пятница, 3 мая 2013 г.

New 40k campaign!

Via warseer:

Future 40k campaign websiteI had confirmation that a 40k campaign interactive website was in creation (it's not an official GW summer campaign but a campaign make by an independant fan studio). 
The points that i here is were confirmed to me:

- a gate leading to the various campaigns.
- Several sites of campaigns including later all the races as the Imperial armour books of forgeworld.
- first campaign take place on a hive imperial world of segmentum tempestus.
- 3 races on this campaign.
- all 40k art are new drawings and these are actually in realization.
-no date actually because drawing have a cost and open depends of budgets but it will probably ok to the end of 2013/ beginning 2014.
- website will be free for inscription.
-An interactive map on flash and post battlereport in real time.

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