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Даты релизов

Сентябрь - хсм
Октябрь\ноябрь - ДА

+ 2 новых расширения и 2 волны новых юнитов для почти всех кодексов в WD

via Harry on Warseer
Maybe their are just two books ... with daemons included!!! 
EDIT: Although hastings is pretty clear...
To clarify....

Chaos Daemons

All will be realeased within 4-5 months of the CSM codex hitting (sep afaik)

Warriors of Chaos (Oct/Nov)
Daemons of Chaos (Late 2012/Early 2013?)

via 75Hastings69 on Warseer
By feb next year you'll have CSM, WoC, DA, DoC, CD (chaos daemons 40k codex before anyone starts with chaos dwarf crap!).

Obviously the 2 daemon books will be in one month sharing model releases 

WoC are next after CSM..... not been making myself clear enought for the last 12 months obviously

Faeit 212 Sources
From the relevant sources I have had, which only tend to discuss 40k, both codices Chaos Space Marines and Dark Angels are currently scheduled for releases this year. Now if you throw in Warriors of Chaos into the mix, you would end up with something like this.....

Chaos Space Marines (Sept)
Warriors of Chaos (Oct/Nov)
Dark Angels (Oct/ Nov)
December (No codex release)

Granted I do not get Fantasy Rumors that often, so the Warriors of Chaos is based off of Harry/ Hastings and what they have been saying now for quite some time about the codex.

One thing I find odd with the rumors above is that Daemons of Chaos and Chaos Daemons just received a White Dwarf update, and yet is predicted to be released soon with codices. I find that an odd schedule. I know the DarkGeneral had heard summer 2013 as a release date for Daemons, and that to me made more sense.

Also note that Harry puts CSM in September.

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