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GAMES DAY FORGE WORLD: 40К and Horus Heresy

IA12: The Fall of Orpheus
Криг: Артилерия и танки
Некроны: мини-пилон, новый скимер-танк, бомбер флайер.

Horus Heresy 2 Massacre
Будет много фиксов для первой книги.
Первая часть кампании.
4 легиона космодесантников: Железные руик, Найт лорды, Саламандры, Несущие слово.
+ еще один лист АМ
+ новая техника и герои

Ответы на вопросы с семинара отсюда

Они есть в листе АМ и некоторых легионах СМ. Они не будут доступны всем легионам.

Кустодесы и сестры тишины?
Они будут, скорее всего, на Просперо.

Будут модели всех известных примархов, причем те, что сильно изменились во время ереси, получат еще одну модель.

Битва за Марс?
Скорее всего будет, но форджа не следует за хронологией БЛ, и первыми будут битвы, которые  сначала позволят уже имеющиеся модели. Но все возможно.

Форджа не переходит на файнкаст.

Каждая армия получит по своей книге, следующие некроны, идет работа над ДЭ, причем, будут какие-то органические монстры с кучей лезвий.

Темные дыры в беке?
Форджа не будет изобретать велосипед и придумывать свой бек, зато постарется максимально рассказать о том, что они будут касаться.

Пока 2 персонажа, потом может быть другие, но не факт.

Будут и другие герои из книг.

Темные эльфы для ФБ?
Да, будут и скоро.

Бран Редмав?
Не скоро, скорее всего, Леман Русс будет раньше (он предположительно в 2014 году), им не понравилась первая модель, и пока нет рук доделать. Но  Марк Уэлс, генеральный директор ГВ, играет за волков, поэтому он очень ждет Русса, это приоритет для них, иначе их уволят.

Имперская армия?
Возможно, но они сконцентрируются на отдельных полках и сражениях.

После обсуждения с авторами БЛ, было решено, что это скорее  штурмовой транспорт, а не просто перевозчик. Возможно будет модель.

Малькадор, Грамматик, Малагаст?
Они думают над моделями, но пока не придумали, куда их включить, потому что, по сути, они не участвуют в боевых действиях.

Рыцари механикус (мини-титаны)?
Они будут, но не в следующей книге.

Демонические примархи?
Они будут, но почти в самом конце.

Громовые войны и Император?
Первых не будет, Импи - под самый финал.

They do exist in the Mechanicum and some Marine Legions. They probably won't be made available to all Legions, but some legions, such as (I believe he said Thousand Sons) are known to have them.

Custodes & Sisters of Silence?
They will do them eventually. They know they will need them for Prospero.

They will do all the Primarchs at least once. Apart from possibly Leman Russ just to wind up the Space Wolves players. He then corrected to say all KNOWN Primarchs. Alan Bligh chipped in to say that where Primarchs significantly change over the course of the Heresy, they would look to do multiple models.

Was doing the Primarchs scary?
They were very fussy when doing Angron to make sure he was done right. They were super careful. They had long discussions about every flourish of armour and detail - it took months to do!

Will you do Mechanicum and the Battle for Mars?
They can't avoid it! A huge number of things happen over a very short time frame in canon, so it will take a while to cover it all.
They will not completely mirror the Black Library, but rather focus on the battles, which is where the focus of the models is likely to be.

Will the Heresy books mean less of other things?
They are dedicating some people to the Horus Heresy specifically, and are expanding the Design Team. They are still on the look out for more staff to make sure they don't neglect a particular area. They know they would probably have Imperial Armour 12 and / or Black Fire Pass done now if not for the Horus Heresy.

Obligatory paranoid question about Finecast
Diplomatic answer saying that they will use the best resins and processes for the job in question, with different resins and techniques for different jobs / types of model. In short, no, they aren't going to move over to Finecast, they're going to continue to do whatever Tony wants as long as they make money.

What are Forgeworld doing for Xenos?
Alan stepped in and said that they are focussing on Necrons for Imperial Armour 12. The Necrons turn off a sun in it. Its about an entire sector being under atttack. They want to make sure that each of the Xenos have their own Forgeworld book, but it takes a lot of resource for each and they want to do them properly.
(Editor's Note: Last year, Tony mentioned that the organic and curved shapes of the Dark Eldar were very hard work to do and took a disproportionate amount of time compared to, say, an Imperial tank).

They went on to say that they have been working on Horus Heresy for over a year. (Which does mean they outright lied last year when they said there were no plans whatsoever, but that's fine, he does announce he's going to lie at the start of these things. I think a year of them planning with no visible models would have driven the entire internet completely and utterly insane!)

