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Blood Thirsters and other stats

via Faeit 212: 

The bloodthirsters : 280pts
WS  BS  S   T   W   I   A   LD   SV
10    4    9  7    5   5   5    10   5+
Daemonic gifts: blood axe, armour of terror, whip of destruction
special rules: daemon, daemonic flight, furious charge, rage,blood without end
blood axe - user gains a previously lost wound he has lost earlier in game for every kill he makes on a 4+
armour of terror - user gains a 2+ save and 5+ invulnerable. The bearer gains a 4+ feel no pain if the weapons AP in lower than 3
whip of destruction - 12'' shooting attack - strength 8 AP 4 rending
daemon - see page 36
daemonic flight- see chaos special rules
furious charge & rage - rule book (P41&37)

blood without end- the bloodthirsters gain +d6 attacks on the charge and makes another strike at initiative step 1 for every wound he causes.
These extra strikes do not produce any further strikes.

Great unclean one : 260pts
WS  BS  S   T   W   I   A   LD   SV
 5     4    6   8   6    1   4   10   6+
Daemonic gifts: plague sword of death, bloated body, aura of decay
special rules: daemon, slow and purposeful,my master gifts all,shrouded
plague sword of death - wounds everything on 2+ with an ap of 3 - turns characters into spawn
bloated body - the daemon has a 4+ armour save and a 3+ feel no pain on any weapon AP 5 or below.
aura of decay - the great unclean one has defensive and assault grenades and causes all enemy weapons to count as -1 strength (I believe this is ranged and
close combat)

daemon - page 36
slow and purposeful - page 42 
shrouded- page 41

my master gifts all - pick an enemy and friendly unit at the beginning of the game. The enemy unit gains -1 toughness and strength while a friendly plaguebearers count as +1 strength and +1 to there feel no pain rolls.

troop units :
bloodletters: 14pts each
WS  BS  S   T   W   I   A   LD   SV
 5     0    5   4    1   4   2   10    6+
daemonic gifts: blood swords (strength: user  AP: 4)
special rules: daemon, furious charge,rage
unit type: infantry
Number/squad: 5-20

Daemonettes of slannesh: 12pts each
WS  BS  S  T   W   I   A   LD   SV
 4     0   4   3    1   6   2   10   6+
Daemonic gifts: rending claws
special rules: fleet, make them suffer (+1 added to strength - already included)
Unit type: infantry
Number/squad: 5-15

tzeench gift of betrayal -50pts (one use)
pick an enemy independent character at random, that model or unit must pass a leadership test with a -4 penalty or be removed  after being sucked into the warp for tzeench amusement, models from codex: space marine, dark angels,black templars,grey knights,space wolves,blood angels take a -2 penalty instead to represent their resistance from the dark gods temptations.

nurgle's blessing (30pts)
pick a nurgle unit in your army, that model/unit gains +1 to their feel no pain roll.

sword of a thousand souls: 45pts
the bearer must charge every enemy unit and must challenge but gain +2d6 extra attacks on the charge.

dance of death: 40pts
pick an enemy unit at the beginning of the game, that unit must roll a initiative test every turn of the game or is under the control of the daemon player. The unit under control may charge friendly models but cannot move off the board or into any piece of terrain that can cause hard to the model. If the enemy passes the initiative test more than three times during the battle then the dance has been removed for the remainder of the game.

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