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Death Korps of Krieng "Assault Brigade" from IA12

Dkok get their own set of orders

Duty unto Death - effects Leadership tests
Bring it Down - as normal
Get Back in the Fight - ditto

Dispersed Advance - gain Move through Cover
First Rank etc - as normal
Without Mercy - Lasguns become assault & unit gains Crusdaer rule

Warlord table for Death Korps

1 = The warlord and all DK's units within 12" add +1" to their charge roll
2 = Whilst warlord is alive select a single unit within 6" of them in the shooting phase that has the ordnance special rule the weapon counts as twin linked this turn
3 = Warlord and unit within 3" of Obj gain Fearless and FNP 6+
4 = Can auto put night fighting on in first turn
5 = Warlord and any DK's unit within 6" gain prefered enemy infantry when in the enenmy deployment zone
6 = Nominate a single piece of terrain in enemy deployment zone the cover save is lowered by 1

Plenty of info on Krieg and their armed forces, more than with the Minotaurs.

Unlike the Krieg Siege list this one is much more mobile. With more transports, tanks and mobile artillery.

Very nice touch is the Krieg Warlord Traits, with emphasise their style of warfare, and Krieg specific Orders which are a mix of the standard Guard orders and Krieg themed ones such as ‘Duty Unto Death’ and ‘Without Mercy’. We also have the Krieg special rules affecting the morale checks and making them Fearless and when combined with the Officers having the Iron Discipline rule it means Krieg squads will potentially be hard to crack.

Another nice touch is the option ‘Forlorn Hope’ special rule which the Krieg player may select. This means an additional Objective is placed which the Krieg player must take, if he fails to capture it the enemy get a bonus to their VP’s instead. As a bonus infantry squads can be recycled giving you an endless wave of infantry marching to their doom. Very nice.

From Rictus:
HQ – Death Korps Marshal Karis Venner
Venner gets D3 additional Attcks at Initiative 1 when fighting in a challenge. All Krieg units within 12" may use his leadership (Ld12) for any and all leadership tests.
He always has the Blood of Martyrs Warlord Trait - he and all Krieg within 6" have Preferred Enemy (Infantry).
He also has Stubborn and Iron Discipline plus a fair amount of equipment. 
HQ – Company Command Squad (may take the following advisors – Artillerist, Quartermaster, Tech Prist Militant)
HQ – Quartermaster Cadre
Elites – Engineer Squad
Elites – Griffon Strike Battery
Elites – Forward Command Tank (a Russ with benefits)
Elites – Hydra Battery
Elites – Rapier Battery
Troops – Infantry Platoon (1 HQ + 2-6 squads, as normal no HW or transport options)
Troops – Grenadier Storm Squad
Dedicated Transport – Storm Chimera (Autocannon armed Chimera with extra armour and track guards)
Dedicated Transport – Centaur
Dedicated Transport – Hades Drill (rules as per IAVOl 1 2nd Ed - Engineers only)
Fast Attack – Hellhound Squadron
Fast Attack – Death Rider Platoon (0-1 Command Sqaud which may include a Commie, 1-6 Death Rider Squads)
Fast Attack – Salamander Scout Squadron
Heavy Support – Heavy Weapons Platoon (1-3 squads, no command squad)
Heavy Support – Thunderer Squadron
Heavy Support – Leman Russ Squadron (all types available)
Heavy Support – Ordnance Tank Battery (1-3 Bassie, Medusa or Colossus, can’t be mixed unit)
Heavy Support – Field Artillery Battery (1-4 Thudd Guns or Heavy Mortars)
Heavy Support – Navy Support Squadron (1-3 ‘bolts, Lightnings or Avengers, can’t be mixed)

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  1. Any details on the Storm Chimera or the Leman Russ Forward Command Tank ?

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