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Dark Angels Rules

Dark Talon: Rift Cannon, Hurricane Bolters, Stasis Bomb (one-use, dropped on an enemy for -3 WS and -3I)

Nephilim Fighter: Heavy bolters, Blacksword missiles (unit is "good at taking on enemy flyers"), Avenger mega-bolter / Las-cannon.

Deathwing Command: Options incl. Apothecary and Standard bearer. A "Champion" wielding the "massive Halberd of Caliban" is cited.

Deathwing Knights: Terminators - WS5, Storm Shields, Power-mauls and special rules, incl. Hammer of Wrath and "Smite" which makes them strike at S:10 AP:2 for one round. DW Terminators and the DW Knights can be fielded in units of 10. DW can take Plasma Cannons and they have the USR "Split Fire"

Land Speeder Vengeance: AC/HB, Plasma Storm battery (firing either 3 small blasts or 1 large blast).

Darkshroud: HB/AC, Shrouded USR and confers Stealth to allies within 12".

RavenWing Black Knights: Plasma Talons (instead of bolters), Corvus hammer (???), optional RavenWing grenade launcher.

Sammael: 4+ inv.save (conferred to his land speeder)

Dreadnaught: dual linked-autocannons, Venerable dreadnaught has "DW vehicle" rule (???)


DW Knights and Black Knights have a rule called "Inner Circle" granting a re-roll in close combat (???).

"DW Assault" rule ensures Deepstrikes in turns 1 or 2 with no rolling, decided by the DA player before the game begins.

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