The Horror, Onslaught.
>- Army-wide Move Through Cover.
>- Hormagaunts are cheaper and have fleet, but are not beasts.
>- Rippers are more expensive but are "no longer suicidal".
>- Gargoyles still have Blind Venom, same function.
>- Tyrants keep the twin devourers setup.
>- Broodlords have a fixed (no rolling) psychic power.
>- Tervigons and Hive Tyrants roll for random powers.
>- Tervigons can still be taken as Troops with a brood of gaunts.
>- New Instinctive Behaviours added. The effect is fixed per-unit, no rolling.

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