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New Apocalypse 2013!

Все новости будут обновляться тут онлайн, следите!

via Jon (not his real name, no permission was given) from the Faeit 212 inbox
*New Apocalypse book set for release in June/ July
*Contents Include
-Rules for 6th edition including new point costs
-New formations including flying squadrons
-New Asset Card
-New Scenarios
-Battle Reports

All the news will be updated here online, watch!

New things I heard about: 

- new Apocalypse rules 
- Khorne and Necrons focused (2 new types of Monolith rumoured)

A large Imperial Walker, (smaller than a warhound titan)
Possible Chaos Variant (might have been mistaken for the Lord of Battles)

Missing plastic models known to be created but possibly held back for the Apocalypse release:
-Eldar Bomber
-Eldar "large hover tank"
-IG Hydra
-IG Medusa/Colossus
-Tyranid Harpy

via Faeit 212 

Only the Imperial Guard and Orks are not getting an a new Apocalypse vehicle, but they could be getting new apoc aircraft. It seems so that all armies will have 1 apoc vehicle and 1 aircraft.

We should be seeing a FW apoc book same month as GW apoc release covering all vehicles and aircraft from previous apoc books

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