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Escalation & Stronghold Assault - 40k expansions

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Escalation is a game expansion and is meant for adding a Lords of War slot for every army. So it is for regular 40k. there are only 16 models that are usable in this slot, and I have had a partial list up on my site for 3 weeks on which ones those are. Escalation will also come at the time as Stronghold Assault, which brings new and more combined fortifications to the game as well.

Escalation gives each army access to at least one Lord of War that are for 'regular' 40k games. There appears to be a difference from Apocalypse and regular 40k games, but the exact rules for them I do not know. Any Lords of War though are expensive in points, and I have been told that the Khorne Lord of Skulls matches the point value found in apocalypse, sitting at 888pts.

There are only certain units that are in escalation, so no others are allowed for regular 40k games. There are only 16 listed in the new book. As to the point level of the games, there is mention of 1500 or 2000pt games. Here are the known models that can be used for regular games in Escalation.

Imperial Guard-Baneblade or Shadowsword
Chaos Space Marines-Khorne Lord of Skulls
Space Marines: Thunderhawk
Tyranids: Harridan
Eldar and Dark Eldar: Revenant Titan
Necrons: Necron Obelisk
Ork: Stompa

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