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New Imperial Armour Apocalypse rules - UPDATE

The Hierophant bio-titan upgrades are fun.

One makes it an even great close combat beast, one makes it an AA machine, one allows it to shoot more deadly, one allows it to shoot far away weaker and finally one allows it to be a transport.

Reaper Angelis Assassination Force

1-3 Thunderhawks.

Each Thunderhawk must have at least 20 models.

These must be- 1 HQ choice character model from Codex: Space Marines, plus any of the following from Codex: Space Marines:
Tactical Squads, Command Squads, Honour Guard, Terminator Squad, Terminator Assault Squad, Sternguard Veteran Squad, Techmarine & Servitors, Assault Squad, Vanguard Veteran Squad.

Are the lord of change and Bloodthirster Flying Gargantuan Creatures?

As far as I can tell they are incredibly bad ass. All have a 3+ invul, have Daemon Of *, Have Daemonic Instability. The BT has a crazy good deny the witch.

How about the Nurgle greater daemon? Do the GD have D weapons or some other nasty attack?

GUO FNP is 4+ also.

Nothing STR D from what I can see for them.

Malanthrope is still a HQ, non psyker, synapse

Blight Drone is still 2HP, yes on the non-ordinance. 25pts more now.

Plague Hulk is basically a Nurgle Soul Grinder now. 30pts cheaper, it doesnt have the harvester cannon but does have a poisoned template. The blast weapon is str 6, same range and AP.

Chaos Relic can take just about anything it looks like, including the common chaos upgrades.

Decimator and Bloodslaughterer gain/Have Daemon and Daemonic Resilience, ignore shaken/stunned roll.

Decimator still has Unholy Vigor

POINTS: +100

FRONT AV: -1 (yes equal to a hornet, and less than every standard Eldar skimmer tank).
SIDE AV: -1 (same as above)
REAR AV: +1 (a boobie prize)

Has the same field as the Phantom and Revenant, but as a Super Heavy (even though a Fast Skimmer type) still no Jink.
HP 6

PULSAR: same, 2 shots at 60"

The cobra has a distort shot that is strength D, ap1, ignore void shields

The Warp Hunter Distort Weapon is AP3....I assure you.

The other Distort weapons on the heavier eldar stuff apoc stuff is much nastier with lower AP

Iron Cyclone - 3+ dreads (any kind including contemptor) + Pods, 0-2 Terminator squads, 2+ Deathstorm pods, rest is reprint of the earlier Iron cyclone.
Fellblade options: Lascannons to laser destroyer, heavy bolters to heavy flamers, HK Missile, Armored ceramite, pintle: Stormbolter, heavy flamer, heavy bolter, multi-melta.
Mortis - MIssiles seem more expensive. I never got around to fielding mine so I don't know points.

BTW Lucius is now just shrowed when it lands.

Imperial Navy heavy bomber wing - 2+ marauders of any kind bombs gain shred/ignore cover and something else.
"Thunderstrike" tank destroyer squadron - same as before with the malcador's with lasers
"Hell Raker" assault battery
Tau titan-killer cadre - 2+ tigersharks?

Venatari titan formation: 2+ Warhounds 1+ reaver. Reavers get TL anything shooting at something the warhounds hit.

Imperial Navy heavy bomber wing - 2+ marauders of any kind; bombs gain shred/ignore cover and pinning.

The Destroyer cannot upgrade to the hellstorm bombs (hellstorm template S7 AP3) but it is a 2 heavy for 1 hellstorm
"Thunderstrike" tank destroyer squadron - same as before with the valdor tank hunters
"Hell Raker" assault battery - 1 baneblade/stormsword with command upgrade and 3 minotaurs. Gain ability to combine fire for 7"/10" blast or 4/6 barrage
Tau titan-killer cadre - 2+ tigersharks. select an enemy superheavy/gargantuan when a D shot from this formation (solid shot railgun) hits a shield on the target roll a d6, 1-3 drop normal D hit, 4+ drop a shield and roll again, stop when out of shields. If they kill the target you get D3 VPs.

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