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Новая политика ГВ

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
This is just a clarification of what happened at that meeting.

The latest on the GW Rumor lock down
The meeting was in Minnesota, and discussed a lot more than the new NDA policy.

Essentially, White Dwarf and Saturday releases typically arrive on the Thursday prior.  After close on Friday they are put on the shelf to be sold at open hour Saturday.

The New Line limitations allow for huge fines pressed against Games Workshop for information pertaining to those new releases being released at any time before open hour Saturday.

The clause within though allows Games Workshop a number of "strikes," provided that the culprit of breach is immediately terminated.

No one is going to lose their jobs, because no one is stupid enough to talk about something within the less than 48 hours of wait time.  The documentation needs to be signed, however, for legal purposes both to protect Games Workshop and as a show of confidence to New Line Cinema.

For perspective, the fines that I am talking about are worth 3-4 times as much as a manager's salary, and not the kind of thing Games Workshop could survive if they were hit in force.

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