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True Dark Angels rumors!

From chizal via warseer:

Will be updated online

Blade of caliban is str+1 ap3 unwieldy but a lot cheaper then a normal pweapon

Can you add more Knights to the Ravenwing Black Knights unit, or are they fixed at 3?
 Up to 10. 42 pts each

cammand squads are fixed number and can be taken 1 per hq of the same type

Special items include conversion and displacer and power fields. random stat monster slayer power sword and a weapon thats str+3ap3 bane blind concusive

Does the DA codex have an armoury like CSM? I didn't see anything that referenced it in WD.
Yep its called the armory of the rock. also small tidbit is all missle launchers can be upgraded to flak apart fron the whirlwind which got screwed. also dev squad are super cheap. 5man squad with 4 multi meltas 110pts lol

Are the fixed numbers 5-man for Deathwing and 3-man for Ravenwing?
Correct 5&3

Black sword missiles S6 AP4? It wasnt the megabolter with these stats?
both have those stats. bolter r48 missles r36 also rhe fighter has missle lock spacial rule i. the army list but has no blast missle. some silly mistake as it makes no sense we hope

What about the price of Belial with TH/SS combo?
And how much the land raider cost? Ooh and is there something special about the land raiders if you want to take them als dedicated transport for deathwing?
belial 190 any load out

land raiders with deathwing vehicle now have the venerable rule so may reroll pen results

And do Land Raiders have to pay extra to get the deathwing vehicle rule?

 30 extra and has to have it

 - Azrael giving 4++ to his squad; has a S6 P3 weapon
 - Warlord table gives +1d6 to turboboost distance/reroll running roll to the Warlord unit, furious charge, +1/-1 to reserve rolls, fearless, he mentions one giving "insensible" which I cannot translate as it's not a rule I know, it sounds like the beginning of the French FnP rule "insensible à la douleur" but I highly doubt he was referring to that
 - Nephilim close to 160 pts with upgrade, gatling gun same sucky stats as discussed before
 - The weapon of the Deathwing Knights champion is +2S AP3 and cannot be switched for something else
 - Inner Circle mentioned as being Fearless, Hate (CSM) like in the other rumour
 - Caliban Halberd +2S AP2 strikes at Init
 - Access to Divination
 - He mention later that while he didn't really check for that, the little boxes that you usually see in the army list allowing to switch FOC slots, he only remember them next to the 3 SC

No storms. no homers on scouts.chaps &libs can take bikes. only gramd master unlock troops. can have a techmarine per hq taken

Do standard bikers have Skilled Rider?
Nope only black knights

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