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Imperial Armour Volume Three Second Edition - The Taros Campaign - some Tau, Tallarns and Elysian rules


Ion cannons are still twin-linked, railguns are still two separate guns.

Long-barrelled ions do not have access to Overcharge. Railgun submunitions are no longer Guided.

35 pts, special markerlight is Heavy 2 Twin Linked
at BS3
Standard Tau vehicle wargear list  

(same as before) points, 11/11/10 BS4

Barracuda is 2HP, still has the missile pod and can take any Tau vehicle upgrade.
Infinitely better than the Razorshark.

Has a full-size Hammerhead ion cannon, 2 Burst Cannons that ignore jink saves, and gets +1 to its own jink. Can take 4 seeker missiles.

90 pts each, same stats (10/10/10 2HP BS3). Long Barrel burst cannon is 36" Heavy 6 Twin Linked.

Drone Turrets
30 pts base, 11/11/11 BS2 vehicles with 2HP. 
Buy vehicle upgrades from the codex, so 15pts for Stealth now.

Hazard Suits
75 points, guns and gun costs unchanged. Have the full library of battlesuit upgrades now.

Basically unchanged, and now officially may never join units. His gun is officially a Haywire weapon now, and he has a warlord trait that gives him Preferred Enemy (Independent Characters)

R'Myr is a bog standard Commander with a 3++ in melee and a s3 flèchette discharger.

His systems are an Assault 2 TL plasma rifle, a drone controller and a shield generator.

His warlord trait is fixed as the "once a game re-roll 1s for shooting" one and he has Preferred Enemy Guard. 145pts


Now have 2 guns if you take the alt turrets

Fusion Cannon is 24" S8 AP1 Heavy 1 Blast Melta (+15pts)

Plasma Cannon is 48" S7 AP2 Heavy 2 (+10pts)

Missile Pod is TL and has a Velocity Tracker (+0pts)

Long Barrel Burst Cannon is 36" S5 AP5 Heavy 6 (+0pts)

Goaded Knarloc
Fast Attack, 75 points with 4 handlers, can take 4 more handlers at 6pts each

WS4 S6 T5 W5 I3 A3 6+ save

Can buy a 4+ save but loses an attack. Has Move Through Cover and Stealth (Forests), but if it rolls more 1s than 6s to hit in melee it eats a handler.

Mounted Great Knarloc
Fast Attack, 85pts, comes in units of 1-3, same stats as a regular Knarloc, BS3.

One can have a TL Kroot Gun, the others have crossbows which are 36" S4 AP- Assault 2. This can be upgraded to S6 AP6 Assault 1 Blast.

Knarloc Riders
3-9 models, 25pts each. Can't Sweeping Advance, can buy sniper rounds for their rifles. S5 T4 W2 A3.

Human Auxiliaries
Can only be taken in "a Taros Campaign game" and may not have more Auxiliaries than Fire Warriors.

6-12 guys, 25pts for 6 then 4pts each. They're Guardsmen, can have a sergeant with a pulse rifle and Frag Grenades for 1pt each.


2,000pts 13/12/11, 10SP BS4 4++ save

Transport capacity 195, 0-4 tanks can be carried counting as 30 each.


2 Strength D 5" blast rail guns with s7 ap3 10" blast submunitions

3 TL Long Barrel Ion Cannons (90" s7 ap3)

16(!) Long Barrel Burst Cannons for 96 s5 shots

10 Seeker Missiles

Networked Markerlight

1 missile pod]

Tallarn Desert Raiders

Tallarns are represented by one unit of special Rough Riders which get, of all things, W2, S5 Hammer of Wrath, plus an upgrade for all IG infantry at 20pts/squad that gives it Move Through Cover and re-roll 1's to hit with shooting.


 Combat Drop:  "At the beginning of the controlling player's first turn , they may choose a number of Valkyries, Valkyrie Sky Talons, Elysian Sentry Gun Batteries or Drop Sentinel squadrons (and any units embarked upon them), equal to half of the total number of such units in the army, to perform a Combat Drop. The chosen units arrive on their players first turn and must deploy onto the battlefield using the Deep Strike rules."

On top of this all the Elysian units have the Deep Strike USR (So deep striking platoons, special weapon squads, CCS, Vets etc etc.)

Well beside Iron Discipline, there's "Hot Drop" for Stormtrooper units, but i can't even think of one situation i'd like to have a stormtrooper unit forfeit their shooting after deep striking for the possibility of a charge. Assault Terminators would be totally different ... ;-)

The already mentioned "Combat Drop" though, gives Elysians quite some tactical possibilities.
Deep striking a Valk with plasma or melta vets without scatter (tracking beacon) on turn one should be quite a threat for anyone. You even have the chance of twin-linking such a units fire.
Same for Drop Sentinels on a Sky Talon. Having a Multi-melta/meltagun/plasmagun 2" close to your enemy in turn one shouldn't be that bad - especially if you go first.

With a good roll on the RB-Warlord table you can now also give your opponent a -3 on all his reserve rolls. I wouldn't fear a Necron Airforce with all Flyers arriving on a 6, while having my own units normally arring from turn 2 partly on the field from turn 1 on.
Might happen that the game ends before those flying croissants see the battle.

If i'm not totally wrong, even the sentry guns got a BS better...

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