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Codex Dark Angels PICS!!!

Сourtesy: /tg/'s "Not Cypher"


"Grim Resolve" basically, they're always stubborn and can never choose to fail a morale check (like a "our weapons are useless"cop out.)

Banner of devastations- Any unit with a model within the banner's range of 6 inchs shoots all boltguns as a salvo 2/4

Stasis bomb is str 3, heavy 1, bomb, large blast, 1 use only, and has a special rule that causes whoever is hit by it to suffer -3 weapon skill and initiative until the end of the turn

Rift cannon is heavy 1, range 18, strength 5 ap -. blast, blind.

Blackswords are range 36, strength 6, ap 4, heavy 1, one use only


1 warlord and his unit roll 2 dice to run, or add a d6 to turbo boosts

2 beat the enemy warlord in assault, get another VP

3 warlord and 12 inch bubble are cold blooded

4 warlord and unit have furious charge

5 increase and decrease reserve rolls by 1

6 warlord and unit have feel no pain when on objective

Characters have "inner circle" which is fearless and preferred enemy chaos space marines.

"bane of traitors" some units and weapons get, which causes the ap of the weapon to go up 1.

Knights get power mauls that are +2 strength, ap 4, bane of traitor, and when they wail on chaos marines, they're ap 3

Knights gain "Fortress of shields" any model with inner circle in contact with 2 or more models gains +1 toughness, "You cannot hide" the whole squad can precision strike in combat they go at Init order, have power mauls that can smite mode once where they become strength 10 ap 2, but otherwise are normal. Flail for lead knight is +2 strength ap 3 instead. They all have Bane of the traitor

Belial doesn't scatter when he shows up, makes deathwing troops, all deathwing are twinlinked on shooting when they show up, belial has precision shots on a 5 or 6. 2+ 4+ unless you give him thunder hammer storm shield.

Sword of Silence User strength, Ap 3, Melee, Fleshbane,

Master crafted.

Halberd, +2 strength, ap 2, Melee, Bane of the traitor (+1 ap when hitting chaos space marines) two handed

Knight maces are just ordinary power mauls with bane of traitor, flail for champ is ap 3 with bane. Maces can go smite mode once a game, become strength 10, ap 2.

ALL of the banners EXCEPT ravenwing and deathwing allow 12 inch bubble to re roll failled morale and pinning tests.That is all the company standard does

chapter standard's unit has +1 attacks as well

Revered standard makes all units within 6 inches have crusader

REtribution gives 12 inch bubble of counter attack as well

Fortitude gives 12 inch bubble of feel no pain as well

Devastation gives 6 inch bubble of units having 2/4 salvo boltguns (conga line of doom, you heard it here first, folks)

Ravenwing auto passes hit and run within 12 inches of banner and rolls extra die for hit and run distance

deathwing gives models with inner circle within 6 inches +1 attack

Company standard, 15, revered, 25, chapter, 45, deathwing 45 (revered is 20 for them), ravenwing is 15 (revered is 25),Retribution 45, Devastation 65, Fortitude 85

Mace of redemption +3 strength, ap 3, melee, bane of traitor (+1 ap on chaos space marines, so ap 2), blind, concussive. 30 points

Shroud of heroes gives wearer feel no pain, and shrouded when he is alone, 50 points.

Monster slayer of Caliban. Roll a d6, and it does stuff. on a 1, its a power sword. on a 2-4 it is a +1 strength power sword. on a 5 or 6, it is a +2 strength power sword, that causes instant death. roll each fight subphase, so it's never 'bad' but it isn't always 'death to power armor incarnate" 45 points

Foe smiter, 20 points. range 24, s 4, ap 4, assault 3, master crafted

Perfidious relics of the unforgiven- Unit causes fear, has adamantium will, so +1 on deny witch

-Auspex, forgo shooting with model to reduce cover of unit with 12 by 1

-Porta-rack, beat enemy character, gain fear and preferred enemy, use enemy teleport homers and locators as your own.

-conversion field 4 up invuln, if you pass it, all units within d6 must test for blind, friendlies can re roll,

-power field is a 3+ invuln, and all models with 3 inchs have 4 invuln

-Displacer 3+ invuln and when you pass it, you teleport d6 inches random scatter. Hit an enemy and react like a drop pod and stop.

For grenade launchers:

-Rad shells are range 12, strength 3, ap nothing, assault 1, blast, rad charge.

rad charge causes an entire unit hit by a rad charge to lower by 1 for toughness, can effect instant death thresh. lasts until end of turn

-Stasis shell range 12 strength - ap - assault 1, blast, stasis anomoly

stasis anomaly every model suffers -1 penalty to WS and Init until end of turn

-Lion's roar, 20 points, range 24, s 7 ap 2, type, assault 1, blast, gets hot, master crafted combi bolter

Blade of Caliban +1 strength, ap 3, melee, unwieldy

Infravision- night vision, unit counts as initiative 1 for blind tests

Corvus Hammer- +1 strength, no ap, melee, rending.

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