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Daemosn rules

  • Deamons of special rules are the same as the ones found on the Deamon Princes in Chaos Space Marine codex
  • Burning Chariot of Tzeentch has Torrent AP3 Flamers along with second mode with high strength for vehicle killing.
  • The Skull Cannon of Khorne is Large Blast S8 AP4 or 36" range
  • Standard Deployment is back for Deamons along with normal Deep Strike
  • Plague Drones have upgrades to get 3+ along with at least Strength 4
  • Daemonic Rewards random chart three tiers (50 pts to roll)
  • Herald Loci buffing powers for same god units (Icons of Deamons)
  • Psychic Powers
  • All Heralds (minus Khorne) can be psykers and you still can take two for one per HQ
  • Warp Storm random (2d6) powers that effect Deamons every turn of the game.
  • Tzeentch Gets Divination (HUGE)!
  • Soul Grinder has Skyfire

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