What about doing more obscure stuff?
They want Forge World to add depth to what's already there. They don't want to do totally new stuff. There may be things already mentioned in the background that they feel now should have their time in the limelight, but they won't be creating something new whole cloth. (This was a bit of a question side step given the original question covered some pretty specific bits of fluff. Unsure if this was avoiding the question, or covering for a lack of encyclopedic knowledge of that particular bit of obscure background.)

What about the rest of the Mournival?
Loken and Abaddon are in the first Horus Heresy book, but it will be possible that they'll look to do the rest at some point.

Alan pointed out that they will also be adding some other new characters as well as the ones from the novels. They need to do so to address some lopsided areas. They want to take their time over this in order to do it justice.

Have they discontinued Epic?
They aren't planning on doing any more in the imminent future. They're at or slightly beyond their capacity already, and they won't add anything new to that range at present.

Dark Elves for Warhammer Forge?
Don't hold your breath, but they do intend to do them at some point in the future.

Bran Redmaw?
No plans at present. They didn't like the draft model. He's on the schedule but keeps slipping down it due to Other Things. The Space Wolves might get Leman Russ first! Tony then mentioned Mark Wells, the CEO, is a Space Wolves player, so perhaps he'll not do Leman Russ to wind up Mark. If Tony gets fired, this is probably why!

Imperial Army for Horus Heresy?
More than possible. They will probably focus on a specific slice of it rather than the wider setting - so they will probably look at specific regiments or warzones.

After discussions with the Black Library writers, there seems to be agreement that "Stormbird" is more a class of assault lander rather than a specific transport.

There was then a small diversion where they talked about how they try and work with Black Library to make their works complementary rather than in isolation. There were only a few plagiarism jokes from Alan.

New Titan variants?
Tony said that the original idea for Titans was that there were a huge number of variants - not the 3 or 4 which have ended up remaining - the Warhound, Reaver, Warlord and, peripherally, the Emporer class. He would definitely like to do it, but as Epic never managed to expand that far, and Forge World still haven't done the Warlord yet, there's probably still a good way to go.

Horus Heresy models for Malcador, Grammaticus & Malagast?
They've discussed this and may do them as event only models, as they don't have much battlefield presence. They think this would probably suit the level of demand and mean that no-one was too badly disadvantaged by not having one if they couldn't make an event.

Any chance of Mechanicus Knights for Horus Heresy?
They have their place, but that probably isn't the next book.

Warhammer - Kislev?
Possibly, but there's a ton of more major stuff they would want to do first. They hope to do it one day but won't be for a while.

Daemon Primarchs?
They will come later. There's a lot in the early phases, so they won't come out for a long while yet.

Blake is now making terrain full time. He's just done the 4 cityscape boards, and will be working on a Necron board next. He will be using the new hollow cast process they've been using on new terrain pieces.

Will Horus Heresy use the Gothic Range for space battles?
Like Epic, unlikely for a good while yet - they need a good excuse.

The Emperor and Thunder Warriors?
The Thunder Warriors are not an army and are not key to the time period. They can't keep going back in history, or they'll get to the point where they hit World War II! The Emperor is not unfeasible, as eventually he needs to have a bit of a fight with this Horus chap.

Can you do a Lascannon and Twin-linked plasma gun Razorback turret?
"Go talk to Will Hayes. We know its missing."

From Here:

Warhammer 40K:
The next Imperial Armour book will be out before Christmas and is a 6th Edition Imperial Guard update volume.  It will feature ALL the Imperial Guard vehicles that Forge World currently sell.
Imperial Armour 12 is called ‘The Fall of Orpheus’ and features Necrons, Death Corps of Krieg and Minatour Space Marines.
New necron units include: A Necron Pylon, Necron Tesseract Arc and Necron Night Shroud Bomber  and there is a Imperial Lightning Fighter MK2.
There will also be a Dark Eldar Imperial Armour book at some point in the future.
Horus Heresy:
Welcome to the blog if this is where you skipped down to! :) I don’t blame you.
Here’s the juice:
For ‘Betrayal’ we will see Legion Heavy Weapon squads, Death Guard and World Eater Contemptor pattern dreadnoughts as well as special weapon, and close combat weapon upgrade packs!
There are Legion Champion models and Justaerin Terminators. As you may have seen, Simon Egan is sculpting Abaddon and Loken! (I know!)
There are no plans yet for Torgaddon and Little Horus although it was talked about.
We will also see ‘Thallax’ marines – these are somewhere between a Terminator and a Dreadnought. That’s all we were told about them.
Horus Heresy Book 2: Massacre
Book 2 is Isstvan 5 Part One!
It will feature Mechanicum models, Word Bearers, Night Lords, Salamanders and Iron Hands! Very exciting stuff!
In the Q+A session we were told that there is a new titan variant coming (possible a Warlord!) and that there will be a Stormbird variant coming as well! We will also see Daemon primarchs at some point later down the line and that there would probably be a book covering the Mechanicum battle of Mars!
And finally…
The next Primarch model will be Fulgrim!

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