пятница, 25 января 2013 г.

Ааронон Дембски-Боуден дал интервью о работе над сценарием фильма Lord Inquisitor

“Scripting is a different beast to prose, but that’s not much of an issue, because I did a lot of screenwriting on my writing degree, and a good idea is a good idea (same with bad ideas…) no matter how you write it down on the page. The main issue we’re all having is essentially time.
Since this is all done in our spare time, it’s a struggle to keep pace, sometimes. It takes me almost a year to write a novel, which is pretty slow for professional novelists in the grand scheme of things, but there’s been a recent phase of getting everything moving forward in the last few months. Different iterations of the script; adding resources, and so on.
To tell you the truth, I did the first draft of the script without even really talking to Erasmus, and it was a disaster. Imagine 40 minutes of fairly plain, direct battlefield stuff. I’d never make a novel that bland and combatty (that’s not a word, but shut up) but I was running under the assumption that’s what we needed to aim for here. I hated it, but sent it to Erasmus anyway. He hated it, and sent it back. That’s when we first talked.
Since then, everything’s been awesome. It changed my entire outlook on the project.”

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