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Imperial Armour – The Siege of Vraks updated for 7th ed.

Senior Officer orders: Duty unto Death, Bring it Down, Get Back in the Fight.
Junior Officer orders: Dig In, First Rank Fire Second Rank Fire, Clear the Trenches.

Warlord Traits:
12" +1 combat result
6" Twin-link one Ordnance weapon
Fearless & FNP (6+) whilst in fortification or getting cover from a defence line
May choose to use Night Fighting
6" Preferred Enemy (Infantry) in own deployment zone
Shatter Defences vs one piece of terrain in enemy deployment zone

Death Rider Battle-Forged Detachment: 1HQ & 2FA compulsory. Additional 1HQ, 1LoW, 2TR, 4EL, 4FA, 4HS. Must be all DKoK faction, comp HQ must be Death Rider CCS, comp FA must be DRs. ObSec. When you charge 2+ DR or DRCS or DRCCS into a unit in the same turn they all........................cause Fear! DRCCS is a DRCS with a Colonel upgrade who must be the Warlord.

Gorgon Assault Squadron: 1HQ, 1LoW, 1TR & 1EL compulsory. Additional 1HQ, 9TR, 2EL, 2FA, 2HS, 2LoW. Must all be DKoK faction. All LoW must be Gorgons, all Gorgons must have at least 1 squad in at the start. ObSec. As long as a Gorgon has at least one DKoK faction unit inside gains IWND. DKoKs that disembark from a Gorgon and assault in the same turn get Furious Charge.

The CSM characters are HQ choices only for CSM.

Pretty similar. Chaos Lord with T5, 5++. Combi-melta, Dark Blade (+2S, AP3, Rending). VotLW, Counter-attack, squad gains CA too. Warlord trait allows him to choose board edge but sacrifice first turn, also re-roll seize.

The Purge: 1HQ & 2EL compulsory. Additional 1HQ, 8TR, 4EL, 4HS, 1LoW, 1 Fortification. Can be Chaos Renegades or Chaos Space Marines. Marks and Devotions can only be Nurgle or nothing. Blast Barrages stay in player until start of firer's next turn and count as dangerous terrain. Flamers, heavy flamers and missile launchers can be chemical, templates get Shred and Gets Hot, Missiles are small blast, Shred and Gets Hot.

Duty unto Death: Target unit can re-roll failed Ld tests until their next Shooting Phase. If they roll a double 1 for any Ld test in this time they are Fearless until their next Shooting Phase.

Dig In: Until next Shooting Phase +1 cover from non-Fortifications (or 6+ if no cover), can't Run, can't move or Assault in Assault phase.

Clear the Trenches: Lasguns are R12" Assault 2 this turn and unit gains MTC.

DKoK still +1WS, immune to Fear, no Morale checks for 25% casualties, if within 6" of an Officer may regroup even if under 25% of starting strength.

BB: AM, Elysian, D-99, SM, SW, SoB, IK, Inq.
AoC: GK, BA, DA.

Engineers get a Poison 4+ Ignores Cover grenade.

Quartermaster is a HQ choice.

Breaching Drill:
S8 T7 W3 AS3+.
Is actually part of the Engineer Squad.
4++ on the turn it arrives (???!!!).
Can now move 12" and ignore all terrain and models but must not end move within 2" of models (also gains the not very useful 4++ when moving like this).
Can also tunnel to assault, rolls extra D6 and discards the highest, No overwatch, ignores terrain, counts as assault grenades. D6+2 HoW resolved at melta-cutter stats. When used against a building or fortification embarked models roll a 4+ each to suffer S4 AP2 hit.

Death Riders are W2, I don't know if that's a change or not.

possibly the Drill is an MC because it's part of the Engineer squad and making it a vehicle opens some cans of worms (like Overlords on CCBs and psychic powers etc). This may actually be the day someone at GW made the choice for a sensible reason.

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