среда, 1 мая 2013 г.

40k licence goes to Bioware

Earlier it was reported that Relic continued development of the third part of the Dawn of War.

According to a reliable source within Bioware, I have been told that as of Monday, Bioware is now the proud owner of the Space Marines : 40k Franchise after THQ went under and sold off its IPs due to finical troubles earlier this year.

The source, who shall remain unnamed told me about several features that might make themselves a reality in 2014, the projected date of the games release. Originally Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium was to be a MMORPG based on the Games Workshop table top game, but THQ decided to make it into a 3rd person shooter with online elements. It seems that Bioware is going to keep with this formula. The only solid feature I could drag out of the source was that the campaign is going to be fluid and will feature a 1st founding chapter of Space Marines.I tried to glean more information from him but all he could tell me was that the main playable chapter for the Space Marines might have very very dark skin (The Salamanders?). He also went on to say Orks, Imperial Guard and The Tao might might an appearance as playable races. This is yet to be set into stone but here’s hoping!

Although the details are scarce, this is a nice pick me up for the fans of THQ’s Space Marine and 40k fans in general. Hopefully as the situation develops a bit more I will be able to bring more information your way. But right now it’ll be a waiting game. It’s just nice to know that a company like Bioware, who’s known to drive a game with great narrative has picked up the project and will hopefully bring it to the next level!


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  1. Анонимный1 мая 2013 г., 20:25

    Now, 40k games series can be official concidered as DEAD. BioWare is not a good sign.

  2. -Captain Aurelius, we have spotted an orc army down the hill. What are your orders?
    *Radial menu *
    1) move out, let's fight like space marines
    2) ask terminators to do the job
    3) how is your family, sergeant?
    4) kiss me, like it's the last time of our life

  3. Ответы
    1. пруф, что это фейк будет?))

    2. В документах о покупке Релика Сегой перечислены права и на Dawn of War, и на Space Marine, и на Dark Millenium.

    3. Это неправда и совсем не так. Лицезия заключается отдельно и покупка реликов с покупкой прав не имеет никакого отношения.

    4. В документе специально выделено, что эти лицензии переходят Сеге. Даже домены на их имя теперь зарегистрированы. Dawn of War 3 в том числе.

    5. Лицензию нельзя передать. пруф можно? я сомневаюсь, что кому-то дали читать договор.

    6. http://www.thesangreal.net/gafpics/sega_relic.pdf