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Imperial Armour 12 - rules spoiler

by Biggy and Big Jimmy from Apoc40k

Roc Pattern has transport capacity 14, TL H.Bolter in hull, TL vengeance launcher in hul with Roc warheads (48", Str 8, AP 3, Heavy 4 twinlinked), 2 wing mounted TL lascannon, Ceramite plating. Deep strike, PotMS, Assault vehicle, Strafing run. 295 points. Same options, see IA Aeronautica

Damocles rhino gets an upgrade too 75 points and updated sentry guns and deathstorm drop pods.

Damocles can call in orbital bombardment even in normal 40K. Teleport beacon 12 inches (no reroll). Nope no strategem, just standard orbital bombardment like a chapter master gets.

Pods don't expend all ammo in drop. Just basic automated weapon platforms that drop in but foes reroll break or pinning tests from shooting in first round. All weapons can target independently each turn.

Pods are 90 points with missiles, costs a bit more for assault cannons I think, at work and don't have book here. 

The Spartan is in there too, pretty much any chapter can have it (not sure about BA) but more importantly for me, Siege Assault Vanguard can have one!!

Deimos predator, deimos predator infernus and deimos predator executioner are in there too. Executioner can have heavy conversion beamer in turret.

Normal stormeagle is used by all but BA in 40k, roc pattern only used by blue book and the siege assault list. 

Spartan in all 5 chapters with books, plus siege assault and tyrants legion

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