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Слухи о сестрах битвы

Немного новостей от проверенного источника:
1. Архи-конфессор и Целестина получат модель в файнкасте. Причем поп получит новую модель.
2. 4 новых героя в файнкасте. Одна канонесса с паком, респиратором и двумя огнементными пистолетами и 2 приста.
3. Сестра-репентия получит новую модель, более раздетую. Файнкаст. 
4. 3 новых коробки пластика, все инфантри.
5. Новая коробка с пенитент энджином, из которого можно собрать 2 разные модели. 
6. Новая коробка на базе рины, из котором можно собрать 4 разных юнита. 
7. Сестрам дадут плазму, плазмаганы и плазмакеноны и плазмакенон на один из танков. 

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I thought I would drop a small update on what I know. 

Anyway, here goes:
On the HQ side we are getting a re-sculpt of the Arch-Confessor in finecast, and finecast versions of everyones favorite angel. 

There is a new finecast cannonness model that comes with several hand options. As mentioned before there is a mini box of a priest in plastic. 

There are also four new HQ choices, all in finecast. I did not get to see them put together, only on the sprue, so their poses and overall how good they look is hard to tell. One was of some sort of priest guy with a massive ornate chainsaw sword (The chainsaw blade goes down both sides). Another one was a sister (Cannonness?) with a jump pack and a respirator as well as two flammer pistols. The model is quiet tall as she has some sort of robe thing the goes down to the base, holding her aloft. I personally think long robes make no sense when you are using a jetpack, but hey, maybe its fireproof. It is the future after all. The last one is a sister/cannonness in a casual pose with a combimelta. 

The sisters repenta are getting re-sculpted (and are less nekkid though still not armored), but will be finecast, not plastic. Apparently repenting also requires you to shave your head. 

There will be a total of three new plastic boxes with which I am told the player can make seven possible units out of for the infantry types. 

The penitent engine box also apparently makes two different units, though I suppose they will both be large walking murder machines. One is a large murder machine that is really good at melta/flaming things but can also chop stuff up, the other is really good at chopping stuff up, but can also flammer/melta things. 

The rhino kit makes the four sisters rhino based vehicles. Well, five if you count the rhino itself I suppose. Several new vehicles actually. I just could not tell what some were supposed to be because they were still on the sprue. So I dont want to speculate.

I mean vehicles other then the rhino with some stuff on top type vehicles. They have the rhino set, the sinner killer robot set, and two other sets. That I know of.

Oh, sisters are getting plasma guns and plasma cannons, and so is one of their tanks. Well, the cannon. 

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  1. >Сестра-репентия получит новую модель, более раздетую.

    Наоборот, less nekkid - менее раздетую.

    1. Я говорю, что знаю, это источник перепутал, она будет более раздетая.

  2. а примерную дату сего щастья не называют?