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Death from the Skies - new expansion?

from Kroothawk: 

A new 40k supplement book will be released on 16th February:
"Death from the Skies" (26€, mail order only, chance of being in English only).
More when I know more. But it certainly sounds like a flyer supplement.

We are talking about a book a bit cheaper than Planetstrike (maybe £20.00 or so), so the book is thin and not hardcover like SOM.

BTW not the first time, that model releases from second half of the month were kept secret from WD and traders, so I wouldn't completely rule out some flyers (e.g. the 4 rumoured ones) being released, say, 23rd February, although I am just guessing. Remember the trench box? 

Пророчат выход нового дополнения 16(23) февраля  "Death from the Skies".  Как и Crusade of Fire, он будет доступен только для заказа с сайта. Дополнение посвящено флайерам.

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